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Best Free Web Tracker Apps in 2020

Web Tracker App

Are you looking for a free web tracker app that you can use in order to browse web activity? Continue reading below to be introduced to 10 of the best web tracking apps available in 2020! All of which are packed with tools that will allow you to monitor all types of web activity on a mobile device.

Part 1. The best and most helpful web tracker app

URL https://www.aispyer.com/

At the beginning of this post, we will introduce our favorite web tracker app that you can try. It’s called Aispyer which has been well-known by many parents around the world. There is no denying that it is one of the best out there (if not the best.) We’re going to be demonstrating how you can set it up below in order to provide complete remote access to the device’s online activity.

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Aispyer – Best Web Track App

  • Track web browsing history easily.
  • Monitor web browsing history with date and location.
  • Tracking web browsing history even in the incognito mode.
  • Also can track phone number, text messages, browsing history, and GPS location easily.
  • Tracking other social media app, WhatsApp activities with real-time update.

How to Track Web Browsing History with Aispyer

Create an Aispyer account

Enter the website https://www.aispyer.com/ on your browser. Click on Register button to create an Aispyer account with your valid email address and password. After that, you have to select a plan of Aispyer for Android in order to use all advanced monitoring features of it. There are three plans on the pricing page of Aispyer for Android. You can choose a plan that suits you.

create an account of aispyer
Download and install Aispyer
After purchasing a suitable plan of Aispyer, you can visit the registered email and there you will get the download link and registration code. After that, get the physical access to the target device, then download and install the app on it.
How to Show Me My Browsing History?

How to install, please refer to here

Start Monitoring Web History

Open the Asipyer dashboard in the browser. Here you can trace mobile number current location using the location tab in the left side. Click the “Browsing” tab and then the browser history of the mobile will be shown

aispyer browser tracker

Part 2. Top 10 Free Web Tracker Apps in 2020

The 10 that we recommend have been chosen because they are either free of charge or they offer free trial periods that will allow you to check out the app before making any commitments. Outside of that, however, they are pretty much the same. Any difference we’ll cover in our breakdown of its pros and cons.

1. FamiSafe


The first free web tracker app on this list is FamiSafe. It’s a parental monitoring app for both Android and iOS created to monitor web history and limit explicit content exposure through web filters and administrative controls.

famisafe monitor app


  • Complete Browser History monitoring.
  • Regular Activity reports for easy spying.
  • The app is free-to-download.


  • Limited Social Media spying.
  • Registration required for use.
  • Certain functions are locked in premium version.

2. Avaza


Avaza, opposite of FamiSafe, is an employee-based monitoring app meant to track activity on company-given devices. It offers great business management tools along with its spying features, which makes it a great multi-purpose web tracker app.

avaza best free web tracker-apps-2


  • Complete Browser History monitoring.
  • Limited Social Media spying.
  • Registration required for use.
  • Certain functions are locked in premium version.


  • Limited Social Media spying.
  • Registration required for use.
  • Certain functions are locked in premium version.

3. Spyzie


Spyzie is closer to FamiSafe, even if the interface provided is different. It’s better known as a spy app, meant to be used in order to monitor all activity on a mobile device (not limited to just web activity.)

spyzie browser tracker


  • LIVE Demo can be tested for FREE.
  • Extensive web tracking capabilities.
  • Monitoring can be performed remotely.


  • The app itself is not FREE.
  • Support for iOS is not as good as Android support.
  • Access to target device is needed to install app.

4. Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile is not a free app either, but you can test it out for free if you don’t want to commit to its subscription plans immediately. Again, it’s best categorized as a spy app — best for high-level surveillance on teens, employees, etc.

highster phone number tracker


  • Offers complete web tracking package.
  • Social Media tracking is available as well.
  • Easy-to-Use.


  • Subscription plans are based on monthly payments.
  • Limited parental controls or alerts (spying is manual.)
  • Lengthy installation process.

5. mSpy


mSpy offers easy web tracking in the form of easy-to-read reports and an interface that provides complete browsing history. It’s not limited to just web activity either, you can use this to track social media activity and regular texts, calls, etc.

Key features of mSpy


  • Provides complete web tracking package.
  • Social Media tracker available for popular apps.
  • LIVE Demo is free to try (no registration needed.)


  • Only the demo is free.
  • Basic Bundle greatly limits tracking functions.
  • Premium bundle must be purchased for iOS tracking.

6. Flexispy


Flexispy is an incredibly premium web tracking app. However, you can check it out for free if you don’t want to make any sudden commitments. Its list of spying tools is extensive and covers everything that matters in terms of surveillance.

flexispy for location tracking


  • Extensive web tracking package.
  • Advanced spying tools available.
  • LIVE demo available for free.


  • Limited device support.
  • Certain surveillance tools are buggy.
  • Subscription packages are expensive.



XNSPY does not offer a free version, but you can check out all of its features extensively with the LIVE demo that they provide. In that demo, you can check out all of its web tracking tools — as well as some of its more surveillance-related functions.


  • Detailed reporting on browsing history.
  • Advanced surveillance functions.
  • LIVE demo is available for free.


  • No free version is available.
  • Basic package is limited.
  • Limited device support.

8. TrackMyFone


TrackMyFone is one of the cheaper web tracking apps out there, which is great for those with smaller budgets. However, if you’re still hesitant, you can always check out their FREE live demo to see what it has to offer.

Key features of TrackMyFone


  • Complete web browsing history tracking.
  • Location tracker & geo-fencing.
  • FREE live demo available.


  • Requires Androids to be rooted for full access.
  • iOS devices need to be jailbroken for complete access.
  • App is not FREE.

9. MobiStealth


MobiStealth was a bit of a difficult pick. It wasn’t placed closed to last because it was lacking in any features — it’s actually fairly feature-rich. However, it is definitely not free. The only reason it made it onto our list is its 15-day guarantee (which promises your money back.)

Login Mobistealth


  • Money back guarantee (15 days)
  • Extensive web tracking features.
  • Professional level surveillance tools.


  • Not a free app.
  • Registration is required for use.
  • Expensive subscription packages.

10. SpyHide


SpyHide is one of the older apps out there, and it’s no longer largely available. However, if you do manage to find an old version of it out there, you should be able to use all of its basic features (which had been offered for free.)


  • Easy tracking for browsing history.
  • Tracking for other online activities provided.
  • Intuitive monitoring interface.


  • Main has issues.
  • Certain functions are locked in the premium version.
  • Free demo is laggy.


If you’re looking for a good web tracker to keep an eye on the browsing history of your kid or your employee, then you needn’t look any further. We’ve compiled the best of the best of 2020,and there’s no better! Aispyer is the one that we’d recommend you check out first, but any of the ten we introduced should do you just fine as well.

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