Best Spyware for iPhone X
  • Compatible with the iOS version from 6.0 to 14.X.

  • Spy over VoIP calls from Skype, Viber, and LINE, and more.

  • Access to messages, and history from 9+ IM social media apps.

  • Get 100% discreet or undetectable operation, and tamper controls.

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Hiring a spy or a safeguard person, or a spy camera idea is the old trend of monitoring where it’s time to upgrade to the digital world of tracking or monitoring. As the present generation of kids or business people carries out all their work on a smartphone, for iPhone tracking, spyware for iPhone is more than enough. From the pool of gadgets and tools, the search could kill your time. Hence, we have some of the best spyware for iPhone x. So, scroll through to find some of the free spyware for iPhone too!

Part 1. Spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking

Aspired by Aispyer, and need a without jailbreak option as suitable spyware for iPhone? Don't worry, as there is a new software Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak). Crafted with outstanding technology, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) is the best spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking. If you have this spyware tool on your PC, you won't need a data extractor, or a recovery tool as Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) can do all the jobs.

Key features

  • iOS spy: You can spy app data, messages, photos, contacts, notes, calendar, and calls.
  • iOS support: It supports iOS version till 14, including betas, iCloud support along with 2FA.
  • Data recovery: Provides encrypted iTunes backups, iPhone backup corrupted, forgotten screen time passcode, deleted call history, and text messages.
  • Other features: You get friendly customer support, WhatsApp & Viber messages, location data, iCloud data, and screen time restrictions.

Step-by-step guide on how to use Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak)

Working with spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking, Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) is comfortable in just two steps.

Step 1

Make sure you download and install the simple app for Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) on your computer.

Note: Before proceeding, make sure to have iTunes on your PC already and if not, install it. For the first time usage, select the “This PC” option under automatic backup on the “Summary” page.

Step 2

  1. Open iTunes and connect the target device, which will make the backup of data.
  2. Now, open the Aispyer for iPhone (without jailbreak) app, and select the target device from the “Connected Devices” list.
  3. From the overview panel, choose data, and track it.

Part 2. Best spyware for iPhone x

Another excellent spyware for iPhone X is the Aispyer for iPhone. The new software developed for iPhone tracking like the one we mentioned above and similar to Aispyer for the Android version. Loaded with power-packed tracking features, Aispyer for iPhone is safe, comfortable, power-saving, and discreet. Access to remote camera capture, iPhone keylogger, chats from Facebook & WhatsApp, call history, notes, and a lot more makes the tool the best remote spyware for iPhone. With just single-time physical access to the target device, Aispyer for iPhone operates in 3 simple steps.

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Key features

  • Chat history: Get access to all social media apps chats, messaging apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • GPS locator: Get an accurate location of the secondary iPhone with the aid of the unique GPS navigator that reveals precise date, time, the visited spots.
  • Broad compatibility: With support to iOS versions from 6.0 to 14.X, Aispyer for iPhone works in both the tethered and untethered modes.

Step-by-step guide on how to use Aispyer for iPhone as spyware

Take a look at the below step-by-step guide on how to use Aispyer for iPhone, spyware for iPhone.

Note: You must jailbreak the iPhone device for smoother working of Aispyer for iPhone. First, open the official website and complete the registration with an existing email and keep the information on email safe with the license key for later use.

Step 1

  1. On the target device, install, and download the Aispyer for iPhone app.
  2. Choose the “Sources” tab from the bottom.
  3. Click the “Edit” option followed by add.

Step 2

On the space, enter the APT URL, and tab the “Utilities” button to install the “System Core.”

Step 3

Restart the springboard and enter the license key to activate the application.

Aispyer for iPhone operates on the discreet mode if you select the "Hide App" option.

Step 4

Finally, log in to your user account and start viewing the dashboard's tracked data.

Part 3. 2 best free spyware for iPhone

Apart from both the new versions of Aispyer for iPhone discussed in the previous sessions, there are quite a few free spyware for iPhone that you can try considering to makeover your spying task.

1. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is our first free spyware for iPhone, which is reliable with Android, iPhone, and iPad. Featuring both jailbroken and non-jailbroken mode, iKeyMonitor is a parental control tool that can keep your kids safe in online activities. With 30+ monitoring features of iKeyMonitor, including all advanced ones like geo-fences and social media app tracking, you can become one of the active 400K users today!

  • Free-to-use parental control tool.
  • Secure spy, remote iPhone spy, and a lot more.
  • Multi-language interface and 24/7 customer support.
  • iKeyMonitor has a pricier plan.
  • To access more features, jailbreaking the device is needed.

2. Webwatcher

Want to watch your kids with free trial spyware for iPhone? Then, Webwatcher is what you need: a multi-platform compatible tool, including Chrome Book and Mac. No lockouts, remote activity monitoring, iOS 6.0 or later version support, SMS & texts tracking, deleted message recovery, call history log, and still, a lot more is possible by Webwatcher, spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking required.

  • Wide compatibility, including smartphones, tablets, and PC.
  • Risk-free trial version.
  • No live customer support or live phone call tracking.
  • Software working can be interrupted by the Anti-virus program.

Part 4. FAQs

1. Is XNSPY spyware for iPhone without access to target phone?

Yes, XNSPY is spyware for iPhone without access to the target phone that spies on the target device with just the iCloud account credentials without any jailbreak required.

2. What factors should spyware for iPhone possess?

Spyware should possess four factors like secure, comfortable, power-saving, and discreet.

Secure: The spyware should have an unbeatable data protection layer so that the tracked data is kept safe and isn't easily accessible.

Comfortable: Despite the efficiency, the app installation or handling shouldn't be a hassle, making the user weary or confused.

Power-saving: Due to the discreet operation, the app shouldn't consume more power to trace any app installation to the target notice.

Unobtrusive: Any spyware for iPhone should have the ability to operate in 100% discreet mode and letting the user handle the visibility criteria or the tamper controls.


Yes, among the uncountable spyware for iPhone, we have listed the four best and adequate tools to carry forward your spying task. We also introduced the versions of spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking. Lastly, do not forget about the two free spyware for iPhone as well, as they could be your second choice to Aispyer for iPhone!

Aispyer for iPhone


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Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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