Easy way to see someone location on snapchat without them knowing

See Someone Location on Snapchat

  • See all current location on Snapchat without them knowing.
  • Monitor all Snapchat messages, Snapchat activities, group chats.
  • Track fast all popular social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, snapchat etc.
  • Track call log, SMS, GPS, web history, photos, email, calendar, app infos etc. on mobile phone.

Introduction to snapchat

“Do you know how to see your friends’ location on Snapchat?” – Anonymous

Snapchat’s Snap Map feature is pretty impressive if you are using it for a long time. Snap Map is the way to share the current location on the map to your friends. The feature is said to promote adventure and engagement among Snapchat users positively. The best part we love about using the Snap Map is to choose the ActionMoji avatar. All in all, it is one of the powerful features of Snapchat that they acquired from the Zenly app for around $250 million to $350 million.

The question here is to know how to see someone’s location on Snapchat without them knowing. Is it even possible to do so? Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can spy to track someone’s location on Snapchat with a powerful tool known as Aispyer. So, let’s discover how it works to give you 100% results!

Part 1. Easy and safe way to see someone location on Snapchat without them knowing

Monitoring someone’s location on Snapchat is not that easy unless you introduce a reliable and functional software like Aispyer. Yes, we’d like to refer Aispyer as one of the best GPS trackers to monitor someone’s location on Snapchat. The GPS phone tracker works in the target device’s background to track current whereabouts, GPS location, date, and the visited place. It can also monitor other activities on Android devices, including Contacts tracker, Email tracker, Calendar tracker, Photo tracker, App tracker, and so on.

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Key Features of Aispyer

  • Suppose the target is receiving suspicious files or messages from a new contact through Snapchat. In that case, Aispyer reveals all the contact details, like their residential address, actual name, and a lot more 
  • Are you thinking of using a hack tool to know the password of the target username? You do not need to search anymore as Aispyer records every keystroke from where you can see the target Snapchat account’s password. 
  • Aispyer’s GPS phone tracker gives the target’s real-time location with every detail, like the date and timestamp.
  • The most exciting part about the GPS feature in Aispyer is that the location gets updated regularly, keeping the user informed about the target’s location accurately.
  • Besides just Snapchat and GPS, Aispyer can act as a spy to track Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and SMS.

How to see someone’s location on Snapchat with Aispyer

As said above, Aispyer’s GPS tracker is the best Android monitoring tool to answer how to see someone’s location on Snapchat without them knowing. It is the only way because you want to track their place outside the Snapchat app or go to Snapchat, request your friends, kids, or spouse to send their location or see it via Snap Map be that viable.

So, for all the worried parents and spouses, let’s see step by step tutorial on how to see others location in Snapchat with Aispyer.

Create an Aispyer account

Start by tapping the login button on the official website. Then, hit the Account->Register button.

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Download and install Aispyer for Android app

It just takes you around 2-3 minutes to complete all the pre-settings on the target device. Follow this official guide to install Aispyer on the target Android device quickly.

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How to install, please refer to here

Open Aispyer’s Dashboard remotely

Access Aispyer’s dashboard by entering the login credentials on your mobile device or laptop.

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Knowing how to see your friends’ location on Snapchat through a third-party software is much more useful than asking your friends to send their place on the Snapchat app itself. Here, you are doing things secretly without them knowing. Aispyer is valid even if the target user sets his or her Snapchat on Ghost mode.

Part 2. How to see who viewed your location on Snapchat?

After checking how to see others’ locations in Snapchat, let’s discuss others’ possibility of viewing your area as well. Well, it’s more complicated than you think! We can’t say the answer as straightly yes to the question. It is sometimes quite challenging for the app to correctly display who viewed your location. 

However, it doesn’t mean that someone specifically checked out your location on Snapchat if they scanned through your Bitmoji. They might accidentally have come to your Bitmoji while sliding a finger on the screen.

Some important facts about someone else viewing your location on Snapchat:

  • Your current location will get automatically updated after you open the app.
  • Also, it gets automatically deleted after you leave the app unopened for about five to six hours.
  • However, the Travel featureof Snapchat displays who has viewed your travel location from one place to another.
  • You can even check it independently by choosing the travel card from the bottom. Well, it doesn’t particularly notify the person whose movement you are tracking.
  • Snapchat displays movements as a story, and you can track who viewed where you went.

So, you can track who looked at your recent travels rather than tracking who viewed your location on Snap Map. Therefore, most users prefer to set their location on Ghost Mode so that there is no loophole left behind even to track their whereabouts.


Thus, yes, you now never need to worry about rooting or jailbreaking an Android or iPhone device for Snapchat monitoring to ensure your kid or spouse’s safety. With this complete guide on how to monitor Snapchat with the aid of two monitoring apps, Aispyer, and Spyzie, start tracking your loved ones and keep a full stop to such addictions. Finally, prevention is always better than cure. A little time on such social media networks can turn to hours in a matter of days if not given proper attention. So, try the apps to monitor Snapchat as a small step today will make a lot of difference tomorrow!

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