3 Effective Ways to Track Phone Number Free in 2020

Effective Android Phone Number Tracker

  • View all names and numbers stored in the address book
  • Browse other contact details, such as group, addresses, emails
  • View if the contact is saved in the address book or not
  • Track Contacts, Calls, SMS, GPS, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

A lot of people search for applications that can help them to track their loved ones. Parents specially have a tendency to worry about their children. There are a lot tracking software that allow you to track phone by phone number free of cost. These applications use advanced geo location technologies to triangulate the exact location of your phone number. Even after much advancement for ways to track down a phone number the current tools are not as accurate as people would want. Tracking phones is good if done for the right things and misusing the technology is not a great idea.

Part 1.Best Way to Track Phone Number for Free Using Aispyer

Aispyer is one of the most anticipated tracking software that is going to be live by 2020. This tool is extremely powerful and can track calls, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. and can be used to keep a track of your friends and family. This tool will offer you a free 3 day trial and if you like it, you can pay for it. This tool is great for people who live in remote areas and where the crime rate is high as they can be assured of their loved one’s locations whenever they want. Aispyer is a breakthrough tool that will change the way tracking is done by various tools as it allows you to track a phone by a number.

2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021

Aispyer – Best Phone Number Tracker

  • You can keep track of the browsing history, visited URL’s and bookmarks of your kids by using this tool.
  • You can use this to monitor your kid’s Whatsapp and Facebook activities in depth and make sure that they are on the right path.
  • It gives out exact geographical location of the person you are tracking along with the time of their visit at a certain location.
  • It is extremely easy to use and isn’t very heavy on the processor of your device. This makes it usable on all the major platforms.
  • You can even track all the call logs, text messages and attachments that are being shared from the device you are tracking in real time.
  • There is an inbuilt map that can provide you the location and can even show you images of the area where the location exists.

How to track the owner of a phone number without them knowing?

Step 1

Open Aispyer site in the browser and create an account. Now buy Aispyer premium version and then you will get a download link and key for the program in the mail. Download the app on the target mobile and then install it. Now enter the unique key which is available in the registered mail and click “Next” button.

At the time of installation of the app please allow all permissions and then click on the “Next” button. After clicking the next button the app will be installed on the mobile.

aispyer Registration code
Step 2

Once the installation is complete go to the Aispyer official page and then login using the credentials.

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Setp 3

Now from left side tab click on the “Call” tab. Here you can track all the calls of the number.

Part 2. Tracking phone number for free with Famisafe

Famisafe is one of the flag bearers of tracking software market. This tool has been around for quite some time now and people often use it to keep track of their loved ones. This is a unique tool that can help you in various scenarios like tracking a lost device, keeping track of your family etc.

It is basically a parental control application through which you can monitor calls, text messages, Whatsapp, Snapchat and a lot of other things. This tool also allows you to block certain apps on the target device. The basic features can be availed at a low price and it gets a bit more expensive according to the features you want. The best thing about this app is that it can be used from mobile phones as well as desktops.

How to track the owner of a phone number without them knowing?

Setp 1 Register on the official website and install the program.

Register on the official website and download the application on to your kids’ device. Create accounts for both devices separately.

famisafe register

You will be asked about your status as a user like in the image below, click on the parental option. after that, the application will ask for some permissions which you will have to allow.

Setp 2 Sign in from your device

Sign into your Famisafe account from a browser or your own device to continue. As soon as you are done setting it up, you can start tracking your child’s device and monitor their activities.

Part 3. PanSpy free phone number tracker

PanSpy is a free to use tool whose usability can be further enhanced by paying subscription fee. This tool has been widely used by parents to track their kids and make sure they are safe and not wasting their time wandering around.
This is a powerful phone number tracking website that allows you to monitor calls, text messages, social media as well as location. This tool is pretty easy to use and convenient as well. Apart from keeping a track of your family members you can also trace a lost or stolen device accurately using this tool. It also allows parents to block certain website that they do not want their kids to visit and you can also set keywords that can trigger a notification whenever they type it.

How to find current location by phone number?

Setp 1 Create an account on the official website

Go to your browser and visit the official website. There you will need to sign up and fill all the information about the device you want to track. Once you set your account up, you will get a download link, use it to install the application in the target device.

Setp 2 Start tracking

Sign into your Famisafe account from a browser or your own device to continue. As soon as you are done setting it up, you can start tracking your child’s device and monitor their activities.Now that you are all set.
You can easily track the target device from the mobile app as well as the website by simply logging in to your account. Use the map to pinpoint the location and there you have it, you have successfully tracked the target within minutes.

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