Track Son's Phone

  • Tracks Son's GPS location, current whereabouts, date and time of visited location accurately.

  • Monitor and view son's call logs, contact information.

  • Track Phone Messages remotely.

    Nowadays in this digital world, people need an interactive app that can help them in establishing connection with the mobile environment. One of the best features that has made the task easy is the GPS tracker. The parents who are concerned about their kids can use the tracking apps to check out the location of the kids and rest assured that they are safe. Kids in the teenage tend to get involved in wrong activities and might get into trouble. If you also have the same fear and are looking for how to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing,then go through the article carefully.

    Part 1. Benefits to track son's iPhone without him knowing

    • Tracking child’s movement:Sometimes kids break the rules and want to enjoy their life in their own way. They visit the places that are restricted for them or bunk their schools or coaching classes. But by using the tracking app you can know their activities and places they have visited. Moreover, you can also know their real-time location if they are not picking up your calls.
    • Quick recovery of stolen phone:Your child’s iPhone is at the great risk of being stolen because they might not be careful when it comes to safeguarding their device. If you are tracking your son’s device then you can quickly find it by using several apps. Moreover, it can also help in knowing where your child has visited between the time when his phone has been stolen or fallen.
    • Prevent social media misuse:The important reason to track down your son’s iPhone is to monitor their social media activities. In addition, you can also protect them from getting involved in any online criminal activity.

    Part 2. 3 Simple Steps to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing

    FamiSafe is the best solution for the people who are thinking how to track my son’s iPhone remotely. This feature is very useful in locating the stolen device and also helps in knowing the exact location of the targeted device. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to access the device again once you have installed the app successfully. Along with location history, you can also access several activities taking place on your child’s phone.

    If you are also thinking to install this app then this guide is greatly going to help you.

    Step 1 Install the app

    Install this app from App Store or Google Play on your and your kids iPhone. After installing the app register your account. In this you have a couple of choices.

    track my sons iPhone without him knowing

    Step 2 Select the choice

    You can either register it on your device or your son’s device.

    track my sons iPhone without him knowing

    Step 3 Start tracking

    Connect the phone with your son’s phone to monitor their activities and location. In addition, if you want to know the previous visited location then you can also access that.

    track my sons iPhone without him knowing

    Part 3. Top 3 Ways To Track My Son’s iPhone without him knowing

    If you are thinking how can I track my son’s iPhone then here are three top ways to help you in monitoring your son’s device.

    Family tracker

    It is the best monitoring app that can help you in tracking your kids as well as other family members. The best thing about this app is that it can be used to track multiple devices which make it the best one for the people who are confused in how to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing. So, if you are a busy person then you can use this app to track your whole family.

    • Multiple devices can be monitored with one account.
    • Can give you detailed information about the location.
    • Can record previous information without any hassle.
    • Sometimes lag with accessing location.
    • Cannot access text messages as well as call logs.
    • You will be unable to gain access on different apps.
    track my sons iPhone without him knowing-Family tracker

    Find my kids

    This app is perfectly designed for the parents who are more concerned about how to track my son’s iPhone. Parents can use this app to know the exact location of their son without making them aware of spying. If you forbid your child to meet with someone then this app plays an important role in knowing that rule is not broken.

    • You can access the real time location without any lacking.
    • Can be used on both the devices Android as well as iOS.
    • Helps in getting the entire activities carried on the devices.
    • Jailbreaking is nodded to access other functions.
    • Battery gets drained out faster.
    • Premium version is expensive.
    track my sons iPhone without him knowing-Find my kids

    Norton Family

    It is the most popular software company for security help in monitoring your child’s activity and is perfectly suited for the parents who are always asking how can I track my son’s iPhone. This app helps you in restricting mobile phone usage along with monitoring facility. This is the best for the parents who are more concerned about the amount of time their children should spend on mobile phones.

    track my sons iPhone without him knowing-Norton Family
    • Its premium version is more affordable in comparison to others.
    • It can be used in multiple devices available in your home.
    • The licensed version can also be used on their devices like tablets etc.
    • It has no free version.
    • Some features usually don’t work properly even after buying premium version.
    • You cannot access browsing history and book marks.


    It is important to monitor your child’s phone to protect him from several criminal activities. Plus, it also helps in knowing their company. If you want to track yourson’s phone without him knowingthen Aispyer is the best tool to help you. In addition, you can also access different activities taking place on their devices. This not only helps in protecting them but also help in knowing their daily activity. Moreover, installing this app can greatly help you in knowing where your child’s phone is if it has been stolen or snatched from him.

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