2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021

Top 5 Call Log Monitor APP Online for 2021

Call Log Monitor APP Online

Do you have any reason to want to keep track of who your child or your significant other is talking to on the phone? Well, then you’re in luck! There are tons of different call log monitoring apps that you can use in order to keep on the lookout for your loved ones. It’s not great to be suspicious all the time — it won’t make you happy to deny what’s going on. So, do something about it and try out one of these call monitoring tools to satisfy your peace of mind! Also, be sure to stick around till the end and check out our tutorial on how you can use one of these tools to perform your spying!

Part 1. Top 5 Call Log Monitor APP Online

1. Aispyer

URL: https://www.aispyer.com/

Our top pick for a call log monitoring app is Aispyer. This spying app, once installed on a compatible device, will do most of the work for you — relaying information to you remotely through an online dashboard that you can access on your phone, computer, tablet, etc. It’s still relatively new to the market, but it’s also grown to be quite a monster when it comes to functionality. Of course, one of its main functions (which you can see in the tutorial a little further down) is the ability to monitor phone call logs!

2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021


  • Premium Call Log Monitoring Functions
  • Remote monitoring (the app turns invisible once installed.)
  • Online monitoring can be performed on any device.


  • Aispyer is a premium product.
  • Subscription fees are available either monthly or yearly.

2. FoneMonitor

URL: https://www.fonemonitor.com/

FoneMonitor is structured very similarly to Aispyer. It’s an app that must be installed prior to use (on any device that is compatible),but monitoring can be performed completely remotely once your target device has been set-up with the surveillance app. It offers the standard call log history page where you can monitor all the calls recorded on your target device plus the ‘New Call’ widget that you can see on the screenshot of the FoneMonitor dashboard below.

FoneMonitor Call Tracker


  • Standard phone monitoring functions.
  • Convenient ‘New Call’ widget.
  • Remote monitoring can be performed on any device.


  • FoneMonitor is Android-only.
  • It’s also a premium subscription software.
  • More expensive than some of the alternatives.


URL: https://xnspy.com/

XNSPY is one of the oldest call log monitoring apps on this list. It’s been around for a while, and it’s definitely one of the most sought-after spy software in the market — if only because it’s available for both iOS and Android (with some limitations on the iOS version of the program.) For call monitoring features, you get the usual call log recording and the convenient little widget that gives you a report of the most dialed caller IDs on the device.


  • It offers the standard calling monitoring functions.
  • Remote monitoring online available on any device.
  • Available for both iOS and Android.


  • XNSPY is a subscription-based software.
    The iOS version is not as advanced as the Android version.
  • The updates are slower when compared to newer software.

4. Spyzie

URL: https://www.spyzie.com/

Spyzie is another ‘older’ spy app, although still relatively newer than XNSPY. Just like XNSPY, however, it does offer monitoring for both Android and iOS (again, with the iOS functions more limited than the Android version.) There’s nothing to report as far as its calling monitoring functions either — it’s the same tools available on all of the other apps we’ve introduced. That is the call log monitoring page and a convenient little call history widget on the dashboard.

spyzie browser tracker


  • It offers the standard call log monitoring app functions.
  • Available for both iPhones and Androids.
  • Monitor calls, texts, emails, web browsing, social media activity, etc.


  • Spyzie is also a subscription-based monitoring tool.
  • The iPhone version of the product is more limited.
  • The Demo available isn’t as filled out like the others.

5. FreePhoneSpy

URL: https://freephonespy.net/

Our last call monitor app recommendation is FreePhoneSpy! This is the first and only FREE online monitoring app on this list. It’s not new to 2020, and it’s not as regularly updated as the premium programs on this list, but it can still be used for the basic stuff (especially if you’re just looking to try out a FREE monitoring app before moving to a more permanent solution.) The interface provides is a little more squirrely, but it can get the job done if all you want is basic call monitoring.


  • Complete call monitoring logs available.
  • Convenient ‘Recent Calls’ widget on the dashboard.
  • FREE, open-source, software!


  • It’s not as up to date as other alternatives.
  • The interface is clunky and hard-to-use.
  • It can get a bit slow.

Part 2. How to Monitor Call Log Online for iPhone or Android with Aispyer

To round off our introduction to the top call log monitoring apps for 2021, we’ve also included this quick tutorial (that you can follow along with)! This one will be featuring Aispyer, which was our top pick on the list. Aispyer is known for a host of other things, of course, but we’ll be covering its call-monitoring-related features specifically.

  • Aispyer is known for advanced call log recording.
  • It provides in-depth reports with Caller ID, call duration, time stamps, call types, etc.
  • Even deleted phone calls are recorded and reported by Aispyer.
  • Monitoring is 100% discreet and it can be performed on any online-capable device.
Create an Aispyer account
In order to start monitoring with Aispyer, you will need to create a monitoring account (which is what you’ll be using later to sign in to Aispyer’s monitoring dashboard.) Do so on the Aispyer main website!
create an account of aispyer
Download and install Aispyer
Then you will need to purchase a monitoring plan in order to use Aispyer. Next, download and install the app on whosever phone you want to monitor! Instructions will be provided on the purchase email provided, but to prevent any confusion, you may want to check out the video-based installation guide put up by Aispyer!
How to Show Me My Browsing History?

How to install, please refer to here

Start monitoring call history

Once installed, you can use Aispyer’s monitoring dashboard to begin surveying your chosen target device. On the main page, you’ll see a variety of different convenient widgets. If you want to look at the actual call logs (from the most recent calls to the oldest calls),select the Calls tab from the side menu.

The call logs are organized from recent to oldest calls. It includes Caller ID, Phone Number, Duration, Date, Time, and Call Type! This list is complete and includes even the call logs that were manually deleted or filtered on the actual device itself!


There are top 5 different call log monitoring apps for 2021 but there’s no beating the five that we introduced today — as we showed you on the demonstration of our top pick for the year – Aispyer. There’s no beating the comfort of getting to the bottom of a mystery, and if you have a reason to believe that someone important to you may be hiding something scandalous, these are the apps to use. They’re perfectly discrete, and they’ll provide all the information you could possibly want when it comes to someone else’s activity on their phone.

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