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    Fitness is fast becoming the number one priority if the current youth and they are now investing their time and money to get in better shape. Even teenagers are adamant on taking healthy diet and having all the details about their fitness. Due to this, the market is stormed with kids tracker watchand other similar products, that can count your steps, heart rate and has a lot of other fitness oriented features. A lot of these watches have great features like GPS tracking and cameras, which enhances their usability. A good kids fitness tracker watch should be rigid, durable and should look great as well.

    Keep reading further to know about some of the finest kids activity tracker watchin the market along with their pros and cons, so that you can buy the best for your loved ones.

    Part 1. Top 10 Kids Activity Tracker Watches

    VTECH Kidizoom smart watch


    If you are looking for a simple, durable and multi-functional smart watch for your kids that are aged between 6-12 years of age, this kids fitness tracker watchis the ultimate smart watch to go for. It offers cool features like activity tracker, camera for capturing images and video recording, interactive games and 50 different watch faces to choose from. Your kids will surely love this smart watch for its looks and functionality and will enjoy using it on a daily basis. The straps of this smart watch are highly adjustable and can fit wrists of nearly every size.

    • This kids tracker watchhas a camera that is capable of capturing images along with videos as well.
    • Its battery can last for more that 2 weeks of continuous usage and also it is quite easy to charge.
    • This smart watch doesn’t have a global positioning system or GPS.
    • It is not water resistant and hence it could be damaged with a splash of water.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Fit Bit Ace


    Fit bit is the number one brand for fitness tracker and smart watches. This is a kids fitness tracker watch that specifically target the younger audience with its design and durability. IT is sleek, lightweight, highly durable and water resistant, which has made it one of the most popular smart watches for the young people. It comes with an app called Fit Bit Atlanta, which parents can use to monitor the activities of their kids. It has a very powerful battery that can last up to 5 weeks on a single charge.

    • It offers all the necessary fitness tracking features like counting steps, measuring the calories burnt and a lot more.
    • It has a great battery that can last for upto 5 weeks on a single charge, while powering a vibrant display that is clearly visible under direct sunlight.
    • The user interface is a bit complicated hence it is not suitable for kids below 10 years of age.
    • The parental tracking app cannot trace the live location of the kids due to lack of GPS functionality in the watch.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Leap Frog Leap Band activity tracker


    For parents that are looking for a kids activity tracker watchthat can help them boost the growth and development of their kids and providing him with fun activities, this is the perfect choice. It is quite affordable and offers tons of activities that your kids can do so that they can learn a bit more and develop the intellect. It has a simple user interface that can be easily controlled by the kids. As a parent, you will be able to restrict the usage time remotely which is a handy feature to have.

    • This kids tracker watchhas an AI type pet that responds to your command and facilitate growth for your kids with a lot of activities.
    • You can preload the activities that you want your kids to do along with the timing so that your kids can learn in a fun way.
    • This kids activity tracker watchis not water resistant and has limited features as well.
    • It has a very low battery life of about 3-4 days.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Fit Bit Ace 2


    There are a lot of smart watches in the market that can be bought for your kids but Fit Bit Ace 2 is among the best. It is a modernized version of the original fit bit ace and it has a lot of new and improved feature that make it even more exciting. It is highly durable and is resistant to damage due to heavy fall or moisture. You can even swim with this smart watch as it is completely water proof. It showcases a beautifully designed rubber strap that can easily fit average sized and small sized wrists.

    • It comes with animated watch faces and a lot of challenges that will keep your kids engaged.
    • It has a trendy and colorful strap which makes it suitable to wear nearly everywhere.
    • Due to the extra features, the battery has taken a hit and now it can only last for 5-6 days.
    • Even in the parental monitoring application provided by fit bit, you will not be able to track the live location of your kids.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Kurio watch 2.0


    This is a great smart watch for making your kids stay fit with a lot of fun activities. It is well built and looks and feels premium in hand. Also it has a soft texture and can fit nearly all wrist sizes properly and comfortably. IT allows your kids to do messaging, track their activities and has a lot of games that your kids will be able to play. The design of this smart watch looks sturdy and fashionable, so that your kids can wear it all day long without any problem.

    • There are tons of activities that your kids can do on this smart watch and have fun while learning new things.
    • It also allows messaging to your kids.
    • It has a weak battery life and it is not water resistant at all.
    • There is no GPS tracking functionality in this smart watch.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches



    This is one of the most beautiful smart watches, which can be used by kids that are 4 years of age or older. It is easy to use and will look great on your kid’s wrist. IT supports a lot of functionalities and is among the best smart watches in the market right now. They come in various designs according to kids favorite themes like superheroes etc. It is very durable and offers comfort to the person wearing it. It has a bright display that is visible under direct sunlight along with a pretty impressive batter that can easily last upto a year.

