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  • Monitor and view kids' call logs, contact information.

  • Track kids' GPS location, current whereabouts in real-time.

  • Track mobile browsing history and bookmarks, etc.

    There is a constant increase in the number of obese people in the world in the past few years. This carries a huge of percentage of kids who are under 10 years of age. This is mainly due to the reason that parents fail to recognize the early condition of obesity in their kids. When the child gains much fat, they run for the solution. Even when provided with the solution, it needs a lot of work to cut down the fat. But if you have a kids fitness tracker working with your kid, you can easily avoid the hard time.

    Part 1. What is a Kid Fitness Tracker

    Akid’s fitness tracker allows you to monitor the physical activities of your child. You can make your child wear the tracker all the time and receive the fitness information on the tracker app on your phone. The kid’s fitness trackerapp will notify you when the kid is walking, standing still or running fast. When you get a good tracker, you will get to know how many steps your kid has taken with speed, and also it will show you the amount of calories that he burned. Through that information you can set the fitness goals for your kid. You can make him indulge in more activities so that he must remains fit and healthy.

    Part 2. Benefits of Kid Fitness Trackers

    Booster of motivation:The best fitness tracker for kids can be a good motivation booster for your kid. You can set goals for your kid and help him to achieve them. This can encourage your kid to put in more efforts and improve their physical performances.

    Fits to all:Not only the kids but you can also track your fitness with the tracker device such as wrist band, which can easily fit your wrist. Once your kid gets habitual of the daily physical work out, you can prefer getting yourself into the perfectly fit body.

    Fun use:The best fitness trackers for kidsare made to have fun features also like rewards. After they achieve a goal set for their fitness, a blast can appear on the screen of the tracker or it can come in the form of rocket on the screen which kids really do love.

    Combine physical activities with gaming:Kids love gaming. That is why some trackers also come with some sort of gaming feature that are combined with physical activities. Kids can hear applauding when they achieved some goals, a new feature unlock with the achievement and more.

    Monitors sleep quality also:The best fitness trackeralso show the duration and quality of the kid’s sleep. You can know the number of hours while your kid is officially sleeping. The app also shows the data about when the kid was restless during his sleep, or awake in the night.

    Part 3. 10 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids of 2020

    Fitbit Ace

    It is the most popular brand in terms of fitness tracker. This is specially created for parents who want to track their kid’s activities. This can show almost all the moves that the kid has made whole day long. This also monitors the sleeping quality of the kid. This tracker is water resistant. You make your child wear it during shower or at the swimming pool. You can buy it from its official website.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Nuband fitness tracker

    It ranks among the best fitness trackerand comes with energy efficient batteries that last for a longer period of time. This fitness tracker also features adjustable brightness settings that enable your kid to wear it during sleep also. This also gives information about the sleeping quality and duration so that you can set proper timing for the sleep. There is also an alarm clock available in this device that can make your kid to wake up at the right time. It also supports phone calling, text messages and other important services.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-

    Huawei band 4 fitness tracker

    This device has launched recently. It is made different from most of the other fitness trackers with the feature of colored screen. You can get better experience using this tracker. With steps, it also tracks heart rate and calorie intake. It can also monitor the sleep. It also has alarm feature with incoming call and message alert. It also has sedentary reminder that can notify the kid that he is sitting for a long time and helps him to be active.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-



    Letscome fitness tracker

    It has a sleek design which makes it more stylish than others. It tracks the steps, active minutes and burned calories. This tracker also monitors kids sleep and fart, and has inbuilt alarm clock to wake him up on time. This also contains the notification feature that lets the wearer know of incoming calls and text. Its battery lasts for 5 to 7 days. The best thing about this tracker is that it is much cheaper than others.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Yoyo kids fitness tracker

    This tracker records the number of steps covered by the kid with distance covered. This also lets you know about the calories that are burned. It has a slim design and is light in weight. It can be worn by children of all ages. The bracelet vibrates whenever some notification comes like incoming call and text message. It also monitors sleep.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Garmin Vivofit tracker

    It is a light weight and durable fitness band that can be worn by kids 24 x 7. This tracker is resistant to water from up to 50 meters. The greatest feature that it acquires is that it gives one year battery life which means that you don’t need to recharge it regularly. Another awesome feature that this band provides is that the kids can personalize the date and time with their name. You can set daily tasks for the kids in this band. It possesses all other features of a fitness tracker.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Aupalla Kids fitness tracker

    Another great tracker band for your kid is Aupalla fitness tracker. It has 1 inch screen size which is good for any child and also it can be seen in any environment. There are different themes available in this device to date, time and other data, the kid can select any of the themes. It also has child sleep monitoring and calories checkups. The heart rate of the child can also be monitored with it. Battery lasts for minimum 5 days.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Leapfrog Leapband

    This band is very useful for younger children. It turns your kid’s healthy activities in fun game. Whenever he performs healthy actions such as running, jumping, wiggling, dancing etc, he earns points which in turn give some kind of business reward. It looks heavier as it is very durable. It is water resistant and it can also work as an analog clock.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Fitbit zip

    It is made for the kids who don’t like to wear wrist bands. It is a clip on tracker. It can be clipped on the belts or on back pack or on clothing so that it can track the steps. Not only by kids but it can work well with adult and older person also. If it is fully charged then its battery can last for 6 to 7 months.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    UNICEF kid power band

    Rewards can also be educative’,this concept is used in this band. It works like other bands but gives rewards by unlocking a video that teaches about some culture or about the world. It is a very nice way of educating your child while keeping him or her active. It is also water resistant and comes with 5 days battery life but it takes only one hour to fully charge the battery.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-

    Part 4. Best Kids Phone Tracker:Aispyer

    If you are looking for a tracker app that can give you the best experience for monitoring your child then aispyer should be your first choice. Although there are several tracker apps available but it gives you the most simplified working experience. This app offers features more than others. Its features include monitoring of calls and messages with time duration, tracking of social media accounts such as facebook, snapchat, whatsapp etc.,key logging, monitoring of browser history and bookmarks, works hidden on the targeted device and more.

    Kid Fitness Trackers-


    Concerning for the kid’s health is very obvious for any parent. With health tracker app, you can make sure that your kid is active all the time and he is having a good night sleep. As you have seen that these trackers are available on a wide range of price, you can easily find the one that can suit budget. Apart from fitness, monitoring kid’s phone is also important so that to ensure that they are safe. You must get a tracking app installed on your kid’s phone so to keep him away from any danger. You can also live in peace this way.

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