2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021

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Mobile phones have changed a lot of lives and have helped a lot of lives since their introduction and have also caused some problems. Parents want their kids to be safe from the negative effects of modern smartphones and a lot of them want to know that how to track mobile number. This will allow them to keep track of the people they care about. There are a lot of mobile number tracker app present on the internet which can be easily downloaded and used for things like tracking down a lost cell phone number, keeping track of loved ones and finding a lost device.

The tools are generally free and offer precise locations of the target numbers. Mobile number tracker software generally uses GPS to triangulate the locations of a specific mobile number. They are quite useful for people who live in large cities.

Part 1.Top 5 mobile number tracker softwares

1. Aispyer


This is one of the most advanced tools on the internet that has a lot of features to boast of. This tool offers you free access to all the features for 3 days as a trial offer. This tool allows you to track down phone numbers with absolute ease and enhance your parenting easily. It can also help you if your device is stolen as it gives out nearly exact location of the smartphone. This tool has some advanced features which can be availed after paying a small subscription fee. It also allows you to track the online activities, social media interactions and can filter negative content out for the targeted device.

Aispyer – Best Phone Number Tracker

  • Allow you to track phone numbers with easy clicks.
  • View all the details of the incoming and outgoing calls on target device.
  • Easy to use and offer precise location tracking feature.
  • Aispyer is a lightweight app and doesn’t waste power on target device.
  • Besides phone number, the app also tracks SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.
2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021


  • Track the location of mobile.
  • Track mostly all kinds of information.


  • No free trial version.

How to track a mobile phone number using Aispyer?

Create an Aispyer account

Enter the website https://www.aispyer.com/ on your browser. Click on Register button to create an Aispyer account with your valid email address and password. After that, you have to select a plan of Aispyer for Android in order to use all advanced monitoring features of it. There are three plans on the pricing page of Aispyer for Android. You can choose a plan that suits you.

create an account of aispyer
Download and install Aispyer for Android app
After purchase, an email will be sent to your registered email automatically. Using the download link or QR Code in the email, download and install Aispyer for Android app on the target device. During this process, you should follow the instructions (video tutorial shown below) carefully to complete some necessary configurations on the target device.
How to Show Me My Browsing History?

How to install, please refer to here

Start tracking mobile phone number on target Android device
Once the app is successfully installed on your system simply visit the dashboard of Aispyer using your credentials and then you can access contacts, location, messages, browsing data, call record etc using the Aispyer.
tips whatsapp tracker of aispyer

2. TheTruthSpy


The truth spy is one of the finest online mobile number tracker In the market. This is a great tool with low subscription fee and easy to use interface. It can be downloaded on all major platforms and can be used online as well. This is a great tool for tracking devices using the cell phone numbers in them. It allows you to track the call history and durations of the conversation of the targeted devices along with the text messages they receive. You can also track social media interaction from Whatsapp and Facebook easily by using this tool.


  • You can access the media files on the target device by using this tool.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t put pressure on your device.
  • You can track emails using this tool along with all the social media interactions.
  • You can get call details and SMS details of the target through this software.
  • Supported on all the major platforms.
Key features of TheTruthSpy


  • Easy to use and doesn’t require any additional hardware.
  • The subscription Fee isn’t a lot considering the features.


  • No free trials are provided for new users.
  • The location provided by the tool may differ from actual location by upto 100 meters.

3. MobiStealth


MobiStealth is one of the most widely used monitoring app available on internet. This tool boasts of a lot of innovative features like cell phone tracking, call and SMS monitoring, social media monitoring etc. that will surely turn a lot of heads. They also provide a demo so that users can understand how to use this mobile number address tracker. All you need to do is to download the software or visit the website and register your account by filling in all the details and connecting it to the target phone. Now as soon as you pay the subscription fee, you will be provided 24×7 surveillance data of the target phone which can be remotely accessed from various devices very easily.


