Alternative to SocialSpy - Aispyer WhatsApp Tracker

  • Track everything on WhatsApp, including messages, chat history and attachments.

  • Track all messages on WahtsApp, including when to send a message to whom, when to receive a message from whom.

  • Track activities on all popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Lightweight size, unobtrusive, and doesn't waste power of target device.

    As WhatsApp becomes more and more popular, there are more and more tools to spy on WhatsApp activities. SocialSpy is one of the known online social spy tools that promises to provide the whole of a person’s chat history on WhatsApp with just knowing his/her phone number. It sounds good in practice, but it is definitely not the most dependable online WhatsApp spy tool out there. So, continue reading if you want to be introduced to what we think is the best alternative to SocialSpy WhatsApp tracker and why you might even prefer it over this online tracker.

    Part 1. What's SocialSpy


    SocialSpy is a web-based WhatsApp spy tool that functions to be able to intercept other people's WhatsApp chats. It has become popular because it offers services to track WhatApp for free. Using this social spy tool, you can spy on your friends, girlfriends and relatives. Even though the results obtained are not convincing, there are still many people who want to try the way to monitor WhatsApp using the social spy tool.

    To be able to track WhatsApp using SocialSpy WhatsApp, the method is very easy. You don't even need to install any WhatsApp hacking applications on your PC or Android phone.

    SocialSpy promises results in just “three-simple steps” but that’s not quite the reality. There’s no real explanation for the social spy tool, or how it can accomplish what it promises to do, but one thing’s for sure, it’s not something that we would recommend to anyone. For one, this WhatsApp spy tool requires that you complete a human verification test in the form of a survey - which sounds harmless enough, but clicking on the links attached lead to highly suspicious web ads rather than any actual surveys.

    How to use this WhatsApp SocialSpy tool?

    In just 3 steps, you can use SocialSpy WhatsApp online to track the data.

    Step 1: Enter the SocialSpy website address on the web browser.

    Step 2: On the space provided, enter the target phone number whose WhatsApp you wish to track, and tap the “Submit” button.

    Step 3: Complete the human verification by entering the captcha. Now, see the target chat history that will display on the screen.

    • SocialSpy is a free WhatsApp spy app.
    • Easy-to-use, only three-step process for tracking WhatsApp activities.
    • Claims to track complete WhatsApp chat history.
    • The key to unlock one’s chat history does not require any passwords or access to the device - just the device’s phone number.
    • Tracking is faulty - no sign of it working.
    • Human verification process leads to potentially harmful websites.
    • It has a very low success rate.
    • The results obtained from WhatsApp are not convincing.
    • Could result in viruses being installed on your browser or computer.

    Part 2. Best Alternative to SocialSpy WhatsApp Tracker

    Next, let us turn our attentions to the best alternative, Aispyer, which is also popular because it helps thousands of parents to track their kids WhatsApp activities. It’s nothing like SocialSpy WhatsApp tracker, but it does guarantee an effectiveness that you wouldn’t be able to get with an online spy tool like SocialSpy.

    It’s a paid product, so you need to purchase it if you want to use it to track WhatsApp. Unlike SocialSpy, you will also need to have access to the device you want to spy on, and then this social spy app will be relaying the data to you remotely. However, once all that’s done, you have complete access to all the activities performed on WhatsApp of the target device.

    Aispyer - Best Alternative to SocialSpy WhatsApp Tracker

    • WhatsApp activities tracking, including messages, chat history, media files, calls, etc.

    • Track all messages on WahtsApp, including when to send a message to whom, when to receive a message from whom.

    • Track WhatsApp chat history even if it's deleted.

    • Track activities on other popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

    • More features: Track call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos, etc.

    • Lightweight and doesn't attract any attention.

    How to track WhatsApp activitites with Aispyer

    Step1Log in Aispyer

    Fistly, you need to go to the website, and click the "Log in" button to create an account which you will use to track WhatsApp later.

    Step2Download and install Aispyer app on target device

    Purchase a plan of Aispyer to get the download link of the social spy app and the registration code. After that, you can download and install the app on target device.

    Step3Start tracking WhatsApp activities

    Now you can log in your Aispyer account on the web and start tracking WhatsApp activities with every detail.

    Part 3. Comparison between SocialSpy and Aispyer WhatsApp tracker

    It's obviously that there are many differences between these two WhatsApp tracker tools. If you are not still very clear, then check the table below. It covers all these minute differences down to the most basic of functions - leaving all else aside.

    Product Aispyer SocialSpy
    Pricing From $19.9 Free
    Size Hosted online, no download required Online, no download required
    Usability The tracking is incredibly simple - just login to the dashboard and begin tracking Three-Step Spying Process (The second verification process requires that you answer a survey)
    Key Features Complete WhatsApp Monitoring Package, highly intuitive, and other surveillance features for monitoring texts, calls, web history, and more WhatsApp chat history spying
    Reliability 100% Effective Unreliable
    Concealment 100% discreet (App is invisible immediately) There are no promises that the monitoring will be discreet (No FAQs on the website)
    Accuracy Incredibly accurate with its spying Not mentioned

    Part 4. FAQs

    1. Is there any other browser-compatible way to spy on WhatsApp messages like SocialSpy?

    Yes, WhatsApp Web is another way to access chats and status on the target device but to use it, you need the target device to scan the QR code on the browser. WhatsApp web is the OK option when you cannot view the WhatsApp messages on the iPhone or smartphone.

    2. Can I hack on WhatsApp messages or chats for free online?

    Without access to the target device, you can hack your WhatsApp account online with WhaSpy App's assistance, an effective monitoring solution. With WhaSpy, you can monitor simultaneous accounts with universal compatibility.


    With a short introduction to the SocialSpy tool to monitor WhatsApp along with its related pros and cons, we have reached the end of our today’s article. Although there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both options, there’s no denying that Aispyer is the better choice for WhatsApp tracking. With this WhatsApp tracker, you get a highly reliable social spy app that you can use for spying on WhatsApp activities of the target phone. Check it out for yourself now and get to know its other outstanding tracking features. You’ll see just how much better it is when compared to SocialSpy WhatsApp tracker.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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