All Things You Need To Know Before Using Mspy

Top 10 Cell Phone Number Trackers 2020

Cell Phone Number Tracker

  • Track cell phone number location exactly
  • Monitor and check all call logs and contact information
  • Track all text messages with details
  • Check browsing history and bookmarks to protect kids
  • Spy social apps likes whatsapp, facebook and so on

Most of the times, you might have asked yourself a question like how can you track numbers of your sales representatives when they are out in the field? Few people might also be wondering how they can keep an eye on their kids while they aren’t around them. The simple answer to such situation is that you just have to download cell phone number tracker application on your mobile phones. Around the internet there are several sites from where you can download tracker software for your iOS and Android mobile phones. These applications are very easy to use as they are easy to navigate and have excellent GUI features.

Part 1.Top 5 easy to use cell phone number trackers 2020

1. Aispyer

Aispyer is considered as one of the best cell phone number tracker device which gives you an opportunity to view contact information, duration of incoming as well as outgoing calls, date, time etc. You can keep a track of GPS location about your kids and company workers in real time and can even view their location history. This will provide you an opportunity to save your child from any danger and keep an eye on the business shipment.

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Aispyer – Best Cell Phone Number Tracker
  • The size of this software is low, thus you can easily keep it in your mobile device.
  • GUI features of Aispyer makes it very predictable and you will learn how to use it in a very short amount of time interval.
  • Through this software it is very easy to keep an eye on activities of your child over several social media platforms.
  • You also get an opportunity to have a look at the files shared by your kid in the form of MMS, text, video clippings with his or her friends.
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How to find cell phone location by phone number using Aispyer

Step 1

First of all visit the Aispyer website and then create an account. After registration purchase the program and then you will get a registration key and download link of Aispyer in your Email id. Now go to your Email id and install the app on your mobile. Enter the key which you have received in your mail and hit “Next” button.

After entering the key make sure to allow all permissions and tap next button.

aispyer Registration code
Step 2

Now the app will be installed and activated on the target mobile. After installation of app you will be able to track your phone on the website. Now go to the Aispyer dashboard from your computer and then click the “Location” tab.

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Step 3

From the location tab now you will be able to track your mobile live location.

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2. Highster


This software is considered ideal for employers and parents as they can keep an eye on their employees and children. You can easily use it on different platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and on Operating System. It is very easy to track and monitor live activities of a cell phone even from a remote location. This in the long run will make you provide added protection to your kids and increase the overall revenue of your company.

There are two different paid versions which you can download from the internet viz. basic and premium version for $29.99 and $69.99 on a monthly basis. The software also provides you several other features like geo-fencing, call recording and key-logger.

  • Downloading of the Highster software is done through wizard interface and it is easy to undertake. Main menu of installation is easy to navigate.
  • One of the best features of this tracking software is that you will get lifetime license duration and do not have to care about monthly subscription.
  • The purchase process of this software is easy to undertake and you can access it round the clock no matter in which part of the world you are.
  • During the purchase of Highster application you will not offered discount coupons and the download process is slower than expected.
  • There is also some issue regarding communication logs, this only gets solved after you fully root the application and give full permission to Highster.
  • The software doesn’t provide you demo versions and you don’t get facility of live chat.

3. Mspy


With the help of Mspy cell number tracker applicationit is very easy for you to have a look at the text messages, location and even the messages of several social media platforms. One of the best features of this software is that you will be offered customer support in multiple languages around the clock. Once you install the application it runs in incognito mode at the background and your child or employees won’t be able to get a hint that they are being monitored.

All Things You Need To Know Before Using Mspy
  • The software gives you an opportunity for call, text and email monitoring.
  • The installation procedure is very easy as you will get thorough instructions and remote assistance service.
  • This software has great compatibility with popular operating systems viz. iOS as well as Android and offers feature of no jailbreak.
  • If you need to check social media accounts of your kid then you have to purchase premium account.
  • The up-gradation of the software had taken place back in 2016,thus it is a bit older version in comparison to other applications.
  • You have to own a device in which you are installing Mspy application or it can lead to federal and state law violation.

4. Flexispy


Flexispy is considered as one of the most affordable software which you can use as a gadget and can track the real time co-ordinates of your kids and employees. Through Flexispy cell phone number tracker app you can also listen to the phone calls and it is also possible to use targeted cell-phones’ camera as well as microphone to have an eye on the surroundings. You also get an opportunity to keep track about the key-stokes of a targeted phone which gives you an opportunity to look at text messages.

  • You can get instant alerts through text and email in case certain, objectionable words are found in messages.
  • Spying of instant messaging and live phone calls also gives you to take corrective actions sooner than later.
  • This application also works efficiently incase SIM car has been changed by making you aware of such activity.
  • You won’t be able to block numbers which are making calls on the targeted device.
  • In case you want to take full control on the targeted device then you have to purchase costly plans.
  • You won’t be able to wipe off the data of a targeted device from a remote location.

