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  • Top app to track kids phone easily.

  • Real time monitor location.

  • Track all the sent and received messages on your kid’s phone.

  • Social media application tracking is available.

    Parenting is the most stressing stage of life you have to take care of each and every activity of your kid especially if they are teenager. Teenager students often face bully in the schools and cyber threats which can sometimes be very depressing. Phones are important as you can stay connected with your kid when they are not with you but this can be dangerous if they face any cyber bully. The behavior of your child can change and they might become introvert. To avoid this situation, you can use free app to track kids phone easily. There are various applications which can give you the detailed information of your kid’s phone and activity which ensures you that your child is safe and secure.

    Part 1. Top 5 Apps to Track My Kids Phone for Free

    Family tracker

    This application is used by the parents that have more than one kid. Family tracker can track multiple phones at a given time and this feature makes this more functional. You can see your children’s location with the help of this application and ensure that they are safe outside. You can also use this application on all your family members too if you want.

    • With the multiple tracking feature, you can track many people at the same time.
    • GPS location is updated very quickly.
    • Instant notification feature works if your children are traced
    Track My Kids Phone-
    Norton family

    This application is available on both android as well as iOS devices. If you are a concerned parent and want to track the activity of your child’s phone, you can go with this application. This also helps you to limit the access use of the internet by your kid. After the daily limit ends, your child cannot use the internet any further. This prevents the children from becoming phone addict.

    • Web filtering feature is given by which you can block all the inappropriate sites and content.
    • Access limitation is there to set proper schedule.
    • Limit the usage of social media applications.
    Track My Kids Phone-

    FamiSafe location tracking

    If you are looking online on how to track kid’s phoneyou can go for this application. With this amazing application, you can track your child’s location quickly with all the faster updates along with the real time. You can also check all your kids’ activity done in the phone through easy tracking application. You can also go through the social media accounts and inboxes of your child to ensure that they are safe and secure.

    • Block and check inappropriate application in your kid’s phone.
    • You can check the browsing history whenever you want.
    • Real time monitor location via GPS
    Track My Kids Phone-


    If you are searching for track my kids phone for freeyou can choose this application. This application is very easy to install and use. You don’t have to go through the complex settings to keep a track on your kid’s phone activity. Entire social media tracking can be done with the help of this application. If you are worried and concerned about your kids when they go out you can use live tracking feature provided in this application.

    • Real –time location tracking feature to ensure your kids are safe out of the house.
    • You can track all the sent and received messages on your kid’s phone.
    • Easy interface and quick monitoring.
    Track My Kids Phone-

    The TruthSpy

    This application is supported by both android and iOS which makes this app more universal. The phone tracking of your kid’s phone can be done easily with this application. This has a quick response and give you’re the faster notification. Parents can track all the call records of their children’s phone to make sure they stay out of any bully.

    • Social media application tracking is available.
    • Call record tracking feature for better safety.
    • View real time browsing history.
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    Part 2. How to Track My Kids Phone for Free with Aispyer

    Aispyer is the most trending and amazing application to track your kid’s phone effectively. This application is very easy to use as it has simple interface. This is a lightweight app that will not drain your battery quickly. This comes with lots of features and you can control all the application installed in your kid’s phone through your device. You can track all the messages received and sent with the complete detail. Almost all the social media apps can be tracked with live location through Aispyer. This application makes sure that your child remains safe from any cyber crime or bully.

    Step 1 Create an account

    First, go to then create account. After creating the account buy the plan and get the registration code. Download the link of application.

    Track My Kids Phone-

    Step 2 Download and install the software

    Download the application on the particular device which you want to track through the downloaded link. You can also scan QR code. After you have installed the application the app will disappear in 5 seconds.

    Track My Kids Phone-

    Step 3 Start Tracking

    After installing the application on the targeted device, you can login the account and start tracking.

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    Today, in this digital world children are spending their much time on various social media platforms. These platforms also bring in the cyber bully and crime which can affect your child’s mental health. To keep them safe from any online bully, you can go for the best phone tracking application, Aispyer. With this application, you can go through all the social activities of your children and track their location easily.

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