How to Track a Phone Location Routes

Mobile Phone Routes Tracker By AI

  • Track current location of mobile devices exactly.
  • Keep a track of the history locations of mobile devices.
  • Record the date and time and the name of the location.
  • Calculate the routes of the target mobile phone through AI big data.
  • More features: Track Contacts, Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Thanks to the new technologies of Android and iOS mobile devices, everyone is now becoming digital. Android and iOS phones have the ability to connect to the world, which is why people worry about children. Parents like to know who their children are with through the location of their mobile phones, as well as those places they have been to, whether they have been to places they shouldn’t be, and what their trajectories are. Please let us share how to use our AI service to analyze the movement trajectory of mobile phones through big data.

How to use AI services to analyze the movement routes of mobile phones


Aispyer is the best solution for tracking the live location of any mobile around the world and this is the best application for the parents to track their kid activities without knowing them. This application can easily trace mobile current location online without them knowing. Aispyer also is the best mobile location routes tracker with current location online which can track the phone location for lifetime until the target user doesn’t format their mobiles.

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How to track phone routes by aispyer AI service

Create an Aispyer account

Open the Aispyer website in your browser and then clcik on ACCOUNT->Register to create an Aispyer account.

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Download and install Aispyer

After purchasing a suitable plan of Aispyer, you can visit the registered email and there you will get the download link and registration code. After that, get the physical access to the target device, then download and install the app on it.

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How to install, please refer to here

Trace mobile number exact location on map

Open the Asipyer dashboard in the browser. Here you can trace mobile number current location using the location tab in the left side. Click the “Location” tab and then the current location and location history of the mobile will be shown.

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Trace mobile routes

Select “Location->Routers” menu

Select the time range for router calculation

Calculate the moving routes by AI

Calculate the moving routes of the target mobile phone based on AI services through big data

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