Cell Phone Tracker App

  • Monitor and view all call logs

  • Track all text messages with details

  • Tracks Cell Phone location, current whereabouts

  • Track app installation time, app condition

    Tracking down cell phones becomes very essential for people that constantly keep on losing their smartphones. If they are aware of cell phone tracker app,they will be able to save a lot of money and will be able to retrieve their lost or stolen devices with ease. Nowadays there are tons of applications that can be used to track the accurate location of any target device irrespective of the operating system it runs on. You can even find a lot of free cell phone tracker app that will allow you to track smartphones for free however their features and accuracy will be limited.

    It’s up to you and your requirements to decide whether to go for a free cell phone tracker or for a paid one as both of them will offer a lot different features to you.

    Part 1. Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps



    Aispyer is one of the best monitoring tools that is currently available in market. This is largely because of the fact that despite offering such demanded features, the app manages to be pretty simple to use for people that lack technical knowledge. The features offered by this application include location tracking, social media monitoring, call log monitoring and text message monitoring. It has a clean and intuitive user interface which allows you to easily start tracking using the various features that this tool has to offer. One of the most sought after feature of this application is the key logger feature which allows you to record all the text based entries into a smartphone. The location tracking feature is also quite accurate and can provide you the ability to track anyone in real time.

    • It offers wide variety of features that are extremely important for tracking and monitoring of smartphones.
    • The geo location feature is very fast and accurate and you can use the inbuilt map to navigate and reach the target device easily.
    • Sometimes the app becomes slow when there is a lot of load on servers.
    • It can slow down the target device sometimes.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Aispyer
    Family Locator


    This is considered to be one of the best free cell phone tracker app available on the internet due to the features that it offers for free. With the help of this application, parents are able to keep track of their kids and can connect multiple devices into a single dashboard so that everyone can be tracked collectively. The user interface is simple and will showcase all the connected devices so that you can choose anyone of them and start monitoring and tracking their location in real time. This free cell phone tracker will allow you to set geo fences so that whenever the device under your monitoring leaves crosses the boundaries, you will get automatically notified about it on your mobile phone.

    • This application works on non rooted android devices as well.
    • The user interface is clean and simple and has a map that makes it easier to track down the accurate location.
    • There is no option to continuously keep on tracking and updating location information of the target device in real time.
    • People have complained about the app slowing down their phone and eating up a lot of battery.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Family Locator


    Glympse is another free cell phone tracker app that is available across all major platforms like iOS and android. There are a lot of plus points associated with this application that make it stand out of the crowd of phone tracking applications. You can easily track multiple friends and family members using this application and especially kids. Not only that but you will also be able to share your accurate and real-time location in a secured group with the help of this app in case of any emergency or issue. This is a very helpful application as it will help your loved ones to reach out for help if they are stuck somewhere.

    • The application comes preloaded with a map that you can use to easily locate your family members and even set navigation to their location easily.
    • You will be able to send distress signals by sharing your location with your loved ones through the feature provided within the app.
    • The application eats up a lot of battery of your device in order to locate the target device.
    • The user interface of the application can be a bit complex for people with limited technical knowledge.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Glympse
    Geo Tracker


    Geo tracker is a simple and effective location tracking application for android devices that works great for people who often lose their smartphones. With this application you will be able to easily track the accurate location of any lost phone so that it can be retrieved. Also, you can use the location features in order to make sure that all your friends and family members are safe and sound. It is one of the most accurate locations tracking application available for android devices and is being used by a lot of people all around the world.

    • The application can provide you with exact current location of the target device in just a simple click.
    • You can also track real time location so that you can keep track of every movement that the target device does.
    • This free cell phone tracker can slow your phone down due to continuous presence in background processes.
    • It is not available for devices that are running on iOS and may not even be supported on some lower android versions.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Geo Tracker


    Spyzie is one of the best tracking and monitoring application that can be used by parents in order to monitor their kid’s location easily and with high accuracy and other things like call history and text messages. It is a complete parental monitoring tool that offers you a wide range of features like Text message monitoring, call logs, social media monitoring etc. This application is easy to use and offers a demo account for new users so that they can get used to the features that it offers before actually downloading and using the tool. The user interface contains a dashboard where you will be able to see all the features and will be able to start tracking.

    • The application offers a wide variety of features that are important for parental monitoring.
    • You will be able to locate your kid’s remotely without even letting them know that they are being tracked.
    • It doesn’t allow all the features for non rooted android devices and iOS devices without jail break.
    • It slows down the target device due to always being active in the background processes.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Spyzie
    Google find my device


    Coming from Google itself, this is one of the most powerful and accurate phone tracker applications present on android app markets. This application is not available on iOS which is a problem for iOS users. Find my device is specifically made for locating lost or stolen android devices and can be used very easily by just logging into the application with the same account present on the phone. Apart from locating the device, you can also play sounds on it, display a custom message or just simply clear the memory of the device so that none of your personal data can be leaked.

    • You can reset your device remotely and can erase all your data from the phone if you can’t retrieve it.
    • In case you have reached the location of your lost device and still can’t find it, you can play a simple sound remotely so that you can find the device easily.
    • This application is only for android devices and can’t be used on iOS.
    • You will not be able to track the devices if someone switches it off or erases the memory of the phone.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Google find my device
    Google Maps


    This is basically a map and navigation application for android as well as iOS users but recent updates have included a new location sharing feature for the users. With the help of these features, people can easily track the real time location of your friends and family and can also share your own location. With this application you will be able to get free accurate location of any device with high accuracy due to the use of Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular network in order to track a device.

