Phone Tracker App

  • View all call logs, contact information, time and date.

  • Track all the text messages.

  • View the browsing history and bookmarks, visited URLs.

  • Track GPS location of a phone with current whereabouts.

    As the internet technology is increasing, the threat to the children is also increasing. You cannot know what your child is up to with his or her smartphone. Not all the content on the internet is good for your child and same goes with its features. But today you can get phone tracker free app and use it to track your child’s smart phone. You can keep an eye on all the activities of your child without his knowledge. This is a great way to get your child’s activities monitored and keep him or her stay out of danger.

    There are a number of free phone tracker appand here is a list of some of the best mobile tracker apps that you can consider using.

    Part 1. Top 5 Free Phone Tracker Apps


    It is one the best tracker apps that is launched recently. It offers easy installation and simple dashboard for working. You only need to install it on the mobile phone you want to target, it gets hidden few seconds after the installation. Then you just need to log on to your account on and start tracking.

    Key features
    • You can view all call logs, contact information, time and date with the duration of all outgoing and incoming calls.
    • You can now track all the text messages of your child. This app not only lets you see the text but also its details such as time of sent and received messages, message history, media attachments and more.
    • You can view the browsing history and bookmarks, visited URLs with date.
    • The GPS location of a phone with current whereabouts, date and time of the visited location can be tracked accurately with this app.
    • This app gives you the ease of tracking contacts, profile pictures, phone numbers and email addresses. You can even find the contact which is deleted.
    • With its GPS location feature, you easily track your loved one’s location in case of emergencies.
    • Keeping a track of messages makes it easy to ensure that your kids are safe.
    • You can track employees phone and location during the working hours.
    Phone Tracker App-Aispyer

    mSpy phone tracker

    This is another great mobile tracker that is worth getting. This tracker software is been for a while in the market. You can use this particular tracker to have access over the location, call logs, phone book, photo gallery and videos, sent and received messages, email accounts and more. This app has different subscription packages for you to choose from.

    • This app offers the text message monitoring with ease. You can view sent and received messages with details like time and date.
    • You can also monitor call logs of other phones. It is a very good feature that displays also the duration of call logs.
    • You can also view the sent and received emails of someone without letting the person know.
    • This app uses GPS technology to determine the location of some phone. You can know the area where the phone currently is with it.
    • This app is available in different languages so that people from all across the globe can use it.
    • With this app, you can also view the mobile phone book numbers and calendar plans of the targeted phones.
    • Regardless of the cellular carrier network of the phone, it can work well with any network.
    • It is less expensive than many other mobile trackers available. You can buy its subscription and enjoy using its services.
    • It might work less efficiently than other apps and also offer less accurate results.
    • As it keeps on running in the background of the mobile, it can drain out the battery quickly than other phone apps.
    • It also comes with less features than other mobile tracker apps.
    Phone Tracker App-mSpy phone tracker


    It is one of the top rated apps that is used for monitoring phones these days. It offers simple installation and working. With it, you can remotely monitor any device, android or iOS. You can hack facebook, snapchat, whatsapp, viber, skype, telegram and other social media apps. You can also look at the web browser’s history, bookmarks and other data also with this app.

    • This app gives you the feature of social media tracking. You can track any of the popular social media activities of a phone.
    • You can come to know the time of the app installation with its icon and condition.
    • You can view the websites visited on the browser of the targeted phone. You can also view history and bookmarks stored in the browser.
    • You can easily track the photos and videos that are stored in that phone. The time and date when they are shot can also be known with this app.
    • You can also view the contact list of the targeted phone on your device. You can also go through the information about the contact stored in the device.
    • This app is supported by all the operating systems, whether it is android or iOS.
    • You can easily download it with one click with the Over the Air or OTA link.
    • This app comes with a ‘state of the art’ user account and dash board which enables quick access through a lot of information through your laptops or tablet.
    • It occupies a lot of space in the phone which can make the working of the phone little slower.
    • With on and off connectivity, this app can malfunction.
    • It is a bit expensive than many other apps.
    Phone Tracker App-Autoforward

    Hoverwatch phone tracker

    You can download this app on the targeted phone by signing up on its official website. There are only three steps involved for it. First, you need to make an account on its official website. Next, you have to download and install this app on the device which you want to track. Then, you can enjoy watching the activities of the targeted phone.

