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    "I have come across the feature of sharing location with friends and colleagues in a transparent way that can help reach a destination, but is there any feature that would let me check someone's location on WhatsApp and keep a track on it live?"- Yes, of course. You can know the answer to how to check the location of WhatsApp user in various ways. You are at the right place to find the best solution you can prefer.

    Scroll and explore the article to find our list of the best techniques to track the WhatsApp message location. 

    Part 1:How to find someone's exact location on WhatsApp without them knowing?

    While the above methods discussed in the before section require more effort from my side, are there any other ways to help answer how to check the location of someone on WhatsApp without them knowing it? Why not? Here is the part you need to monitor closely.

    1. Why you need a better WhatsApp location tracker?

    WhatsApp is the most widely used social media platform by users to communicate, share documents, make live video calls, make crazy and fun chats, provide various features to keep it a safer one with end-to-end encryption, and still a lot more.

    Although it is fine and good to use, there are some threats too. It is sometimes termed to be the digital ones that include, fraud and scam accounts that target today’s teen leading them to critical circumstances. More than 200 cases related to cyber-bullying in social media network are recorded every year that serves to be shocking news to parents.

    Is your teen spending most of the time in WhatsApp? Apprehensive on your kid’s WhatsApp activities? Are you receiving more comments about his/her studies and getting remarks that he/she bunks the classes? Then it’s time to spy on your kid’s WhatsApp activities and get to know the live-location to track them.

    This is where the importance of knowing the whereabouts of your teens or closed ones rises. There are various third-party software applications available in the market that allows you to keep an eye on your kid’s online activities in WhatsApp. Hence, it is mandatory to get access to a better WhatsApp location tracker to safeguard your closed ones.

    2. Aispyer- WhatsApp tracker and location tracker

    Is it possible to track the WhatsApp message location without them knowing? If so, how is it done? Here is an ultimate solution to track the location of someone on WhatsApp, and it is none other than Aispyer.

    Most of the kids at present are engaged in their smartphones in leisure time in playing games instead of playing outdoor games like cricket, shuttle, and football. Especially teens are addicted to social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, which affects their studies and their presence in family time. While parents get occupied in busy schedules and routine work culture, a spy is needed to look at your kid's online digital activities. That is what serves to be the motto behind the formulation of Aispyer.

    It is a parental control tool that tracks, monitors, and alerts you when things go doubtful or beyond the limit. When coming to the WhatsApp message tracking, and live-location monitoring, Aispyer is the best at it.

    • Aispyer spies over all the WhatsApp activities on the target device including received messages, media, and the deleted ones too.
    • Get to know the whereabouts of your kids with live-location information provided by the GPS Tracking feature of the Aispyer.

    How to track the exact location on WhatsApp without them knowing?

    Aispyer is a friendly spy or a caretaker of your kid that must track the WhatsApp message location without your kid knowing it. Have a look at the steps and know how to check the location on WhatsApp.


    View the site, on your device and create an account in it.


    To establish a connection to the secondary device, download and install the software on the target phone. Sign in with your login credentials.


    Now, log in to your Aispyer account from your device. Go to the dashboard that will give you the location details and WhatsApp messages when you switch over to the messages section.

    This 3-step formula works well on all devices, and is best suited for your kid, and loved ones. With Aispyer, one can easily check the location of someone on WhatsApp at an ease.

    Part 2:Can you track the location of WhatsApp messages?

    Can you track the location of WhatsApp messages precisely? Yup, it is possible, of course. There are two easy free ways to track WhatsApp messages, and here is the guide to demonstrate it with steps.

    Method 1

    Step 1:Open the WhatsApp Web application on your computer by entering the link, in your browser.

    Step 2:Switch over to the chat section with the target person. Make sure that all the other programs, back-end process, and apps are properly closed.

    Step 3:Press “Control,” “Alt,” and “Delete” buttons simultaneously that would launch the Task manager in front of you.

    Step 4:Press the “Windows” icon and letter “R” at the same time that results in the launching of the “Run” function.

    Step 5:In the space, enter “cmd” that will launch the command prompt.

    Step 6:Now, enter "netstat-an" in the command line. Hit on the "Enter" button. Doing so will result in displaying of IP address of the person with whom you were chatting. Please make a note of it.

    Step 7:Enter the website,,followed by the address in the search bar.

    Step 8:Tap on the “Enter” button that will show the exact location of the person.


    • This method is good-to-go only for the online version of WhatsApp.
    • It is quite time-consuming.
    • It is risky as your information can get hacked by using online free solution.
    • The target person may get to know that you are tracking them.

    Method 2

    Has the person on the target side declined the "Share location" option in their device in WhatsApp? You can find this way an effective one with the aid of the tracking links.

    Step 1:Create an account in hosting websites like Hostgator, My3gb for free.

    Step 2:After the account creation, log into it and switch to the “File Manager” section.

    Step 3:Now, download the “Tracking ZIP file” folder to the computer. Extract it and you will find three files again.

    Step 4:Now, upload those files into your hosting account to the file manager’s root.

    Step 5:Send the abrupt link similar to to the person whom you wish to locate.

    Step 6:Now, all the information relating to the target’s location will be stored in the log.txt file that could be found accessible in the root folder.


    • This method requires more time when compared to method 1 from your side.
    • While suitable for professionals, newbie’s could find it a little difficult.
    • Similar to method 1,it is risky to share personal information online and you may not be able to monitor secretly.

    That is how to check the location of a person on WhatsAppwith the command prompt, and tracking links but it doesn't appeal to you, you can instead make use of the third-party software.


    Technology has uplifted our lifestyle and way of living with no doubt. Digital technology has both darker and a friendlier side too. In which style are you leading your kid or teen? Let's get alerted and safeguard our next generation with parental control tools like Aispyer. I believe today's article on how to check someone's location on WhatsApp or track WhatsApp message location would help know your kid's whereabouts and set boundaries for their excitement.

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