About Aispyer

World’s First-rate Mobile Monitoring Solution.

Aispyer is a lightweight and helpful mobile monitoring solution that helps you to protect your kids from danger, including both online threats and dangerous places in life.

Lightweight Mobile Phone Monitoring Solution

Aispyer is a lightweight remote monitoring solution for mobile users, and helps people to solve the most important issues with most appropiate way.

IoT Control

Aispyer will support to monitor more tools besides mobile phone, including Car-equipped devices, other electronic devices, or even home appliances.

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Aispyer Team


More than 10 Years' Technology in this field


In-depth understanding of users' needs


Developing products that users really need

World's First-rate Mobile Phone Monitoring Solution

Aispyer is enjoyed by more than 10 million people from over 200 countries all over the world.
With the lightweight size and powerful features, Aispyer brings much convenience to people’s daily life.

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