    • Front camera photo is one of the best features of this app. Every time the user unlocks the phone this app takes a front camera photo automatically.
    • You will get the notification each time when the user decides to replace the SIM cards. This app can even work when the SIM card is not inserted in the phone.
    • This app allows you to track 5 devices simultaneously. You can monitor smart phones, personal computers, laptops etc with it.
    • This GPS tracker enables you to get access of the location of the targeted phone through your account. The GPS tracker uses WiFi signals, GPS and cell tower for the location tracking.
    • This allows you to record every incoming and outgoing call of the targeted cell phone. The SMS tracker helps you in viewing all the SMS’s that are sent and received by the device.
    • This app remains completely hidden from the user even if the user knows how their phone works.
    • You don’t need to go through a lot of steps using this app. There are only three simple steps involved – sign up, prepare devices and start monitoring.
    • It can work with nearly all types of operating systems.
    • As the app keeps running in the background, the phone might get heated quickly.
    • It acquires more space in the device as it a bit larger than other spying apps.
    • It might become slow when the signals received by the targeted device are low.
    Phone Tracker App-Hoverwatch phone tracker

    Phone spector

    This particular app is made for monitoring a phone remotely. You can track a person’s phone without letting him or her know. You can get the view of text messages, GPS location, facebook, instagram, calls, photos, videos, and more with this tracker installed on that phone. It is very good for monitoring your partner if you are in serious relationship.

    • The phone tracking feature allows you tomonitor the outgoing and incoming calls with this app.
    • With the GPS phone tracking feature, you can get the live location of the tracked device.
    • You can also monitor the photos and videos that are stored in the targeted device.
    • This app gives you the facility to monitor nearly any type of social media account used on the targeted device such as snapchat, instagram, wechat, whatsapp and more.
    • You can also get a track of the messages that have been deleted.
    • You can prefer using this app for any type of smartphone. It can work well with android as well as with iPhone.
    • When youget it installed on your children’s phone, you can easily monitor their activities which can give you complete peace of mind.
    • You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this app. It comes with a very simplified dashboard to make the things easier for you.


    • It has fewer features than other monitoring software.
    • It might become slow sometimes.
    • It might make the device’s working slow.
    Phone Tracker App-Phone spector

    Part 2. How to Track Phone for Free with Aispyer

    If you are looking forward track the phone of another person due to any reason you need a reliable tracking app. Aispyer is one such app that will meet your requirements.,It comes loaded with so many features that allow you to track the location, messages, social media accounts and several others just by installing the app on the targeted device.

    If you are looking for an answer to how to track your phone for free then here are the steps to follow to use aispyer.

    Step 1 Sign up on the site

    First you need to create a free account on the official website of aispyer. Now you can take the subscription of aispyer and you will get the download link and key for the program in mail.

    How to Track Phone for Free with Aispyer -step 1

    Then, you need to download it on the targeted phone and get it installed. Next you need to enter the unique key that you have received in the mail and allow all the permissions to the app.

    Step 2 Login

    After the installation is completed, you need to go to the official page of the Aispyer and enter the credentials and login.

    How to Track Phone for Free with Aispyer-step 2

    Step 3 Start Tracking

    Now, on the left tab of the dashboard there are several options using which you can track the device.

    How to Track Phone for Free with Aispyer- step 3


    As a responsible parent no one wants to see their kids under some kind of threat. Nowadays, cyber threats are more dangerous. This is why mobile tracking of your loved ones becomes important. You can download one of the mobile tracking apps from the internet for this purpose. The best one is ‘Aispyer’ that gives you more features than other monitoring apps. You track mobile location, contacts, call logs, social media activities, text messages and more with this app.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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