  • Allows for monitoring all the social media messengers.
  • You can track any smartphone using the phone number through this tool
  • Provides 24×7 surveillance of the target device.
  • Provides precise location while tracking down a phone number.
    Allows for remote access of the surveillance data.
Login Mobistealth


  • Undetectable to the target device and doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.
  • Allows for real time data of the target device all day long.


  • It can be a bit slow over the time.
  • The tool is a bit costly and not suitable for business needs.

4. MobileSpy


Mobile Spy is a very intelligent tool that allows you to monitor various activities on a target device like calls, text messages, social media interaction over various messengers, media file, web history, bookmarks etc. This tool can also be used to block off the websites and mobile numbers that you do not want the target device to be able to access. This tool also allows you to precisely track down any mobile number pretty easily.


  • You can track any device using the phone number.
  • You can block of any website or phone numbers that you don’t want to be accessed on the device you are tracking
  • You can track all the social media messages from Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp etc
  • Allows you to remotely access media files on the target device as well.
  • You can track all the details of the calls and all the text messages received or sent.


  • Very convenient and easy to use, especially for parents.
  • You can monitor practically anything that the target device is performing and block off any unwanted websites or phone numbers.


  • The control dashboard for monitoring isn’t very well designed.
  • Sometimes it automatically logs you out and stops tracking until you log in again.

5. SpyBubble


SpyBubble is one of the best cloud based monitoring software that is capable of tracking realtime location of a Smartphone and monitor the various activities happening on the phone as well. The key logger feature in this tool allows you to keep track of all the words being typed on the target device including all the passwords as well. You can install this app in your kid’s device and they won’t even know it exists as it is completely hidden. You can then track their browsing history, go through their chats and make sure that they aren’t doing anything that they are not supposed to do.


  • Completely hidden from the target device.
  • Allows you to monitor everything that is being typed on the target device including any passwords.
  • Easy to use and can track accurate locations in realtime.
  • You can monitor all the browsing history and chats of the target device.
  • You can also see the call logs and text messages sent and received by the target device.
SpyBubble phone tracker


  • This app cannot be detected by any means on the target device.
  • Gives completely precise locations through live tracking feature.


  • The browsing history cannot be traced if the browser is in incognito mode.
  • Key logger feature doesn’t work sometimes if the target device uses 3rd party keyboards.

Part 2. Top 5 mobile number tracker apps on Google play

1. Mobile tracker

Mobile tracker is a free to use app that is available to be downloaded on android phones from the play store. This tool is extremely useful for general spying and pulling off pranks on friends. This tool can also be used to keep track of your kids and other family members. It provides you facility to easily track any device by just using the phone number present inside. It allows you to share your real time locations with your friends and family. This tool is extremely useful in tracking down lost or stolen devices.


  • It allows you to share your real time location with your friends and family easily using advanced GPS technology.
  • You can switch the map style to satellite mode if you want to get a more detailed view of the geographic conditions of the area.
  • It also has got a street view feature which can be used to understand the exact locality of the location of the target device.
  • You can even track your own location pretty easily and quickly using this tracker.
  • This tool has an inbuilt notification feature which allows you to send and receive location notification from your family members for free using the internet.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • The locations from this tool are precise and accurate.


  • The street view isn’t available for every location.
  • Too many ads are there.

2. Mobile tracker for android

This is another great tool that allows you to track several phones for free. You will need to enter various information about the target device and then it will be uploaded to their servers, this will allow them to easily trace that device next time you want to do so. This tool is very efficient and doesn’t charge you any fee for what it does. It has got an integrated map which makes tracking of phones a whole lot easier. This tool also allows you to track international numbers for any suspicious activities as well. This tool is really helpful for those who are constantly losing their devices.