    • It is water resistant and has a significant battery life of about a year.
    • It comes in various designs and parents are allowed to remotely monitor their kid’s activity through an app.
    • You will need to buy more bands for newer games and activities.
    • There is no GPS functionality on this device.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    TENCENT kids smart watch


    This is one of the finest smart watches that is currently available in market due to the multitude of parental monitoring features that it provides. The straps are made of rubber, hence they are very strong, durable and have a smooth texture. It can do nearly7 all the tasks that a smart watch is supposed to do. It has a LCD display where you will be able to check the weather, time and notifications along with counting your steps and monitoring other activities. It has a geo locator feature through which parents will be easily be able to get accurate location of their kids.

    • It can make calls and send messages on its own.
    • It can track accurate locations and can provide all the monitoring reports to parents.
    • The battery life of this device is not that great due to a lot of feature being crammed together.
    • The display of this smart watch is prone to get scratched even under day to day usage.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Nabi Compete


    If you are on a tight budget and still want to keep track of your kid’s health and their activities, this is undoubtedly the best fitness tracker you can get nowadays. At just $5.25,this surely is one of the cheapest watches you can find in the market. It is a simple wrist strap with no displays and for accessing the data that it has monitored and recorded, you can use an app. It can also track accurate location of your kids so that you can ensure their safety.

    • It is one of the most affordable and long lasting fitness trackers you can find in the market.
    • It is comfortable to wear and has all the necessary fitness tracking feature that you might want.
    • There is no digital display on the smart watch and you will have to pair it up with a smartphone to make it work.
    • A lot of users of this smart watch have had troubles when they tried to connect it with their iOS Android devices.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Sqord Activity tracker


    This is one of best smart watch that you would want due to the features it has to offer. It comes in a lot of design variants with different colors and allows the users to track down their fitness and analyze how much exercises are helping them. It is said to have a battery that can last for more than 9 months and the watch itself is said to be virtually indestructible as well. It can track all kinds of movement that you do and will convert it into points that can be accessed through the mobile application of the smart watch.

    • The battery of this smart watch can last for upto 9 complete months.
    • It has a reward system, which can be a fun activity for your kids.
    • There is no proper display on the smart watch and you would require a smartphone to access the information that it has gathered.
    • The build quality of this smart watch looks cheap.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Fit Bit Zip


    Fit Bit is one of the leading manufacturer and developer of smart watch technology that can help you to stay fit. The fit bit zip is a similar device to other fit bit product, but it can be used as a wrist watch or can even be clipped on to your bags or clothing. It is built very well and looks and feels premium in hands. The battery that the Zip ships with can last a total of 6 months and can be easily replaced without any issues. It can monitor all the aspects like step count, calorie burnt etc. and can display it on the screen. It can also be connected with the smartphone app so that you can easily monitor the information remotely.

    • It comes from one of the most sought after smart watch brands and is very durable and efficient to say the least.
    • The battery can easily last for 6 months and the replacement will also be very affordable.
    • You might face connectivity issues sometimes when you try to pair it with your smartphone.
    • It can be a bit costly depending on the country you live in.
    Top Kids Tracker Watches

    Part 2. Best Kids Phone Tracker Online

    Now, that you know about smart watches that can monitor your activity to keep you fit, you might want to learn about some tools that can help you to keep a track of your kid’s life. You might want to know what your kids do and are they safe and other similar concerns will arise. For such parents Aispyer is one of the best software that they can use to ensure the safety of their kids. It offers parents, tons of useful feature that are essential for monitoring parents. With the help of Aispyer, you will be able to monitor text messages, Calls, Social media interactions, web history of the device and even the time they spend on each application and website. It can also record all the inputs that the target device takes through keyboard and can also intercept live calls. It is the best parental monitoring tool for parents.

    Key features
    • You can monitor the live location of your kids device to ensure that they are within the safe limits.
    • It will allow you to monitor social media interaction of your kids from major social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc.
    • You can look at the call history of the target device and can even intercept live calls in some cases.
    • Text messages can also be accessed by you by using Aispyer.
    • It is one of the very few tools that has a working key logger feature which can record all the text based inputs of the target device.
    T Best Kids Phone Tracker Online - Aispyer


    Monitoring your kid’s activities to ensure that they are safe and fit is very essential. While you will easily be able to monitor the fitness of your kids by using smart watches and fitness bands, monitoring other activities that they do and ensuring their safety will require better tools and your dedication. You can make use of online parental monitoring tools like Aispyer due to the vast amount of parental monitoring features it offers. You will be able to monitor their communication on social media, calls and even text messages along with tracking their accurate live locations whenever you want.

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