    • This application can provide the most accurate location for any device as it locates devices through GPS, WIFI and cellular networks for pin point accuracy.
    • It is available on android as well as iOS for free of cost and can even be used on Mac or Windows based desktops.
    • This application requires you to ask for the live location from the person in order to track them.
    • It doesn’t have other features like setting up geo fences and receiving updates about changes in location of the target device.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Google Maps


    Famisafe is counted among the top applications for tracking the locations of smartphones and for general parental monitoring of smartphones. This application makes use of the signals from you WIFI and GPS in order to track down the accurate location of the target device so that you can navigate and find them on the map. IT also provides you the access to a wide variety of monitoring features for smartphones like social media monitoring, call monitoring, text message monitoring and a lot more. This application is used by parents from all around the world due to the ease of usage it provides and the features it comes pre loaded with.

    • This app provides you with easy remote monitoring feature that provides location of a target device with pinpoint accuracy.
    • You will also be able to monitor the social media interactions, call records and text messages of the target device.
    • Some features of this application may not work on devices with lower versions of iOS and Android.
    • The user interface can be a bit confusing for new users.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-FamiSafe
    Where’s my droid


    This is one of the most capable, powerful and free to use tracking application available on android. With the help of this tool, you can set up geo fences, lock device, activate camera to see the surroundings and locate the device’s accurate location. It is available for free on android and can be easily downloaded by anyone. This application is considered to be the best tracking tool for android devices as it can easily track down any device using the GPS, WIFI or cellular data signals, which makes the location provided by this tool quite accurate and reliable.

    • It is one of the very few applications that can be used to activate camera remotely in order to see the surroundings.
    • The application is very lightweight and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the processor of the device.
    • One of the biggest issues of this application is that it cannot be used on iOS devices.
    • This application can be a bit complex for new users as the user interface is dull and not very convenient to use.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Where&rsquo
    Find my friends


    As you know there are tons of application that can easily be used to track down the location of a certain target device, this application is among some of the best among them. The application is completely free to use and offer users the ability to track down lost or stolen smartphones. Some people also use it for parental monitoring so that they can stay updated with their location whenever they want. The application is currently only available for iOS devices and there are no news regarding the android release of the tool. The application is currently available for free which is great considering its location tracking capabilities.

    • The application can be used to track multiple target devices at once and that also on a single screen.
    • You can share your locations with your friends so that they can follow you and never get lost in unknown place.
    • This application doesn’t support cross platform usage and is not even published for android devices.
    • The application drains a lot of battery while tracking the location of any said device.
    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps-Find my friends

    Part 2. How to track Cell Phone Step by Step?

    Tracking a smartphone with Aispyer is not a very complex task as the simple and easy to use interface it offers can be easily understood. In order to use this cell phone tracker app to track down the location of devices of your friends and family, you can follow the steps given below-

    Step1 Register on the official website of the application

    The first thing to do in order to use this tool is to go to the official website and create an account. Once you have created the account, you will be asked to buy a subscription that you deem fit for your requirements. After the purchase, you will receive a download link and a QR code on the registered email address.

    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps

    Step2 Download the application on the target device

    Using the QR code or the download link provided to you after the purchase, download the application on the target device. After that it will automatically get attached to your account and will disappear from the target device.

    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps

    Step3 Start tracking

    Once all the setup process is complete you can start tracking. In order to do so, log on to the official website of the tool and login to your account. You will now be able to see a dashboard where all the features will be listed on the left hand side of the screen. Select the geo tracker feature and start tracking the real time location of the target device.

    Top 10 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps

    Part 3. What can we Track on a Cell Phone with Aispyer

    Aispyer will offer you tons of features which you can use to monitor the various aspects of the target device. The following are some of the most sought after aspects that you can track using Aispyer.


    One of the first things to do with Aispyer is to track real time location of the target device. With a simple click of button, you will be able to see the exact location of the phone in a few seconds and can even keep on monitoring the changes in their location in real time. It provides precise location and can even notify you if you have set geo fencing.

    Call log

    Monitoring the calls logs is very especially for the devices that your kids use. You will be able to identify any unwanted calls or scammers and also will be able to identify cyber predators so that you can block them off and save your kids from possible problems. Aispyer can also intercept live calls and make you hear the conversation happening on the phone.


    This application can also monitor all the inbound and outbound messages of the target device and can even retrieve some deleted messages on android devices. With the help of this feature, you can easily see if anyone is sending profane or unwanted messages to your kids and can take countermeasures against that.

    Social media interactions

    Social media is one of the most important things that you should be monitoring. Due to the fact that billions of unknown people can send you messages and can talk to you, these platforms have become a hub of sexual predators, stalkers, and cyberbullies. You can save your family members by constantly checking their interactions and filtering out people that are troubling them.

    Key logger and other features

    It has a lot of other monitoring features like email monitoring, app usage monitoring etc which can be very useful for ensuring that your kids don’t use the devices more than they should. One of the best features that this tool offers is key logger, which is also a very rare feature among monitoring and tracking tools. With the help of this feature, you will be able to record and retrieve each and every text entered into the device so that you can find of about any activity that your kids might be getting involved in.


    There are tons of tools on the internet that can be used to track and monitor mobile devices. These tools are mostly used for parental monitoring and monitoring of employees activity. One of the best tools for these requirements is Aispyer as it has all the important features that are demanded heavily in monitoring and tracking tools. This application can track your location and monitor your calls, social media interactions, Calls and text messages. It also offers a lot of other features like key loggers that are very rare and useful. This cell phone tracker app is also very easy to use which enhances its usability quite significantly.

    Tracker Apps


    Aispyer IS DESIGNED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. It is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software that shall be used only with the aim of parental control of their children, by employers to monitor the devices which belong to them and on which the employee’s work, on a device which is of your ownership, and by you with a consent of a device owner.

    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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