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    Maintaining a healthy diet is essential in the present time and there are many people who are suffering from weight gain issues. It is due to this reason that they look for ways to keep a track of their diet. One of the best ways to keep a track of their diet is using the calorie tracker app. These apps come loaded with a lot of features and will help you in knowing your calorie consumption. You can also prepare your diet chart and ensure that you follow it to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Part 1. What is Calorie Tracker App

    Nowadays people are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. You can go with the sound diet plan and include essential nutrients in your plate to stay healthy and fit. There are many people who spend their evening munching on the snacks without realizing how much calories they are taking in. you can go for the calorie tracker app in your cell phones to track all the calories taken in the entire day. This application will help you to keep up with the targeted calories that you have decided to intake in a single day. These applications can scan the barcode and provide you the detailed information to you about all the ingredients and total calories in that food item.

    Part 2. Benefits of Calorie Tracker Apps

    With the calorie tracker you can easily get the track of your entire daily calorie intake and control it accordingly. If you are moving towards the healthy lifestyle you can install these application and set targets which will promote you to stay fit. Some major benefits that you get from the calorie tracker appare:

    Helps in reducing weight

    If you are gaining extra weight and you want to lose all the body fat through diet, you can go with the calorie tracker application in your cell phones. With this application you can see the calorie intakes which will promote you to eat less and to eat healthy. People with this application are motivated to replace their fried snacks with some healthy fruits and salads to reduce the calorie intake. In these applications exercise alarms can also be set. You can set the time duration of the exercise session that you want. This will help you to exercise regularly and lose weight effectively.

    Scan barcodes and track calorie intakes

    There are many people who like to munch on the snacks without considering the total calories that are given in that particular food product. This can increase the extra calorie intake which can promote the weight gain. To avoid this you can get best calorie trackerapplication so that you can easily scan the barcode of the food product and get the total information about it. After checking the total calories you can decide whether to eat that snack or not. This way you can track all the daily food items eaten by you. If the calories are raised above the set target you can exercise accordingly to burn it down.

    Helps to connect with the social community

    With the help of best calorie trackerapp you can also create a social community and increase your social circle. You can connect with your friends and other people to communicate easily. You can share or take tips on healthy living and eating from these social groups. Many people also get delicious healthy recipes from these social communities. You can try those healthy diet plans and enjoy your diet period in a great way. People who are new to this lifestyle can take guidance and new challenges.

    Part 3. 10 Best Calorie Tracker Apps for 2020


    This is the most popular calorie tracker application that you can go for. With this application you can get the detailed information about your food and all the proteins, carbohydrates, fat, etc are shown on the screen after barcode scan. You can also go for the 3 week weight loss plan pre build in this application. This will give you the diet chart as well as the exercise chart to follow during 3 weeks. You can also personalize the diet chart in this application according to your body needs.

    Price– the monthly subscription of this application starts from $2.33


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Lifesum

    Lose it

    This application is having many features that will promote you towards the healthy lifestyle. With the help of this app you can easily track your daily meal and set the daily target of calorie intake. You can also set the reminder of regular exercises to stay fit. You can also connect with the social community with the help of this app. You can take guidance and share tips with your friends through this app. Fitness trackers can also be connected with lose it for detailed information of your weight loss.

    Price– you can buy this app for $39.99/year


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Lose it


    There are many advanced features in this application that can make your diet simple. You can easily track your daily meal with the help of this app. You can also follow the week diet plan provided by this application where you get the entire pre planned diet chart. You also get the various delicious recipes that are healthy for you. You can also set the shopping list weekly.

    Price– $9.99/ month


    Calorie Tracker Apps-MyPlate


    With this application you can count on the calories of your daily meal in a fun way. You can give your foods a particular point and the app will calculate the total points. With this fun calculation you can keep a track with all the extra calories intakes. You are provided with the food grade after the entire day. This way it will promote you to stay healthy and eat healthy. You can also get amazing diet tips through this application.

    Price– free


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Fooducate

    Control my weight

    This application is another great way to reduce weight effectively. You can get the track of all the food products that you eat the entire day. With this application you can control your sugar and cholesterol level. You can check the achievements of the monthly routine. This application is supported on the Mac devices. You can also search for the healthy recipes with this app and go with the variety to make your diet fun and easy.

    Price– free


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Control my weight


    This application is very popular among the people. You can get the track of all the calories that you eat during the entire day. You can search for different exercises based on your body goals. With the help of these exercises you can stay fit. You can also shop various exercises tools from this application.

    Price– free


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Myfitnesspal

    Carb manager

    With this app you can join with the 3 million carb manager to take proper guidance. Keto diet is the new trending diet plan which helps in effective weight loss. With this app you can get the various recipes of keto diet plans and enjoy the healthy lifestyle. You can track 1 million foods and see whether the total calories are good for you or not. You can make meal plans with other people in the community provided by this application. You can stay fit with the keto diet on low carb.

    Price– the subscription pack for one month is $8.49


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Carb manager


    This application is available on all the devices and helps you to track you daily taken calories. You can maintain a food diary through this app and you can also go for the exercise diary to track all the calories burnt by you in a single day. You can see the progress in your journal chart on how much weight loss you have done recently. This application is available on iphone, ipad, android, windows and blackberry.

    Price – free

    Ratings – 4.7

    Calorie Tracker Apps-Fatsecret

    My Net Diary

    You can connect this application with the fitbit, apple watches, etc. with this app you can connect with the professional dieticians and take advices on how to stay healthy through daily diet. You can track the calories of every food that you consume on daily basis and track your calorie graph to see your progress. You can go through the various dieticians’ blogs and take inspiration. You can also search different types of healthy recipes to cook whenever you are bored of eating same thing.

    Price– free


    Calorie Tracker Apps-My Net Diary


    This calorie meter gives you the meal sizes that are accurate for your body needs. You can select the meals according to your preference and if you are having any allergies you can search for the recipes accordingly. It is very useful in tracking the micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, etc. you can prepare the notes regarding any customization in your regular diet. The app is very easy to use and has a simple interface.

    Price– free


    Calorie Tracker Apps-Chronometer

    Part 4. Best Kids Phone Tracker

    There are many children who misuse the social media and they cannot focus on their studies. In this case parents go for the mobile tracking app to make sure that their children are using social platform effectively. These tracking apps also ensure you that your child is safe from all the cyber bullying and crime. The most commonly used tracking app that you can go for is Aispyer. This app allows you to track all popular social media platform like Instagram, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, etc. you can also track the live location of your kids and make sure that they are safe and secure.

    Best Kids Phone Tracker-Aispyer


    If you want to make sure that your child is safe from any cyber crime you can go with the Aispyer. This application can track all the phone activities with quick notification alert system. It is a lightweight tracker which also works on the power saving mode to save your battery life.

    Tracker Apps


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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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