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How to See who is Online, Read, and Chatting with Whom on WhatsApp

Guard Your Kids' Target Device

Only 3 Steps to Guard Your Kids

Purchase a License

Choose the product plan that meets your needs

Connect to Target Device

Install the Client (If client required)

View All Guard Info

Login to your account and view kids’ Guard info.

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The Best Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers
Know and Protect Kids
Want to protect your child from danger? Know their current location, and protect them from inappropriate content on the internet.
Anti-Theft and Find Your Phone

Find your lost phone. Monitor your phone location and protect your phone from being stolen.

The Best Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers
The Best Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers
Monitor Employees For Business Security
Monitor your employees by viewing their live location and activities.

Why Choose Us?

There are many mobile guard tools and computer monitoring solutions on the market, so how do you choose which one is best? There are four important things that you must consider: whether the tool is safe enough to protect your information, whether the tool is easy to install, whether the tool is undetectable, and whether power consumption of the target device is sufficiently low after installation. All the guard apps we provide are secure, easy, unobtrusive and power saving. You can totally rely on us.

aispyer Secure

Aispyer has three methods to protect your data. You can stop monitoring at any time, continue monitoring after stopping for a period of time, or completely delete all data. Everything can be controlled by you.

aispyer easy

Compared with the complicated and confusing installation process of similar software on the market, the installation process of Aispyer is clearer and easier. You can complete the installation in one minute

aispyer unobtrusive

After the installation is complete, Aispyer will automatically be hidden. You can monitor the information you want without any worries.

aispyer power saving

Power Saving
Thanks to the powerful and unique technology of Aispyer, power consumption of the target phone with Aispyer installed is lower than other products, making the protecting process almost undetectable.

Voice of Aispyer Users

"Aispyer is the most helpful mobile guard app that I ever used. Thanks to the GPS location tracker, I found my lost phone back easily."
"Aispyer is a good utility that can helps me to monitor my kids' Android phone. It's very easy to use, and help me to keep my kids' away from the inappropriate information on Facebook."
"Aispyer is a very handy mobile phone guard that enables me to protected the phone calls, messages and WhatsApp chats. The setup of Aispyer is easy and it doesn't attract any attention."

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Be it the parents of young or small kids, or business heads of companies employing several employees that need to keep a guard on their online activities. The Aispyer app fends for all of these and more. It is a comprehensive android phone guard app that enables easy access to and control of devices location, usage, mails, social media, app installation movements, etc. on which it is installed.  Checkout Review>>>

All the different reliable and smart features of Aispyer makes it the best Phone Guard for Android in the market as it has much more to offer than its competitors. With great features like high level security, unobtrusiveness, low power consumption and ease it is simply the best software for spying out there. Checkout Review>>>

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