  • This tool will send you notifications over mail and SMS about the location of your device if it ever gets lost.
  • This tool has an inbuilt map that allows you to trace down exact location of your target device by pinpointing it on the map.
  • It uses advanced GPS technology to give you the precise location of your target device.
  • It allows you to receive and send notifications about the location over the internet in real time.
  • It has a very efficient application password recovery feature that makes it secure.


  • This too is completely free and very easy to use.
  • The notification feature is very useful and allows you to keep up to date with changes in location.


  • You need to upload a set of database about the target device before you can track it.
  • Locating anyone takes a lot of time through this application.

3. Live mobile number tracker


Live Mobile tracker is one of the most efficient free to use tracking software available on android. This tool allows you to trace down any device by simply using the phone number present inside that device. This is a great tool to monitor the location of your kids to check if they aren’t at a place that they are not supposed to be. This tool allows you to track them in real time and the location will be displayed using the built in map in the application. It is very easy to use and anyone can track down desired mobile number without prior experience.


  • You can track down the current location of any mobile phone by entering their mobile number into the app.
  • It will display the identity of caller to you when you are tracking them.
  • It uses advanced GPS technology to give you the precise location of your target device.
  • You can also view the exact address of the target using this application for free.
  • You can use this app to view call logs, text messages and phonebook of the target device very easily.
  • There is an in built map in the application which adds to the functionality and usability of the map.


  • It can provide you with addresses of the target devices easily.
  • You can track any mobile number using this application.


  • There are a lot of ads on the tool that can be irritating at times.
  • The some features may not work depending on the carrier of the mobile number.

4. Find my phone


Find my phone is an extremely simple tool aimed at parents so that they can keep track of their kids always. This tool is specifically made to track down smartphone that may get lost. This is an essential security app which can help you keep the track of your device if it gets stolen or lost. The tool uses an advanced GPS that is proprietarily made by the developers so that you can avail the most precise location for your device. This tool is available for both androids as well as iPhones and can also be used to track tablets and iPads.


  • It allows you to track the location of any device.
  • You can sync the tracking feature with your account and it will send you the real time location data on your phone.
  • There is an inbuilt app with this tool that will allow you to pinpoint the location of target device.
  • Allows you to track iPads and android tablets as well.
  • You can view the location history of the target device with exact timings as well.


  • This tool has the least amount of ads compared to other tools.
  • It provides accurate locations with history and advanced details.


  • It is a bit slow to identify a device for tracking.
  • It doesn’t have notification features.

5. Mobile tracker (live)


This is a free to use tool that can be used to track employees, kids, family members and friends. This is a very powerful tracking tool that can help you to view upto 7 days of location history of any target device. You can track a device in real time using the inbuilt map given on the menu option. This tool also allows you to track data even if the device isn’t connected to internet at the time of tracking. This tool supports tracking upto 4 people at a time and you can view their activities on the map


  • Gives you access to the location of a target device without any issue.
  • Lets you track a certain device with the help of the mobile number present in it.
  • It has an inbuilt map that increases the accessibility and usability of this tool and even increases the accuracy of the location.
  • It has a simple graphical user interface that can be used without any skillset.
  • It provides location data that is upto 100mtrs accurate which is great considering it is free.


  • This tool is absolutely free to use and provides simple access to location history of the target device.
  • The user interface is very well made and they enhance the user experience of the users.


  • There are a lot of ads on this tool that can confuse some users.
  • The app crashes a lot sometimes and doesn’t allow you to track iPhones.

Part 3. Top 5 mobile number tracker apps on Google chrome

1. mSpy


mSpy is arguably the most successful tracking software for parenting and employee monitoring. This tool provides an easy to use platform that is supported across all the major devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. This tool can be used to track precise location of the target device and can also provide you the details of calls, messages and chats from various social media messengers.


  • There is 24×7 customer support in multiple languages.
  • It can provide accurate location of the target device.
  • You can go through the call history and text messages of target device.
  • You can access the chats from various social media messengers like snapchat, Whatsapp and Facebook.
  • E-mail monitoring feature is present.
Key features of mSpy


  • The installation process is quick and easy.
  • Uses satellites to track location making it more accurate.


