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  • Monitor and record calls and text messages.

  • Track the data of social media.

  • Monitor web browser’s history and bookmarks with this tracker app.

    In the recent times, fitness trackers and fitness apps are helping people a lot in getting fit and fine. They are very helpful in making people lead a healthy life by making them work to achieve particular fitness goals. These apps are used widely by adults, elders and young ones. These apps don’t only monitor fitness but also the quality of sleep. But after sometime, interest goes away and people stop working out with these apps. This where there is a need of challenge tracker app. It can bring interest back on fitness by connecting you to other such people.

    Part 1. What are Challenge Tracker Apps

    There is a wide number of fitness tracker apps present that can substitute your fitness tracker. Though there are a very vast number of fitness tracker apps yet only a few are recommendable. You just need to put some details like your height, weight, and age on these apps and in return, the app will give a fitness schedule that is suitable for you. But you cannot rely on any fitness routine; generally paid ones can only give you the routine that is perfect for you. But after sometime the motivation gets leaked out and the work out is left behind. This is when the challenge tracker app can help you. These apps can bring back the lost motivation by connecting you to other such users by a local network creation. These apps use geolocation technology to track running. These apps also count the calories you lost too.

    Part 2. Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps


    This app is designed to track your activities such as running, nutrition, body weight, and gym exercising. This app can turn your fitness routine into a fun by making it go through challenging way. This also gives choice of choosing a coach and purchasing services that can suit your needs. With this app, you will also get connected to similar people who are using this app somewhere else. This will keep your determination up and keep you going.

    • Choice selecting a coach among several options.
    • This app offers you great work out instructions.
    • Networks group of people to interact and work together.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Freeletics

    Mychallenge tracker

    This is the best app through which you can stay motivated. My challenge tracker allows you to create challenge groups. In these groups, you can share the information and details of your workout which can keep you motivated to finish the challenge. You can also the activities of other members of the group. With this app, you can also invite your friends to be a member of the group via email. You can also monitor sessions and lead to motivate others to stay high on track with fitness.

    • This app lets you create your own challenge group.
    • You can stay motivated and you can also motivate others.
    • You can track activities of other fellows of the group.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Mychallenge tracker


    This challenge tracker lets you track your running status. It will monitor how far you have run and at what speed you have run. This will also keep you updated with the status through audio. You can keep yourself on the track this way. This app also plays music to keep you engaged and motivated to reach your goal. It can work on both iOS as well as android.

    • Activities are tracked by GPS.
    • It plays music so that the tempo can be maintained.
    • It lets you connect to the community.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Runkeeper


    It is another great app with simple graphics and excellent features. This is an easy to work platform app which has several user friendly features. It uses GPS to track the distance ran by the runner with his or her pace. It also monitors the calories burnt by the person and also shows the heart rate of the person. This can be connected to the smartwatch or fitness band.

    • Running is tracked by GPS.
    • Nice compatibility with other fitness tracker.
    • It also offers 3D mapping and workout schedule.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Runtastic


    It uses the mobile sensor to track the running, walking and cycling. It comes with challenges that will keep you moving. It tracks the distance with the speed covered by the user. The unique feature that is featured in this app is that it tracks your activities with a storyline. This way staying your fitness routine can become easier for you. This app is supported by iOS and android both.

    • It recognizes movements automatically.
    • It also counts calories burnt.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Moves

    Challenge achieved

    It allows you to create challenges for yourself. It will track the progress that you have made with the challenges. It also allows you to choose between one time, daily and number of challenges. It also allows sharing your progress and challenge’s achievement with the world. You can also create and send challenges to your friends with this app so that they can accept and start working for it. You can also monitor their progress with this app.

    • Search for different quotes and motivational lines to help you stay focused on the goal.
    • Share your challenge progress via posts.
    • You get a detailed report of the activities performed.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Challenge achieved


    It is made for the people who want to develop new habits. It can also be very helpful in quitting bad habits. You can create up to 30 days challenge to quit and develop new habit. You can track how much progress you have made undergoing the challenge that you have set for yourself.

    • Track and compare the progress that you have made to go for a certain challenge.
    • It allows you to create daily or numeric challenges.
    • Abstinence feature lets you count the number of days you have spent without doing a habit.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Habitus

    Step0Day Fitness Challenge

    This app is designed for women to let the woman to catch up with the needs of personal training. It will give you challenges through which you can lose weight. With it, the app will also tell you the right diet plan to make you certainly lose weight. It has different exercise routine for different body parts like for slimming arm, higher butt, losing thigh fat, flattening of tummy and more.

    • You get a video and audio guide for work out.
    • Offers personal trainer experience.
    • It is free of cost and is compatible with both iOS and android.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-BetterMe

    Step0Day Fitness Challenge

    This is another great app if you want to workout at your home to lose fat. It is designed by a professional fitness coach that will surely help you losing fat. It is designed in a challenging kind of way. If you really want to lose some body fat then you must stick with the plan that this app shows. This app can also be synchronized with Google fit.

    • Automatically records the progress of the training.
    • There are workout reminders to make you workout every day.
    • There are also a detailed video guides available to work with this app.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-30 Day Fitness Challenge

    Stride kick

    This is a very good app that lets you create your team and have fun fitness challenges to ensure fitness. You can invite your friends or colleagues to compete with one another. There is no fooling with this app as it uses more than one sensor to track the activity. You cannot make a step count by sitting and swinging your phone. So there is no cheating with it. You can set challenges like who can score steps at the office.

    • It connects you with variety of fitness tracker.
    • It lets you create your own challenge.
    • There are more than one challenge modes.

    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Stride kick

    Part 3. Best Phone Tracker App 2020


    Talking about phone tracking apps, whether you want to track your child’s phone or your life partner’s phone, Aispyer is the best mobile phone monitoring app. This tracker app offers a very simple dashboard and easy installation on the targeted phone. the features of this app will amaze you as it allows you access almost every information that is on the phone.

    Key features:
    • This tracker tool can be used to monitor and record calls and text messages that are sent and received by the targeted phone.
    • It can also track the data that is shared though some social media app like facebook or whatsapp or some other from the targeted phone.
    • After installation it disappears after few seconds from the device.
    • Key logger function is also featured in this app that lets you view the typed and pasted content on the targeted device.
    • You can also monitor web browser’s history and bookmarks with this tracker app.
    Top 10 Challenge Tracker Apps-Aispyer


    Challenge tracker can make fitness fun and keep you motivated with your fitness schedule. Most of them get easily connected with the tracker device and monitor almost any tracker device. But if you want to track someone’s phone then there is nothing better than Aispyer. It is easy to install and works on monitoring the targeted phone.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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