Hack WhatsApp Account

  • Hack all WhatsApp messages, chat history, and attachments.
  • Find WhatsApp account information and histories.
  • Hack fast all popular social media activity including WhatsApp.
  • Hack call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos etc. on mobile phone.

    We all have read questions like “can someone hack into my Whatsapp account, how to hack someone's Whatsapp account remotely and I want to hack my girlfriends Whatsapp account what should I do?” The answer might trouble you but YES anyone can hack your Whatsapp account and you can hack someone's Whatsapp account as well even your girlfriend. But to hack someone or to avoid getting hacked you should be well aware of all the top ways to do hacking.

    Part 1. The former three methods to hack Whatsapp account

    Method 1. Using a safe and unobtrusive way

    One of the safest and undetectable methods to hack someone's Whatsapp account remotely is by using Aispyer. It is lightweight and easy to use mobile phone trackers which can track your messages, calls, and media not only on Whatsapp but Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Line, etc as well.

    Key features

    • Tracks GPS location, calls, messages, media, phone numbers, and web history.
    • Spy Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and all other popular apps.
    • Has a built-in keylogger tracker which can track typed and pasted content.
    • Better security to protect personal information.
    • It will automatically be hidden after the installation.
    • Power saving and easy to install

    Method 2. Using MAC Spoofing

    This method is widely used but only by people who know its technicalities. It uses the unique 12-digit identification number called MAC (Media Access Control) that is assigned to the Wi-Fi and network adapter. Every phone that has internet has a MAC address and it is different for every phone. With MAC spoofing you can clone someone else's WhatsApp onto your phone. It is a very effective method once you have followed all the cloning instructions. First, retrieve the MAC address of the target person’s phone. Uninstall Whatsapp from your device.

    You can mask someone’s Mac address on your phone by downloading apps like BusyBox or WifiSpoof in a rooted Android device.

    Locate the MAC address of your mobile and replace it with the MAC address of the target's device.

    Reinstall Whatsapp on your device don't forget to add the target's phone number.

    A confirmation code will be sent by Whatsapp to the target's phone to enter it in your device. You will automatically receive all the photos, videos, and messages of the target person.


    • It allows you to read and send messages from the targeted account to your phone.
    • It doesn't cost you anything as it is a free method.


    • You must have access to the target's phone to complete the hacking process
    • The is a slightly complex hacking process
    • No guaranteed results

    Method 3. Using WhatsApp Backup Extractor

    This method allows you to hack Whatsapp account by using a specific software called Whatsapp Backup Extractor. All your files from a device are store as backup and this backup can be used to restore all the backed up media and Whatsapp messages from the target's account. Whatsapp Backup Extractor only used to work on iOS devices but now with the latest updates, it works for Android as well. For an iOS device in your possession, you can download and install the dr.fone app. Select repair to start the scan once it is completed select Whatsapp messages and click recover to a computer. For Android phones download the android version of this app. The rest of the process is similar to iOS but make sure to select the debugging option in the settings of an Android device.

    If you don't have access to the actual phone you can get the backup from iCloud or iTunes. Download and install the dr.fone app. Select repair and then click on recover from iTunes or iCloud backup files then click on scan. After the scanning is done select messages and restore them to a computer.


    • Allows you to restore messages and media from the backup file


    • Real-time messages can't be accessed using this method
    • Requires you to have access to the actual device, iTunes or iCloud

    Part 2.The latter three methods to hack Whatsapp account

    Method 4. Using WhatsApp Hack Tool

    Many different tools can be used to hack the WhatsApp account anonymously. These tools give you the freedom to choose the kind and amount of information you can access from the target's account. One such Whatsapp hacking tool is mSpy which can be used for both iOS and Android devices.


    • Effectively hack WhatsApp account and other popular messaging applications, such as Viber and Line.
    • It is a simple way of installation and cost-efficient
    • Track recorded calls, test out the GPS location of a user, and usage on the phone


    • It may cause some privacy concerns for particular groups of individuals

    Method 5. Using Keylogger App

    Keylogger applications can be used to hack the Whatsapp account. Every keystroke that a targeted user types into their mobile device are recorded by a keylogger software. In this way target's input is secretly monitored and a log of all keys that are pressed is saved for later use. You can use keylogger apps like iKey monitor for this purpose.


    • Free 3 day trial
    • Multiple languages are supported
    • Stores screenshots, passwords, and keystrokes


      iOS device must be jailbroken

    Method 6. Hire a Hacker

    If you are still confused about how to hack Whatsapp account you can take help from a professional hacker. Be prepared to spend some hefty amount of money to get a Whatsapp account hacked through this method because no professional hacker will work for free or cheap rates.


    • Professionally done job
    • You will just have to pay


    • Chances of a scam
    • Costly


    Above we have discussed several Facebook hacking apps for Android and iPhone devices. You can check out the pros and cons to choose the best suitable app. Considering the ease of use, affordable prices, and a long list of supported features, Aispyer can be considered as the best Facebook Hacker app for Android devices. 

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