Top 4 Best Mobile Number Trackers

Best Mobile Number Tracker

  • Allows you to view all names and numbers stored in the address book
  • Allows you to browse other contact details, such as group, addresses, emails
  • Allows you to view if the contact is saved in the address book or not
  • More features: Tracking contacts, call log, SMS, GPS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

In case you are an owner of a logistics company and want to know the delivery route of your workers or you want to know the whereabout of your teenage kids then you should use a genuine mobile number tracker. Over the internet you will find best mobile number trackers at free of cost or you can even get premium services for small amount.

In this post, we will recommend you top 4 best mobile number trackers.

Part 1. Best mobile number tracker to locate mobile number

Aispyer is considered as one of the best mobile number tracker app for android as it has excellent dashboard with the help of which you can easily handle the software. You will get free trial before making payment for the services. You will get a chance to get total monitoring of call logs viz. incoming and outgoing calls as well as keep an eye on the contact information of the phone which you are tracking.

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Aispyer – Best Mobile Number Tracker App

  • Track exact location in real time with the help of GPS. This gives you an opportunity to safeguard your child and shipments.

  • Track call log of your kids or employees. Let you know who they are on the phone with.

  • Help you to look at browsing history, URLs which are visited and bookmarks created.

  • Keep trace of popular social media platform, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Keep a track of different text and video messaging on your child’s mobile.

  • It is light in weight, can be concealed and saves your mobile power when you use it.

How to track mobile number using Aispyer

Create an account

Open the browser and then visit On the website please click on “Register” to create an account for yourself.

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Download and install Aispyer

Then you need to select a plan of Aispyer. After that, the website will provide you a download link and a registration code through the registered mail. Download Aispyer app from the download link and then install it on the target device.

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Start tracking all the data on target device

Now again visit the Aispyer dashboard and then you can track all the data of target device, including location history, call log, contact number, soical app, browsing history, email, etc.

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Part 2. Top 3 online mobile number trackers locate phone number on Google map

1. Mobile number tracker


This is considered as one of the best mobile number tracker with Google map where you just have to type in the mobile number and rest of the process will take place automatically. One of the best features of this software is that you get a chance to use it without downloading it on your mobile phone and it can be accessed from several platforms. You will be offered excellent map to visualize the co-ordinates and acknowledge the presence of your loved ones or workers in real time.

  • The GUI feature of this online software are easy to use, thus you get a chance to locate your loved ones effectively.
  • You don’t have to download this online software on your mobile; this will help you to save great deal of space.
  • The software allows you to locate whereabouts of a number on national and international level.
  • This online software doesn’t provide secure connection.
  • The process of locating a cell phone takes great deal of time and you require fast internet connectivity.
  • The co-ordinates aren’t exact which might make it hard for you to precisely locate the position of your kids or workers.

2. Gadget Council


No matter the service provider of the phone which you are planning to locate the best mobile number tracker with Google map will give you its co-ordinates in small time duration. This software website is 100% secured, thus there is no need to worry about a thing. To find the location of the phone you don’t even have to remember the codes, just dial 10 digit numbers. The maps which are use in this software is up to date thus it would be easy to acknowledge the place where your teenage kid or freight driver is.

  • You can acquire the facility of this online software around the clock.
  • There is no need to download any application on the mobile number which you are trying to track.
  • When you use this tracking software then there is nothing to worry about as the tracking process is conducted by considering the codes formulated by ruling authority.
  • There is not info-graphics provided on the website, you have to read the information to resolve any issue.
  • You don’t get location history as the software works on real time co-ordinates.
  • In few cases you will not get the correct name of the user whom you are trying to locate.

3. PPP India


With this bestmobilenumbertracker you get to locate the present position of your logistic freights while being at a remote location. This online software can efficiently be used on your personal computer and for the services you don’t have to pay a dime for the services. To locate the mobile number you just have to type in first four numbers and the process will start to take place automatically.

  • You can sort out your queries with the help email and you will be answered right away.
  • The UX and UI features of site are very simple to understand and you will find it easy in locating the mobile number.
  • You don’t have to install any plug-in in your computer to use the program.
  • The software does not provide you an opportunity for checking call logs.
  • You don’t be able to get a chance to monitor messages on different social media platforms.
  • Online software doesn’t allow you to go through text messages on your child’s phone.


After reading this post, we believe that you already have some knowledge of mobile number tracker apps. As we mentioned there, Aispyer is the best mobile number tracker app. It allows you to track contacts, call log, SMS, location, social media and other more on the target device without the owner knowing. Certainly, the other 3 number tracker apps are all good for you to track target device. Pick one or more and give it a try today!

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