Check Call History Online

  • Phone Call History Checking with Name, Phone Number, Duration, Timestamps, etc.

  • Advanced keylogging feature that records all typed text Clipboard, Photos, Apps, Calendar, etc.

  • Records of text messages, browser history, location, and more.

  • All surveillance is performed discreetly.

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    Welcome to our 2020 guide on how to check your call history online! This was done in order to provide you two unique methods of checking call history online. One of which is through a third-party app called Aispyer and another is through the use of an online service provider’s own call history checker. Both methods have their pros and con, so make sure to check each out properly to choose which one is right for you!

    Part 1. How to Check Someone's Call History Online With Aispyer

    Alright! So, how do you check someone’s call history online with a tool like Aispyer? Well, you can learn just how to do that (step-by-step) in the tutorial below, but the basic gist of it is this… Aispyer is a spy app that you install on a device. Once installed, Aispyer will immediately begin to leech information from that device and report it to you through an online dashboard that you can access on your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. A couple of Aispyer’s features that you may find interesting include…

    • Phone Call History Checking (with Name, Phone Number, Duration, Timestamps, etc.)
    • Advanced keylogging feature that records all typed text
    • Clipboard, Photos, Apps, Calendar, etc. monitoring.
    • Records of text messages, browser history, location, and more.
    • All surveillance is performed discreetly (the app turns invisible upon installation.)

    Step1 Start Checking Call History Now!

    If you want to be able to start checking one’s call history immediately,go to the URL provided below and sign up for Aispyer. This account is what you’ll be using to access Aispyer’s online monitoring dashboard in the latter steps.


    Check Someone's Call History Online-Aispyer

    Step2 Install App On Device

    As mentioned, in order to be able to leech information from whoever your target is, you will need to install the spy app on their phone. Do so in order to proceed! A guide for this has been provided by Aispyer if you manage to get lost during the process.

    Aispyer Guide:

    Install App On Device

    Step3 Login to Online Dashboard

    Once the spy app is set-up, log back into Aispyer’s online dashboard. On there, you should now be able to see the information that the spy app has leeched from the device in question!

     Login to Online Dashboard

    Step4 Check Call History

    In order to start actually checking one’s call history, go to the menu on the left and then select the Calloption. This will move you to Aispyer’s Call History spying page.

    Check Call History

    Step5 Check Call History

    From here, you can check the device’s Call History logs. That includes who they are calling (or being called by),their phone number, the call duration, time stamps, call type, and even whether the call log was deleted by the owner of the device.

     Check Call History

    Step6 Use the Search Function

    If you want to check someone’s call history for something specific, you can use Aispyer’s search functions at the top of the Callinterface. These include…

    • Date:Input a date in the appropriate box in order to view all the calls performed on the date provided.
    • Name:Input a name in the appropriate box in order to view all the calls associated with the name provided.
    Use the Search Function

    Part 2. Check Call History Online via Network Provider

    For our chosen network provider demonstration, we have Sprint! Sprint Mobile has been around for quite a while, and it’s especially successful in the West side of the world (America.) BUT more likely than not, even if you aren’t subscribed to Sprint, you’ll be able to take the information we’ve provided in the tutorial below in order to check call history from whatever network provider you dosubscribe under. So, give it a look if you’re interested in trying out this particular method yourself!

    Step1 Sign Up for My Sprint

    My Sprint is SprintMobile’s online subscriber platform. You can sign up for it by using your own Sprint Phone Number! You’ll be asked to provide email information after your phone number has been confirmed. So, take the time to work on that so that you’ll be able to easily access your call history information later on.

    Check Call History Online via Network Provider

    Step2 Check Your Bill!

    Once logged in to ‘My Sprint’,you’ll be able to see the section shown in the image below. This is a real-time report of your current payment history with Sprint! But, that’s not what we’re here for. Select the See My Billoption in order to proceed!

    Check Your Bill

    Step3 Online Sprint Call History

    On the My Sprint’s Bill interface, select CALLSto see an extensive report on your call history. You’ll notice a lot of similarities between this and Aispyer’s own tool. That is, you can see caller ID, phone number, and the duration associated with a given call.

    Online Sprint Call History

    Part 3. Why Aispyer is the Best Tool for Call History Check Online

    Both methods are perfectly serviceable in their own way. BUT if you want to check someone else’s call history (not your own),then Aispyer is the best way to go. It is, after all, a spy tool. So, if your purpose is to look at who your child or significant other is talking to on the phone, then this is the choice for you. Other reasons why Aispyer is the best tool for checking call history online are as follows…

    • Deleted Phone Call History:If you suspect that the person you’re watching is deleting call logs (and thus inhibiting you from seeing them directly),then Aispyer’s non-deletable reports are your best chance at getting at those hidden logs! In fact, Aispyer even marks deleted calls with a trash icon — which makes it easy to suss out which calls your target doesn’t want you to see.
    • Caller ID and Contact Information:Unlike with most network providers, Aispyer provides both caller ID and contact information. So, you’ll have the photo, name, and telephone number of the person that your target has come in contact with.
    • Call Duration:Aispyer also provides detailed call duration reports. That is, down to the last hour, minute, and second. So, you have a pretty good account of how long they’ve been talking.
    • Timestamps:Of course, not only do you know how long they’ve been calling, but you know when they call as well! This includes both date and time. Again, it’s incredibly detailed, so you know exactlywhen the calls occurred.
    • Advanced Search:Finally, just like we showed you in our Aispyer demonstration, a date search tool and a name search bar have been provided. So, if you want to see the call history on a given date or if you’re wondering whether your target has been talking to a specific person, then you’ll be able to find this out immediately!

    Conclusion:[2020 Guide] How to Check Call History Online

    If you think it would ease your mind to know what someone in your life has been doing on their phone, then do it. It’s better to learn the truth now rather than later. And, fortunately, there are tools like Aispyer that can help you get this done! The call history checking we demonstrated is just a small part of what tools like this are capable of. So, make sure to check it out for yourself as soon as you can so that you know just how deep you can go when it comes to finding the truth!

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