How To Protect Your Child’s Phone From Damage

How To Protect Your Child’s Phone From Damage

Your child will often use their mobile phone, especially when playing video games, watching their favorite cartoons, chatting with their friends, or studying for school. They may sometimes leave their phones in spots with a higher risk of damage. 

For instance, when it’s left on the kitchen counter, your child may mistakenly drop it into the water. Your child’s phone may fall and acquire cracks or scratches and damage its internal components. As a parent, you might be looking for effective ways to protect your child’s phone from damage. Worry not! Below are six preventative tips that you might find useful.

Protect Your Child’s Phone

1. Repair Any Damages Early

To keep your child’s phone in optimal condition, it would be best to solve minor issues before it escalates. If you are checking your child’s phone and notice a problem, you can take it to a repair shop to address this as soon as possible. Among the minor issues you may notice from your child’s phone are broken screens, charging problems, unfunctional buttons, or liquid damage. 

If your child is using a Samsung, it would also help to work with reliable Samsung mobile phone repairs Sydney to have it quickly fixed.

2. Get Them A Screen Protector

The screen is a fragile part of a smartphone, making it prone to damage, such as cracks or scratches. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a screen protector for your child’s phone to safeguard it against breakage. You can choose from numerous online suppliers that sell high-quality screen protectors at a lower price. 

Remember, children tend to be less careful with their belongings, so they may handle their phones poorly. It may slip from their pockets or fall from the bed. When it happens, the phone’s inner screen can get broken. You may need an entire screen replacement to repair this, which may cost you a large sum, especially if it’s a high-end phone. That is why adding a screen protector can prevent this from happening.

Protect Your Child’s Phone From Damage

3. Ensure Your Child Doesn’t Expose The Phone To Extreme Temperature

Children may also tend to expose their phones to direct sunlight or other harsh temperature. Such severe conditions can significantly cause damage to your child’s phone as it could likely affect its battery. As a parent, you can keep an eye out for your child and make sure they won’t leave their phones exposed to extreme temperatures to avoid the following conditions from happening:

  • The inner components made of metal, such as the motherboard, may rust or undergo damage that could destroy your child’s phone permanently. 
  • The phone may shut down completely and never power up again
  • The battery can leak, and the spilling liquid damages the phone’s electronic components

If it’s cold, teach your child to keep the phone in the inner pocket since their body protects them. Keeping it in the outer pockets can cause damage. Meanwhile, if the phone overheats, let it rest to cool down.

4. Buy Them a Quality Phone Case

To further protect your child’s phone, consider going to a reliable store in your area to get a quality phone case. Most phone cases are made of rubber products. If your kid’s phone falls from higher ground, it may not incur major damage because of the protective rubber back. It can also ensure your child’s phone looks new even after several years of use.

5. Install A Tracking Device

Some of the malware on the internet can significantly cause damage to your child’s phone and experience cybersecurity issues. Thus, it’s best to have a specific app you can access from your end so you can keep track of your child’s phone and control the websites they visit. Look into different parental control apps and select the one with a more comprehensive app interface for ease of use.

6. Teach Them How To Handle The Phone Safely

Kids tend to be flimsy, especially when holding their phones. So, teach your kid how to hold the phone firmly to avoid dropping it. You can also teach your kids to prevent their phones from being soaked in water because it can cause their phones to malfunction. They may drop their phones in the swimming pool or a puddle of water. Your child’s phone may also become spoiled when it’s exposed to fog because of freezing weather. 

Given these possibilities, it is best to teach your child to shield the phone from any moisture or wetness. You can buy a phone with dust and water-resistant features, but it could be costly., i.e., unless you’ve bought your child a waterproof phone. But even so, exercise caution.


You may be very cautious about what to do with your phone, but your child may not as cautious as you are. So, it’s best to educate your child on how to handle the phone better to protect it from damage. If you notice any damage on the phone, repair it immediately before it escalates. In addition, buy all the necessary materials for added protection to save money on repair costs.

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