Best Couple Tracker Apps Review

  • Track outgoing and incoming, calls and messages.

  • Monitor all popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

  • Record all the text entered by the keyboard of your partner's mobile device.

  • 100% hidden and undetectable.

    Is it the time when problems have come in your relationship? Do you have reasons to doubt your partner? You better clarify before you go arguing with him or her. To do that best, you must track your partner's mobile device as it carries information more than you think. There are some very good couple tracker apps available for this purpose as we mentioned in this post.

    Part 1. What can you do with a couple tracker App?

    Using a good couple tracker app,you can be in peace as you would know where your partner is at some particular time. Not only this, but the couple tracker app also lets you to record calls and view text message and emails. You can know to whom your partner is talking or texting to in your absence. You just need to install it on your partner’s phone somehow. After that you can be in peace of mind as these apps work by remaining hidden in the phone. Your partner could never know that you are monitoring him or her.

    Part 2. 10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review

    1. Aispyer

    This is the latest and the best app for mobile tracking. It comes with many great features and simple working interface. You just need to sign up for an account on “” and and start monitoring. The interface is well laid out and you will not have any trouble in using the app. Although it is new in the market it has got some very great couple tracker review. Its users have claimed that this is the best monitoring app.

    Key features:

    • Outgoing and incoming, calls and messages can easily be tracked with this app with proper time and duration.
    • It can also be used for monitoring social media accounts such as linkedin, facebook, telegram, whatsapp.
    • It contains the rare key logger feature from which you can monitor the typed content as well as pasted content on the clip board.
    • With it you can also track the history and bookmarks of the web browser of the targeted phone.
    • You can track the media gallery of the targeted phone. This means you can view photos and videos that are clicked by the targeted phone.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - Aispyer

    2. KidsGuard pro

    This is another brilliant app that is used by a lot of people. It offers good management and monitoring functions. This can be used by couples who want to monitor the location of their partners accurately. With it, you can access the contact list, messages, images and other type of data that the person has stored in the memory of the phone. It will give you full satisfaction with its working.

    Key features:

    • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages and calls with the view of call logs.
    • Viewing of the browser’s history and access to the emails of the accounts used by the phone.
    • Tracking of real time location of the targeted phone.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - KidsGuard Pro

    3. Hoverwatch

    This is a very good app that can check the whereabouts of all the family members. With it, you don’t need to call your partner or family members again and again to ask for their location. You can easily track your partner’s location with this app. There are several other features like social media monitoring, text monitoring etc. that will make you get this app.

    Key features:

    • It gives the real time screenshots of the targeted phone to monitor.
    • You can easily track the social media accounts like Viber, sanpchat, facebook and others.
    • Tracking of messages and calls is easy with this app.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - Hoverwatch

    4. All tracker family app

    It is a family tracker app that is designed specifically for the android phones. With this app, you can easily get to know to with whom your loved ones are talking to. This app also allows tracking of multiple phones simultaneously. It has some exciting features that can let you know if your partner is cheating on you or not. It has got some great couple tracker app review.

    Key features:

    • You can monitor the real time location of your partner with GPS and cell networks.
    • You can monitor the notification of various social media platforms such as Viber or facebook.
    • You can record the sound of microphone and speaker of the targeted phone.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - All Tracker

    5. Couple tracker

    This app allows you to monitor almost all the information on the targeted device. You can track your partner at any hour of the clock with this app. You can view and read the messages that are received and posted by the targeted user. This app is easy to install and has simple working features. You can easily access the media and also get to know about the passwords of different accounts using this app.

    Key features:

    • It allows both the partner to track each other at the same time. This can prevent a partner from cheating the other one.
    • It gives real time location tracking of the targeted phone.
    • It allows the user to view deleted messages and call history also.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - Couple tracker

    6. FlexiSpy

    You can get this application installed on your partner’s phone to acquire the information of his or her location and people he or she calls. You can keep a record of what they do in your absence with the help of this app. This app comes with an advanced feature of GPS tracking so that the user can come to know the exact location of the targeted phone.

    Key features:

    • It gives you better monitoring of location with advanced features.
    • It is supported by almost all devices with android, iOS and windows.
    • It also allow grouping of devices.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - FlexiSpy

    7. Highster mobile

    It allows all the features that other monitoring apps provide but it comes loaded with several other features like access to the front camera of the targeted phone. The best thing about this app is that it offers remote access using which you can track the location of the targeted mobile, monitor the messages and call logs and social networking apps.

    Key features:

    • It allows you to monitor the call logs and phone book contacts.
    • You can get a detailed view of the text messages, address book and emails.
    • There is a live control panel that allows the users to get all the details of the targeted phone.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - Highster mobile

    8. mSpy

    The app consists of diverse features that allow quality tracking of the targeted device. You can get the data about location, web browsing, call history, IM chats, web browsing and more with this app on the targeted phone. You can also track the videos, photos, voice memos that are taken with this device. You can also view the reminders that your partner has set.

    Key features:

    • Installation of this app is very easy and simple.
    • Monitoring of social media accounts and content which is shared through them can be accessed easily.
    • Working is very easy with a simplified dashboard for the users.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - mSpy

    9. Family locator app by life360

    This is an app which is basically designed keeping the family in mind. This app makes the family members to come closer to each other by monitoring over each other. With this app you can create a circle for your family and share information among them. You can easily track the phone activity of all of your family members including your partner.

    Key features:

    • Sharing of the location is easy with this app.
    • They also send notification of the location that a member of your family visits frequently.
    • It also notifies you when a member of your family is running low on phone’s battery.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - Life360

    10. FoneMonitor

    This is another app that you can use for monitoring your partner’s device. It works with both android and iOS phones. With it you can track all the information of the targeted phone without letting him or her know. This app has several monitoring features like you can track the location, get a peek into the social media accounts, key logger, message tracker, call log access etc.

    Key features:

    • Using the GPS tracking feature, you can know the location of the targeted device.
    • Social media tracking feature allows you to monitor social media apps that are installed in the phone like facebook or whatsapp.
    • With key logging feature, you can check out what your partner has been typing and get to know about the passwords of different accounts.
    10 Best Couple Tracker Apps Review - FoneMonitor


    Keeping a doubt for too long is very harmful for the relationship. It might result in unnecessary quarrelling among the couples. But with a proof, you can prove your side better. This is why using a tracker app is very useful in case of doubtful situations. Though there are several tracking apps available, using the best is recommended. With Aispyer, you get trust and reliability. Also, there are different types of subscription packages are available for this couple tracker app. You can choose as per your needs and budget.

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