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Which child GPS trackers i should choose

GPS Tracker App

  • View all names and numbers stored in the address book
  • Browse other contact details, such as group, addresses, emails
  • View if the contact is saved in the address book or not
  • Track Contacts, Calls, SMS, GPS, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Most of the times GPS trackers are used to find the location of the car while driving, locating the lost pets and for finding the vehicle in emergency. But now you can also use the GPS tracker for finding your kids when they are in emergency or to locate their location when they are hanging out with friends. It is possible with the help of the child GPS tracker apps which are available over internet. There are several child GPS tracker apps available for the parents to track the activities of their kids.

Child GPS device tracker - Trakbond

Trakbond GPS Tracker for Kids| Smallest Size| Accurate Live Tracking| Pre-Installed SIM Card| No Setup Required (Kids, Dove White)


Trakbond is a child GPS tracker device which allows you to track the location of your child and you can get exact location information of your kid using this device. For example you can get information about the park, school and preschool and after school activities of your kid using this device. The child GPS tracker application can show you exact location of your kid without going to find them. Using this tracker you can easily know whether your kid is safe or in the dangerous situation.

  • It can track the users without knowing them.
  • Allows you to access the media files of the target mobile as well.
  • Device is very expensive.
  • When you are in the underground or in the mall the device will not work.

Child GPS tracker software - Aispyer

Aispyer is basically an Android app which allows parents any other users to track the activity of their loved ones. This child GPS tracker app is able to track mostly all kids of activity of your kids with ease and you can know where your child is hanging out. Including the GPS tracking it also helps you read the call logs, duration, number, contacts, messages, social media messages (WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter) and location etc. This app is paid but there is a trial version of the app available for free to test the app feature without paying anything.

Which child GPS trackers i should choose
  • The app can easily access all types of data from your kid.
  • It totally works in the background so you can get access of your child mobile without knowing them.
  • The trial version is limited to 3 days only.
  • No iOS compatibility.

Online child GPS tracker - Cell Phone Tracker


Cell Phone Tracker is a free website which allows you to track the child just by entering their mobile number. This website actually tracks the information about the mobile by using the phone number and the Google maps. It is able to detect the location of mobile worldwide and there is no restriction about the country. The website actually detects the proximate location of the mobile number instead of exact location.

  • The website can track any mobile number worldwide just by using the mobile number.
  • There is no installation of app or software is required.
  • It allows you to track only one mobile number.
  • Still the app is in the beta version.

Child GPS tracker on Google Play Store - Message and Call Tracker

  • The app is totally free and there are no hidden charges to use the app.
  • It allows you to add notes for every record.
  • The app is not able to capture data without knowing the target users.
  • Unable to access the social media posts completely.
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