  • All carrier services are not supported.
  • There are various working ways to bypass this tool on the internet.

2. Highster Mobile


Highster mobile is a tool specifically designed to keep track of various mobile phones. It is a feature loaded application that be used to track location, view call history, get access to text messages and social media of the target device. You can also record calls using this app if you have availed the premium subscription. It is perfectly suited for parenting control and employee monitoring and you can choose the plans according to the features you may need. This tool is easy to install and will provide you with excellent results.


  • This tool allows call recording for premium subscribers.
  • You can monitor the call logs and SMS of your kids and employees using this app.
  • It will anonymously send the real time updates to you from the target device.
  • It’s completely undetectable once you install it on the target device.
  • Allows you to track accurate location of the target device from anywhere.
highster phone number tracker


  • Call recording features is one of the biggest advantages of this tool over others.
  • Easy to use and completely undetectable.


  • It can be very slow to trace locations a lot of times.
  • There are a lot of bugs in the mobile application of this tool.

3. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is spy software that has some of the most unique features. This tool has an extremely simple user interface and has specially made plans for parenting and businesses that have their own custom features. This tool allows you track down the location of target device, access the front camera, track down call history, insights of SMS, access to chats from all the major social media apps and a lot more. This tool is completely perfect for parenting and the advanced subscriptions are made for businesses.


  • This tool captures image from the front camera and will send it to you whenever the phone gets unlocked.
  • It uses advanced geolocation technologies to pinpoint the most accurate results.
  • You can set timings at which the tool will automatically take screenshot of the device and send it to your dashboard.
  • It can track all the social media profiles of the target device.
  • This tool can also give you access to checklists and calendar schedules of the target device.
5 Best Snapchat Spy Apps Without Access to Target Device 2020


  • You can track upto 5 devices in one subscription.
  • The front camera access is very useful.


  • The dashboard isn’t easy to understand due to a lot of features being cramped together.
  • Not compatible with iOS.

4. FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy is simply the most powerful and versatile spy application available across various devices. This tool has some of the most advanced features. The features provided depend upon the subscription you are going for. This tool allows you to track locations, view call history, track down SMS and look into chats from various social media platforms. The extreme version of this tool allows a plethora od features like using microphone and camera of the target device on command to analyze the surrounding, call recording and even a password cracker.


  • IT allows the user to go through and record calls on the target device along with access to SMS.
  • You can use it to activate microphones and cameras on the device remotely to know the surroundings.
  • It can be used to track the location of the target device precisely.
  • You can keep track of any scheduled calendar dates on the target device.
  • It gives you the access to various chats from all the social media platforms on the target device.
flexispy for location tracking


  • The password cracker tool can be of a lot of help.
  • It can trigger camera and microphone on command without letting the target to know about it.


  • You should be careful to use the advanced features at they can land you in trouble if you don’t have permission of the target.
  • As there are a lot of features on this tool, it is a bit costly for most of the normal users.

5. SpyEra


This is a great tool that is specifically made to monitor portable devices like tablets and smartphone. This tool can easily track the location of a target device and can perform various other things like social media activity on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. You can also use it to get information related to call logs, browsing history, bookmarks and SMS. This is a great tool for employee and parenting controls.


  • Tracks call logs and SMS of the target device easily.
  • It can monitor the browsing history, email and bookmarks of the device as well.
  • It cannot be traced by the user of the target device.
  • You can also track the exact location of the device at any moment easily.
5 Best Snapchat Spy Apps Without Access to Target Device 2020


  • Easy to use and has a lot of features.
  • It is completely undetectable even with different software that can easily bypass other tools.


  • It is very costly considering the limited amount of features it is providing.
  • The keylogger feature for computer devices doesn’t work sometimes.
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