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    There are a lot of people that are troubled by spam or blank messages on their phones. People often search for free SMS tracker online for their tracking requirements. A lot of parents use these apps so that they can keep track of their kids so that they don’t get into troubles. The following are some of the best SMS tracker app that can easily get the job done for you

    Part 1. Top 5 SMS trackers for android 2020

    1. Aispyer

    Aispyer is one of the best tools for SMS tracker available on Android. It is a great tool for parental monitoring and finding the location of a lost or stolen device. This tool is extremely powerful and offers you feature like call monitoring, SMS monitoring, location tracking, social media monitoring and a lot more. It is easy to use and offers precise locations of any phone number you want to track. This is an extremely light tool that can perform all your tracking needs from a simple to use dashboard without putting a lot of pressure on the hardware of your device.


    • It has got a specialized and multilingual customer care team that is active 24x7 for solving your queries and issues.
    • It can stay anonymous while tracking a device and giving you control over it.


    • It is a bit expensive for most users.
    • The location feature isn’t always completely accurate.

    2. mSpy

    mSpy is considered as one of the best monitoring tool for parental and general spying needs. This tool is extremely powerful and is used by millions of users worldwide. This tool allows you to get data from a target device very easily without even letting them know about its existence. It allows you to keep track of calls, SMS, social media interactions and live location of the target device. There are various plans of subscription of this tool and you can choose according to your needs and it can be easily downloaded from the official website.


    • There are multiple languages supported on this tool and it is very easy to install and use.
    • Provides precise locations of the target device in real time.


    • This tool can make the target device a lot slower which may lead to the target finding out about it.
    • The plans of subscriptions are very costly.
    Top SMS Trackers - mSpy

    3. Highester Mobile

    Highester mobile is one of the most advanced tool that offers the customers, the ability to track down any number and get information about the calls, text messages, social media chats and precise location. The advanced version of th9is tool can even help you to record calls of the target device. This tool uses a specialized server that can trace the exact location of any device in a matter of seconds.


    • Call recording features is great and enhances the usability
    • Easy to use and completely undetectable by the target phone.


    • It can be a bit slow to track locations of the target device for a lot of times.
    • There are a lot of bugs and glitches in the mobile application for the tool.
    Top SMS Trackers - Highester Mobile

    4. SpyFone

    Spyfone is a great tool for monitoring over your kids and family members. This is a great tool that has a lot of different plans with features according to your specific needs. You can use this tool to monitor calls, SMS, social media interactions, media gallery, web search history and a lot more. This tool is very easy to use is trusted by a lot of users as their daily tracking software. It is also used for employee monitoring by various firms. This tool provides excellent location services which are exact and precise in most cases.


    • It is practically undetectable by the target device
    • They offer 24x7 multilingual customer supports for clients.


    • It takes a lot of time to start doing it’s processes and doesn’t provide live locations.
    • The web history monitoring can be easily prevented by using incognito mode on third party browsers.
    Top SMS Trackers - SpyFone

    5. iKey Monitor

    This tool is made with a focus on monitoring various activities of your child and family members on their devices. This tool allows users to avail a trial pack to understand the functioning and get satisfied with the services before paying for it and there are free plans present as well. People use this tool to track online activities, call logs, SMS history and various social media interactions of a target device. Advanced plans of this tool also allow you the access to media gallery and recording all the calls on the target device pretty easily. You can use this tool to anonymously keep an eye upon your loved ones.


    • This tool allows you to record the calls of a target device and receive the clips without letting them know about it.
    • There are free as well as trial plans for this tool.


    • The plans on this tool are quite expensive for most people.
    • The multilingual feature of the UI is bad as the translations get a bit confusing.
    Top SMS Trackers - iKey Monitor

    Part 2. Top 5 SMS trackers for iPhone 2020

    1. Famisafe

    Famisafe is one of the best SMS tracker tool for iPhones as it has a plenty of powerful features. This tool has a proper customer care unit that is present 24x7 for you help. You can use this tool for tracking down devices and can even allow you to track calls, SMS and a lot of other things on the target device. Its parental control features are great and will allow you to control and monitor social media on your kids devices and also to restrict several apps and websites. It also has an active tracking feature which allows you to track the exact location of the target device.


    • Easy to use and has a great customer care staff for all the major languages.
    • Allows you to track the origin of calls as well as SMS.


    • It is a bit costly and heavy on the target device.
    • The location tracker isn’t the most precise for a tool this expensive.

    Top SMS Trackers - Famisafe

    2. FoneMonitor

    FoneMonitor is one of the most popular monitoring tools available for iPhones. This tool allows you to synchronize the location of the target device on your device and gives you regular updates about change in location which can be seen easily using the inbuilt map. You can remotely read all the text messages and get access to calls using this tool. The subscription plans are not very expensive compared to the quality of the services they provide. This is easily the most trusted tracking tool for iOS devices.


    • Gives the users the ability to read all the text messages.
    • The GPS tracking feature is precise and the inbuilt map makes it even easier to track the target devices.


    • It doesn’t stay anonymous and the target device will know that they are being tracked.
    • The text messages are updated after sometime and if the target phone deletes it, the tracker won’t be able to trace that message.
    Top SMS Trackers - FoneMonitor

    3. GuestSpy

    GuestSpy is a highly rated monitoring tool that is used to monitor SMS and calls of the employees or family members. This tool also offers a free to use demo period for users. This tool can be your daily driver if you want features like SMS tracking, call history tracking, location services and monitoring social media chats of a target device. This tool allows you to view emails of your target device which is rare and the in-built map makes it easy to pinpoint a location with address.


    • Getting access to calls and text messages is pretty easy with the help of this tool.
    • The plans of subscription in this tool are very affordable.


    • No support for voice calls interception or recording.
    • The live tracking feature doesn’t give you real time location.
    Top SMS Trackers - GuestSpy

    4. The Truth Spy

    The truth spy is a light weight yet extremely powerful tool that has got quite a reputation as a SMS tracking tool. This tool is loaded with a lot of features that can help you to keep track of SMS, call logs, and live locations of a target device. This tool is trusted by a lot of parents and is their daily parental monitoring tool. The tool doesn’t allow the target to identify its present which allows you to stay anonymous while you track them down. This tool has extremely easy subscription plans and the dashboard is clean, simple and effective.


    • Extremely lightweight and easy to use.
    • You can track the origin of a spam message very easily.


    • The location tool isn’t the best for the price.
    • This tool doesn’t allow you to monitor the social media interactions of the target device.
    Top SMS Trackers - The Truth Spy

    5. Copy 9

    Copy 9 is an all in one tool that is trusted by thousands of employers and parents from all around the world. You can use this tool to keep track of all the messages, calls, GPS locations, chats from different social media accounts and a lot of other advanced stuff. This tool allows you to subscribe to a plan that fits your budget and every plan will have some advanced features as the price increases.


    • The tool offers a lot of plans which appeals to customers that have small expenditure capacity as well.
    • Provides high precision location by using GPS.


    • It won’t be able to track any phone that has android OS.
    • It can be easily detected if the person being tracked regularly cleans his device.

    Top SMS Trackers - Copy 9

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