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This phone tracker app is 100% virus free, and all user data is encrypted and protected. So you can use it safely without data leakage.
No, there is no need to root the target device before using this phone monitoring app.
(1) One-time physical access to the target device is required to install Aispyer for Android.
(2) You need to purchase a license to activate the full service.
(3) The target Android device must have internet connection to upload data.
Aispyer for Android collects the data by installing a host program on the target phone and uploads the data to your account, which you can monitor remotely on the online dashboard.
Yes. The app icon will disappear on the monitored Android device after the installation process, and Aispyer for Android is also renamed in the phone, making the target hard to find and delete it.
No, it doesn’t. Aispyer for Android adopts advanced technology, so it does not consume too much battery power.
Aispyer for Android is compatible with all major phones and tablets running Android 11 to Andriod 4.0, including Huawei, Samsung, Google, LG, Xiaomi, TCL, PDA and so on.
Yes, if the target uses Android device, you can install Aispyer for Android on that phone, and then monitor its online activities secretly on your iPhone.
No, you can’t. You need to install Aispyer for Android on the target device and then start monitoring.
No, you can’t. I’m afraid that you need to have one-time physical access to the target device to install the Android monitoring app.
(1) Check contacts, text messages, photos, videos, browser history and installed apps on the target device.
(2) Track accurate GPS location of the target Android in real time.
(3) Monitor messages from popular social media apps, including shared photos, emojis and stickers.
(4) Take photos remotely and record all the phone calls made on the target Android device.
Try the free demo if you want to experience all features.
Yes, you can track the current location and location history of the target Android device.
The time for Aispyer for Android to upload data depends on the size of files on the target Android device. Basically it takes 5-10 minutes to display the recorded data on the online control panel.
Please make sure the target Android phone is powered on with internet connection. Also Aispyer for Android shall be active on the device. For uploading the latest data, there may be a slight delay when the network signal is weak. If the data is still not updated, please try to restart the target phone or contact our support team.
First, please make sure the target person has the social app installed on the target phone. And then, you need to turn on notifications permissions on the target Android phone. Moreover, Aispyer for Android must be active on the target phone.
No. There is no limitation to the upload of the target device’s data. In other words, all the monitored data will be uploaded to the dashboard.
Yes. You can use your account to log in and view all the updated data from any device.
Just get hold the target Android phone, and go to Settings > Applications > System Update Service to check the current version number.
To update Aispyer for Android to the latest version, you need to uninstall the current one on the target device first. Firstly, unbind the target phone in User Center. Then go to Settings -> Applications -> System Update Service to uninstall the app. At last, download the latest version from the link and install it on the target Android phone.
No, it is not available. After the upgrade, the data uploaded before will be deleted automatically.
No, you don’t need to reinstall the Android monitor app in that case, however, it should be noted that those data related to the old number, such as call logs, will not be updated any more.
Yes, you need to unbind the previous device first before adding a new one, and install this Android monitoring software on the new phone or tablet. If the target device is changed to iPhone or iPad, please use Aispyer for iOS to do the monitoring task.
Not necessary. But the new version is more stable and has a better experience, so we strongly recommend that you upgrade the app to the latest version.
You need to unbind the target phone in User Center first. Then you have to get hold the target Android phone and go to Settings -> Applications -> System Update Service to uninstall the app.
Unfortunately, it is currently not supported to remotely uninstall Aispyer for Android. You must have access to the target device to uninstall it.
You need to go to the online dashboard and enter the user center, then find the license information. You can unbind the target phone there.
We will keep the previous device data for a period of time, but if there are no any further actions like rebinding the target device or renewing the license on your current account within 7 days, then all the previous recorded data related to the target device will be deleted permanently.
No data will be uploaded to the Aispyer dashboard after you uninstall it.
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