When smartphones were first introduced in the late 2000s, they were treated as a device for adults. But times have changed and today, even kids have access to smartphones, with children as young as 8 to 10-years-old using them. But we shouldn’t be too fogeyish about it. That’s because smartphones these days are in no way geared to be just adult devices.

Kids can use smartphones to play games, or use other entertaining and educational apps. Many parents give smartphones to their kids so that they can stay in touch with them at all times. But at the same time, parents should also be aware of the potential dangers of using smartphones.

A child is exposed to many risks like contact with strangers, and CYBERBULLYING through their smartphones. As responsible parents, you must keep them safe. This is why you should keep a close check on your kid’s online activity. You should be aware of the people your kids are talking to, the sites they are browsing, the apps they are using, and anything else they may be doing on their smartphones.

With this in mind, we are going to suggest some ways that will HELP YOU KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE ON THEIR SMARTPHONES.


Most smartphones are available with parental controls of some kind. If your child is using an iPhone, you will find parental controls in the settings section of the device. But as far as android phones are concerned, not all of them come with this feature. In that case, you will have to download a parental control app.

The good thing is you will find many such apps in the Google Playstore. Some of these apps can generate reports about your child’s online activities, block contacts, and much more. Before you download any of these apps make sure you go through their features. You must look for a parental control app that can provide full safety for your child. The main advantage of parental controls is that it allows you to determine the sites and apps your child can access from their smartphone. It can also set a limit to the amount of time your child can use the phone.


Another effective way to keep your child safe on their smartphones is to REDUCE THEIR SCREEN TIME. By doing so, you limit the amount of time your child uses a smartphone. It’s like setting a timer on your child’s phone.

There are apps available for both Android and iOS phones that help you to create a time limit for daily usage. Some of the apps also allow you to create a bedtime period for your child. This restricts your kid from using the smartphone. In case, your child needs more time, they can send a request for an extension.

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Download and install Aispyer

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