Aispyer For Kids (Android)


Most Reliable Android Mobile Tracker App to Keep Your Kids’ Phone Safe

Supported Android Phone.

Note: If you want to extend the validity period of the license, please select the same product plan to purchase, and the system will automatically extend the validity period of the license after the purchase is completed.

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Aispyer For Kids

  • Track 30+ files: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, SMS, Calls, etc,Support remote management.
  • 100% hidden, without anyone else knowing.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Do not need root.
  • Easily view information and remote control.
  • Installation service supported(service needs to be paid separately).
  • Supported Android device.
  • Apply to rooted & non-rooted Android device.
  • Comprehensive protection of kids’ mobile phone safety.
Features Premium Extreme Features Premium Extreme
Phone Call recording No Yes Application Screenshots* Yes Yes
Phone Call interception* No Yes SIM Changed Notification* Yes Yes
Spycall No Yes Call logs Yes Yes
Environment recording No Yes Address book Yes Yes
Facebook Call Recording No Yes SMS messages Yes Yes
Hangout Call Recording No Yes MMS Yes Yes
LINE Call Recording No Yes Location tracking Yes Yes
Skype Call Recording No Yes Geo-Fencing No Yes
Viber Call Recording No Yes Browsing activity* Yes Yes
WhatsApp Call Recording No Yes Browser bookmarks* Yes Yes
RemCam No Yes Network connections Yes Yes
RemVid No Yes Application activity Yes Yes
Spoof SMS* No Yes Installed applications Yes Yes
Call Notification Alert* No Yes Keylogger Yes Yes
SMS Keyword deletion* No Yes Photos Yes Yes
Facebook Call Logs* Yes Yes Videos Yes Yes
LINE Call Logs* Yes Yes Audio files Yes Yes
Skype Call Logs* Yes Yes Wallpaper images No Yes
Viber Call Logs* No Yes Calendar Yes Yes
WhatsApp Call Logs* Yes Yes Easy to install Yes Yes
Facebook Messenger Yes Yes Visibility Option Yes Yes
Snapchat Messages Yes Yes Dashboard Alerts Yes Yes
Hike Messenger* No Yes Send Remote Commands from Web Yes Yes
Kik Messenger* Yes Yes SMS Remote Commands* No Yes
Instagram Direct Messages Yes Yes Check Device Battery Status Yes Yes
LINE Messages* Yes Yes Remotely uninstall the software* Yes Yes
Skype Messages* No Yes Remotely deactivate the software Yes Yes
Viber Messages No Yes Remotely restart device* Yes Yes
WhatsApp Messages Yes Yes Remotely change software features Yes Yes
Google Messages No Yes Remote Upgrade Yes Yes
Hangout Messages* No Yes Renew Anytime Yes Yes
QQ Messages* No Yes Run in Hidden Mode Yes Yes
Telegram Messages* No Yes Stop software from being uninstalled Yes Yes
Tinder Messages No Yes Hide Rooting* No Yes
WeChat Message* No Yes Automatic Remote Updates* Yes Yes
Email* Yes Yes Free Updates Yes Yes
Gmail No Yes


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Premium-R8201, Extreme-R8601

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