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Aimon for Windows
The most powerful computer monitoring software for parents and employers.

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Aimon for Windows

  • With over 40+ features, help you monitor the complete computer usage.
  • Used for parental control and employee monitoring.
  • Can be uninstalled remotely.
  • Run in hidden mode.

Aimon For Windows Features

Features Supported Features Supported
Search engine history Yes Browsing activity Yes
Browser videos Yes File activity Yes
Application activity Yes Files transferred Yes
Installed applications Yes USB device connections Yes
Monitor network connections Yes Track users log on/off activity Yes
Monitor print jobs Yes Track when users lock the screen Yes
Webmail Yes Remotely uninstall the software Yes
App Screenshots Yes Remotely deactivate the software Yes
Key logs Yes Remotely change software features Yes
Skype Yes Run in Hidden Mode Yes
LINE Yes Stop software from being uninstalled Yes
QQ Yes Access by secure key combination Yes
Hangouts Yes Dashboard Alerts Yes
Trillian * No Send Remote Commands from Web Yes
Viber * No Automatic Remote Updates Yes
iMessage * No Free Updates Yes
WeChat * No Renew Anytime Yes



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