Top 5 Samsung Phone Locator

Posted by Sabina Herz | 17.04.2020

Have you misplaced your Samsung Phone? For such expensive devices, they are rather small, and thus, easy to lose! Fortunately, there are tools that act as a Samsung Phone Locator that can be installed directly on your device (the most prominent of which we’ll be demonstrating immediately after this introduction.) But you may also be interested in our list of 5 other Samsung phone locators in the market. If so, make sure to stick around till the very end!

Part 1. How to Locate Samsung Phone with Google’s Find My Device

The most commonly used method for locating lost or stolen Samsung phones is Google’s own Find My Device app! This tool takes advantage of the built-in Location Services on your Android device in conjunction with your Google Account to allow you to trace back its location should it somehow become misplaced. Learn more about how this tool works and how you can use it should you ever need to locate your Samsung phone in the tutorial below!

Step 1. Google’s Location Services (Enabled)

There are two things that are assumed when you use the Find My Device app. The first of which is that you have your Google Location Service settings turned on. Which you can do by…

Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Find My Mobile and then enable the Google Location Service toggle provided.

 Samsung Phone Locator-Google’s Location Services (Enabled) Samsung Phone Locator-Google’s Location Services (Enabled) Samsung Phone Locator-Google’s Location Services (Enabled)

Step 2. Location (Enabled)

The second assumption is that you have your general Location settings turned on! This can be done as well by….

Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Location and then turn on the toggle there!

 Samsung Phone Locator-Location (Enabled) Samsung Phone Locator-Location (Enabled)

Step 3. Use the Find My Device App

If previous assumptions are true for the Samsung that you want to track the location of, then, and only then, can you use the Find My Device app (which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store) to track your device.

Tip: You must sign in to Find My Device with the same Google Account you use your Samsung phone for this to show the location of your phone!

 Samsung Phone Locator-Use the Find My Device App

Part 2. Top 5 Samsung Phone Locator

1. AiSpyer


At the top of our list for what we consider the best Samsung Phone Locators is AiSpyer. AiSpyer is a spy software designed to be used for the purpose of monitoring another person’s activities. Whether that be their coming and goings (through a GPS Location tracker) or their general phone usage (SMS, calls, web history, social media activity, etc.).

  • Compatible with most up-to-date Samsung devices!
  • Capable of tracking a Samsung Phone’s location in real-time!
  • Accurate readings that include the exact street address of the location in question as well as the date and time that location was logged (for convenience’s sake!)

 Samsung Phone Locator-AiSpyer

2. FamiSafe


FamiSafe is another spy software that was designed for the purpose of monitoring the activity of another. In the case of FamiSafe, that purpose is further specified as a way of monitoring the activity of family — mostly children or young adults. This tool, much like AiSpyer qualifies as one of the best Samsung phone locating apps in the market, simply for the following features...

  • Real-time GPS location tracking with exact addresses and other pertinent information.
  • Geofencing capabilities that will allow you to close off certain locations digitally — so that should any of those ‘fences’ be breached, you are alerted immediately.

 Samsung Phone Locator-FamiSafe

3. Spyzie


Spyzie is another Samsung phone locating spy app that can be used for the purpose of locating lost Android devices or the monitoring of another’s Android devices. Its design is a little more similar to AiSpyer — in that it provides real-time accurate GPS location history, as well as a timeline of all locations visited in recent history (which is stored in Spyzie’s servers until you have the need to review it.)

  • Real-time location tracking software for Samsung Devices!
  • Reports are 100% accurate — full reports stored for later review.
  • Information can be extracted at any time and from a remote location.

 Samsung Phone Locator-Spyzie



XNSPY is another spy app that’s quite popular for its location tracking services. Much like with all the other tools we’ve discussed previously, this one works in the background of other apps, and it extracts information discreetly in real-time. Of the information that is forward to you, you can expect a complete GPS location history records, phone logs, messages, photos, videos, install apps, and so much more.

  • Features advanced GPS locating tracking capabilities for locating Samsung devices
  • Offers a wide array of phone data usage surveillance tools
  • Features a couple of parental control functions for controlling phone usage

 Samsung Phone Locator-XNSPY

5. FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy, of all the tools we’ve mentioned so far in this list of what we consider the top 5 Samsung phone locators, is the oldest. It’s been around for quite a while, and it’s built up a considerable number of tools and functions ever since. Unfortunately, this traction, despite the fact that it may not be as fast as some of the other apps we’ve introduced previously, does make the app quite expensive. So, it’s not something we can easily recommend for just anyone.

  • Premium GPS location tracking tools for Samsung and other Android devices.
  • Capable of monitoring iOS devices as well as Mac or PCs!
  • Lots of monitoring and control-based tools.

 Samsung Phone Locator-FlexiSpy

Conclusion: Top 5 Samsung Phone Locator

It’s not outlandish for you to expect or even plan for the possibility of your phone being either lost or taken. These powerful little devices cost quite the pretty penny, after all. And, with the markets as they are in recent times, it can be sold pretty easily even when stolen. So, don’t make anyone try to fool you out of being the most prepared that you can be! Whether that be priming your Samsung’s settings like we showed you in the beginning or investing in AiSpyer or any of the other spy apps that we introduced in our list!