Best Couple Tracker App

  • Track all of your partner's activities on mobile device.

  • Track the real-time GPS location of your partner.

  • Even deleted mesaages, calls and photos can be monitored.

  • 100% hidden and undetectable.

    Maintaining a strong bond of trust in your relationship is really important. There are times when you are suspicious about your partner’s activities and you might think that they are cheating on you. Overthinking can get you into the depression stage and your behavior with your partner is affected. If you have a doubt on your partner you can go for the couple tracker app to ensure whether they are loyal to you or not. These applications will give you a clear picture of your partner’s daily phone activities. These apps can help you to decide whether you want to continue your relationship or end it.

    Part 1. What Can Couple Tracker App Do?

    These applications are used by the couples to check and ensure whether their partner is cheating on them or not. You can also install these applications to make sure that your other half is safe and secure from any cyber crime. Couple tracker app can give you the monitoring control of all the popular social media apps installed in your partner's mobile device, such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei. You can go through all the sent and received messages along with complete details including date and time. You can also record the calls done by your partner's phone to notice any suspicious activity. These couple tracker pro apps also allow you to live track the current location of your partner.

    Part 2. Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps 2021

    There are thousands of couple tracker apps in the market, one may wonder how to choose. In this part, we have carefully selected 5 best free pro couple tracker apps for your consideration.

    1. Aispyer

    If you want to get the most effective couple tracker pro you can definitely go for this application. Aispyer has amazing features which allow you to track all the social activities of your partner easily. You can go through the most popular social media platforms and check on the message history and details of the messages sent and received by them. You can also block the usage of particular application installed in your partner’s phone if you want. This is very lightweight application with power saving mode which will not drain your battery quickly.

    Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps - Aispyer
    • All the popular social media platforms can be tracked.
    • Clean interface. Easy to use.
    • Has power saving mode which does not drain your battery.
    • No free trial version.

    2. Couple tracker

    If you want to make your bond stronger and build more trust you can go for this application. This application can track the live location of your partner and you can also track phone calls and all the messages on your partner’s phone. It has a very easy interface and can be easily installed within no time. You can ensure your partners safety and loyalty through this couple tracker app. This app provides update on live location pretty fast and accurate.

    Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps - Couple tracker
    • Very simple to install and use.
    • High accuracy given in live location tracking.
    • Fast alert notifications.
    • The features are very limited.
    • App is not hidden.
    • Pricing of advanced features is high.

    3. Flexispy

    Flexispy is a very popular tracking app that you can go for as a best free couple tracker app. This application allows you to track the live location of your partner and you can see any suspicious activities done by them in their phone. This application also has a multiple tracking feature. Flexispy is supported by both android and iOS. You can track all types of texts and chats done on various social media by your partner and see whether they are loyal to you or not.

    Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps - FlexiSpy
    • Live location tracking with quick updates.
    • This application is supported on all devices.
    • Device grouping is also possible.
    • Alert notifications are sometimes slow.
    • Complex interface and settings.
    • Battery drainage is quick due to the absence of power saver mode.

    4. mCouple

    This couple tracker pro is especially designed for the couple tracking purpose. With this application, you can make your bond much stronger and trustworthy. With this application, you can easily track the call records and other details of every incoming and outgoing call within a few seconds. You can get the access to monitor your partner’s text and chats. If your partner is loyal for you, this application will make your bond stronger and if they cheat on you can decide accordingly. This app can be installed in both android as well as iPhone. With the live tracking feature, you can also ensure the safety of your partner.

    Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps - mCouple
    • Very easy to install and simple interface.
    • Live tracking feature with high accuracy.
    • Can be installed in both android and iPhone.
    • Not allows you to track all the social media.
    • Very few features to track partner’s phone.
    • Sometime hangs when viewing message history.

    5. All tracker

    This is another best free couple tracker app that you can go for to track your partner’s phone activities. This application helps you to view all the notifications from the popular social media apps like whatsapp, line, viber, etc. You can see the real time location of your partner and ensure that they are not involved in any inappropriate activities. You can watch the demo provided by this application to make your task much easier. You can also check the usage statistics of particular application installed in your partner's mobile device.

    Top 5 Best Free Pro Couple Tracker Apps - All tracker
    • Advanced and latest features present.
    • Live demo is provided.
    • Notification alert system is very quick.
    • Slow working application as it hangs sometimes.
    • Complex interface and other settings.
    • Battery drainage is quick.


    With the help of couple tracking app you can test the loyalty of your partner effortlessly. Aispyer gives you the great features and serves as a best couple tracking application with high accuracy of live location tracking. You can also check various social media texts and chats which can be helpful to decide whether your other half is loyal towards you or not.

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