Aimon for Windows

The most powerful computer monitoring software for parents and employers

  • With over 40+ features, help you monitor the complete computer usage.
  • Used for parental control and employee monitoring.
  • Can be uninstalled remotely.
  • Run in hidden mode.
  • Available on: Windows 10/8/7
Aispyer for iOS

Powerful Windows Monitoring Features

Monitor IMs

Monitor the contents of the most popular IM chats, even those that have been deleted.

Verify Network Activity

Keep track of all computer network connections that take place.

Track Internet Activity

Including URLs, date and time of visit, giving full visibility of browsing history.

Safeguard Your Data

Let you know when a file was opened, who modified it and where it was sent.

Visible/Invisible Option

It’s up to you to run it in visible or invisible mode. No other software gives you this flexibility.

Easy-to-View Data

View all activities on the target Mac computer in your secure online portal.

Support All MacS

Compatible with all Mac systems, giving you the ability to install on any Mac computer.

Check Emails

Let you see everything that’s typed – even if it’s deleted. Discover search terms, notes and more.


Let you see everything that’s typed – even if it’s deleted. Discover search terms, notes and more.

Why choose Aimon for Windows


The Best Windows Monitoring Tool for Kids and Employees

  • Track the most popular IM chats, including WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, etc.
  • Monitor sent and received emails.
  • Monitor all of browser activities.
  • Track all keystrokes and view Keylogs.
  • See file transfers.
  • Trade in your old software.
  • Measure bandwidth activity.
  • Track USB activity and user logins.
  • Runs in hidden or visible mode.

Always know what's going on

Anti-Theft and Find Your PC

Find your lost phone. Track your phone location and protect your phone from being stolen.

Know and Protect Children

Want to protect your child from danger? Know their current location, and protect them from inappropriate content on the internet.

Monitor Employees

Monitor your employees by viewing their live location and activities.

Start mobile phone tracking in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Purchase License

After purchase, your account will be created.
At the same time, the instructions and login information will be sent to your email.

Step 2. Activate Target Device

Install and activate Aimon for Windows on the target Windows computer according to the instructions.

Step 3. View All Tracked Data.

Login to your account and view all tracked data.

Voice of Aispyer Users

"Aispyer is the most helpful mobile tracking app that I ever used. Thanks to the GPS location tracker, I found my lost phone back easily."
"Aispyer is a good utility that can helps me to monitor my kids' Android phone. It's very easy to use, and help me to keep my kids' away from the inappropriate information on Facebook."
"Aispyer is a very handy mobile phone tracker that enables me to track the phone calls, messages and WhatsApp chats. The setup of Aispyer is easy and it doesn't attract any attention."

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