Track a lost phone using IMEI number

  • Track down the location of any device.

  • Access calls, text messages, and social media interaction.

  • Own key logger feature.

    Did you just invested in a phone and lost it accidently? In this situation, the biggest fear that you may face is losing your personal data, videos, images, contact etc. In addition, if you are having some important documents in the device then there is a threat of loss of confidential information as well. In such scenario finding the phone is the only option you are left with. There are many IMEI phone trackerapplications that you can use. You can also wipe out your private content from the device remotely. In such apps, you simply have to enter your IMEI number and you will be able to access the real time location of your device.

    Part 1. What is IMEI?

    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the unique identity code of 15 digits which is authorized by GSMA and acts as identity certificate for an individual phone. If you know your IMEI number, it becomes easy to track the phone in case you have lost your phone or it’s been stolen. Through this number, you can still access control some vital functions of your phone. By using this you can attempt to track your device by using relevant application or online site. Also, you can enhance its security measures so that whoever has stolen could not be able to use it.

    Part 2. How to find IMEI Number?

    Since you are well known to the important role of IMEI number in finding and operating your device,,here are three ways to get it.

    Use code to get your IMEI number

    It is the simplest and the most common way to find out your IMEI number and works for every device. To know your IMEI, you can dial *#06# and the immediately appearing number on your screen is your IMEI number. If your device is dual SIM supporter and both slots are in use then it will show two IMEI numbers of both the SIM respectively. The most important thing to know is that IMEI number doesn’t changes no matter how many times you change your SIM.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number
    Check in your device setting

    The second way to find your IMEI is to access your device setting. For that, you have go to your phone’s setting option. After going to the setting option scroll down the list and look for the option “About device or system”,after you find the option click on it. As you click the option the next list will appear on your screen in which you have to search for the option “Status or about phone”. As soon as you click the option you are going to find IMEI number under the provided list. Sometimes, this procedure may differ according to the difference in the phone’s brand and model but you are going to get IMEI under the setting option only.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number-Check in your device setting
    Notice your device properly

    The third way to find your IMEI is to notice your smartphone surface properly. It can be printed on the backside of your phone on the back cover. Also, in some devices it can be printed on the backside of the removal battery. In addition, you can also get the IMEI number on the tray or slot of SIM card. Sometimes, it is also given on the on the box of your mobile, so try not to destroy or throw it.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number-Notice your device properly

    Part 3. How to track a lost phone using IMEI number

    There is a plenty ofIMEI phone tracker app available on internet, of which “Anti-theft app & IMEI tracker all phone location” is getting more popular among the people. It helps you in tracking your phone just by entering the IMEI number in its search box. As soon as you enter the number and click the “Next” button it gives you the exact location of your lost device on the screen. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t lag or miss-match the location. If you are also looking for how to track a lost phone using IMEI number then here is a step by step procedure to help you out.

    Step 1 Download the app

    Search for the app on play store or Google play, find the “AntiTheft App& IMEI Tracker All Phone Location” on your device. The important thing to keep in mind is that to ensure that your phone should be running on Android software 4.4 or higher.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number

    Step 2 Allow the permission

    After installing the app, open it and give all the permissions which it is asking for including calls, contacts, SMS, storage, as well as location. All these permissions are necessary to find out your phones because it plays an important role in enhancing its functions capability.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number

    Step 3

    Hit “continue” button after having a view of short commercial ad, this app is totally free but the things is that it includes the ads that you have to watch. Unluckily you cannot skip the ad and without it you will not be able to go to next step. In addition the consideration you should keep in mind is that don’t try to cut the ads because sometime it may result in lagging.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number

    Step 4

    After installing the app properly and completing all the formalities enter the IMEI number of the lost or stolen device and hit the track button. A small screen will appear on your device with the list of places on which your phone has been accessed along with exact location of your device.

     track a lost phone using IMEI number

    Part 4. How to track cell phone using app easily?

    Tracking down the mobile phones is the most common task that most people do when they lose tehor phone. There are numerous ways to track down the cell phone location for free via reliable apps and online sites. Aispyer is the most popular app among the people who are thinking how to track a lost phone using IMEI number. The GPS tracker of the phone allows you to track the current location whereabouts, time and date of the device. There are several other features like SMS tracker, contact tracker, app tracker etc. using which you can keep an eye on your device.

    Key features
    • This app can help in track down the location of any device at a short notice and also offer detailed information about the location along with the timing.
    • You can access calls, text messages, and social media interaction done through your lost device.
    • You can also view the bookmarks, frequently visited links or URLs, browsing history along with the timing of the stolen device.
    • The tool is very helpful and will not create any problem in finding the device.
    • There is also a key logger feature that allows you check out the key use and messages typed using your phone.

    If you are still confused in how to track lost android phone using IMEI number via Aispyerthen this step by step procedure is greatly going to help you;

    Step 1 Sign up for an account

    Firstly you have to create an account on their official website and then buy the premium version of the app. After the payment is done you will get the download link on your Email id, download the app from the link and install it in the targeted phone which you want to track. After installing the app, you will be asked to enter the key which is provided to you via Email. As soon as you enter the key, you will be allowed to click “Next” button.

    As soon you start installing the app you will also have to allow all the permission which you have been asked to permit after hitting the “Next” button.

    How to track cell phone using app easily- Aispyer

    Step 2 Start tracking

    As soon as you install the app in the targeted phone it will get vanish automatically and start working in the background. This is the best way to find your device without making the person aware about tracking. Now, you can go to the dashboard from the website to access other functions towards finding your stolen device.

     How to track cell phone using app easily-start tracking

    Step 3 Check location in location tab

    After entering the dashboard you have to hit the “Location” button at the left side of the tab or screen. In this you can see the real time exact location of the targeted phone without notifying the targeted phone. In addition, you can also access other location on which the stolen device has visited long with the time and duration.

    How to track cell phone using app easily


    Nowadays,IMEI phone tracker apps are getting more popular due to increasing crime rate. In addition, it also helps in retrieving the data from the stolen device. You can install aispyer in your device beforehand in order to ensure that you can easily track the phone in case it gets lost. The best thing is that it is easy to use.

    If you are also going through the same situation then installing Aispyer in your device can be helpful for the people who are confuse in how to track a lost phone using imei numberbecause it help in knowing the exact real time location of the device.

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