5. Hoverwatch


One of the most advanced features of Hoverwatch cellphone number tracker Philippines is that you can monitor the sites which your child is accessing on his or her mobile device. There are various plans for the application; you can get it for $9 on a monthly basis in case you subscribe it for 1 year. The application also provides you an opportunity to use it on a trial version before purchasing monthly or yearly plans. During the installation process you will get a thorough guide which will make the process really easy.

  • Through this cell tracking application it will be very convenient for you to monitor your child’s and employees’ browsing history.
  • Through the remote location you can easily change settings of tracking as well as it is very easy to uninstall the application with the help of your mobile phone.
  • You can even activate the web camera of the targeted device and click the images in the vicinity of your kid.
  • It is literally impossible to install the application on the preferred device without manually accessing it.
  • You can’t install this application on an iOS mobile application.
  • The GUI features are a bit lagging behind and you have to take initiatives to learn them efficiently.

Part 2. Top 5 cell phone number trackers free and online

1. Online GPS phone tracker


With the help of this free cell phone tracker by number you can keep an eye on the real-time co-ordinates of your ward and employees. No matter what your telecom operator is, you can effectively take services as it supports wide range of operators. The service is free of cost and you don’t have to download any application which makes it economic and very easy to use. Through this online tracking device you can keep an eye on any device present throughout the world. You can also track landline with the help of this application.

  • 1. The GUI features of this website are very effective to use and you can take its services around the clock.
  • 2. It is time saving endeavor and you will be offered exact co-ordinates of the mobile phone which you are trying to locate.
  • 3. You can access it on your several mobile devices, tablets and even on laptops.
  • 1. You won’t be able to track the device in case it is turned off.
  • 2. It is mandatory that you have fast internet connectivity only then you can acquire the services in an effective manner.
  • 3. The speed of locating the device is a bit slow.

2. Mobile number tracker pro


This is another free of cost cell phone number tracker app which you can download on your mobile application and trace the whereabouts of your loved ones and employees. This application works perfectly in more than 190 countries and it is very simple in design. This will provide you aid in tracking the mobile phone in a very less amount of time frame. The overall speed of this application is worth commendable and you will get results without any errors in co-ordinates. With the use of this application it is very easy to get the detail about ISD code.

  • You get support of several languages like Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Korean etc.
  • You can also change the skins of the application which will give it great look.
  • To use this application you simply has to enter the mobile number and rest information will be provided to you.
  • This free software can only be downloaded for iOS mobile applications.
  • Unlike several other applications it takes large amount of space in your mobile device.
  • To unlock several combo features you have to purchase premium packages.

3. Trace phone number


This free of cost online cell phone number tracker works smoothly on multiple platforms, thus you will get ease in locating numbers from anywhere. All you have to do is to type in the number which you want to search for and click on the trace button. The processing is fast which also provides you an upper hand. The application is considered effective since it has a wide range of data for mobile numbers. Moreover, the UX and UI are excellent which make it easy to navigate it.

  • During the search you will get different types of results namely, network provider, location etc.
  • You don’t have to spend a dime for tracing and do not have to deal with studying agreement policies before downloading as it is used over the internet.
  • It also provides you tracking of devices which are out of your country.
  • You don’t get support during number tracking process.
  • It is very essential to have high speed internet connectivity at hand or the process might get disrupted in the middle.
  • You have to read information to rectify any glitch with takes place during the process and there is no use of info-graphics on the web portal.

4. Glympse


Glympse is a free of cost cell number location tracker which provides you relative ease in acknowledging the whereabouts of your kids. It also gives you an opportunity to trace your shipments which are transporting to clients in real-time. The speed of track down is very fast and you will safe great deal of your time during the process. The online dashboard f the application is very easy to use.

  • The application is available for iOS, Windows and for Android mobile applications.
  • You don’t have to download any additional maps to view the exact location of your workers or kids.
  • It is very easy to install and handle the application and your identity will not be reveiled.


  • You won’t be able to launch Glympse application from URL or website link.
  • In case you want to have a review of Glympse on application then you have to paste entire URL or code inside of a text box which is present in Glympse view page.
  • The application gets expired quickly.

5. Family locator


Family locator is a free cell number tracker with which it gets easy to look at the live activities of your kids while they are at school or camping with friends. You can also view the places to where kids have been in past which is very effective in tracing their daily activities. Efficient UX and UI design of the application makes it very easy to navigate.

  • You get correct co-ordinate of your family member from a remote place.
  • One can also mark geo-fencing and get alerts when your kids enter such areas, this will save your time as you don’t have to keep an eye on them around the clock.
  • Through this application you can even track your loved ones while they are travelling through rail or airways and get information about correct time of their arrival.
  • You have to purchase several features if you want to acquire several sophisticated services.
  • It is very essential to have fast network coverage while tracing your loved ones when they are on a move.
  • It is only available for Android devices and some of the time it also provide glitches while showcasing the co-ordinates.


Over the internet you will get face to face with carious tracking applications which are free of cost, premium and can even be used over the internet. Apart from all of these Aispyer is considered as the best because of different types of facilities which it has to offer.

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