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12 Most Helpful WhatsApp Monitor Free Apps

WhatsApp Spy

  • Track location of the target device with easy steps.
  • Monitor contacts, call history, text messages, web browsing history easily.
  • Track Facebook activities, Messenger, WhatsApp activities with ease.
  • Lightweight size, unobtrusive, and doesn’t waste power of target device.

Giving your kid or an employee a device to use? There are WhatsApp Monitor Apps that you can try out for FREE if you’re concerned about what they may be doing in the sidelines. We’re talking in-depth reporting on all incoming and outcoming messages received on WhatsApp — and then some! If you’re interested, check out our list of the 12 most helpful below.

Part 1. Top 12 Helpful WhatsApp Monitor Free Apps

Yes, we have two best online WhatsApp trackers for sure. One is free, and the other is paid. For the free WhatsApp online tracker, you can visit it on the website https://whosapp.online/?lang=en. For the paid one, you can visit it on the website https://chatwatch.net/. Let’s learn more about these two best online trackers for WhatsApp next.

1. Aispyer


First on our list is Aispyer, a WhatsApp monitoring app that you can use to track all communications in app as well as shared multi-media files (with timestamps, date stamps, and contact information included.) The monitoring can be performed remotely in real-time on a separate device once the tracking app has been installed on your target device.

  • Exhaustive reports on activity performed on WhatsApp chat.
  • WhatsApp data is also tracked (shared media can be viewed remotely.)
  • Also capable of other forms of live-monitoring (web history, text messages, calls, etc.) and spying (recording calls, hacking camera feed, ambient sound recording, etc.)
whatsapp monitor free apps

2. Spyic

URL: https://spyic.com

Next, is Spyic. A monitoring app that is still considered relatively new. One that offers an easy-to-navigate interface and premium features that work with those that have little to no experience with hacking. Its WhatsApp monitoring functions are top-of-the-line, much like with Aispyer. A live DEMO is available if you want to try out its interface.

  • Allows for remote monitoring of WhatsApp incoming and outcoming messages.
  • Shared multi-media files on WhatsApp can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Logs all other form of activity (with advanced keylogging feature.)
Key features of Spyic



Still not completely free, but XNSPY is considerably cheaper than most. Its subscription packages are paid on a month-by-month basis (unlike most.) Its WhatsApp monitoring capabilities are also available on their cheaper package deal — although it wouldn’t be as advanced as what’s offered on their ‘Premium’ package.

  • WhatsApp shared photos can be monitored on the ‘Basic’ package.
  • WhatsApp chat messages, calls, and advanced keyword ‘Watchlist’ feature is available on the ‘Premium’ package.
  • Compatible with iOS (Jailbreak and No-Jailbreak) and Android (Rooted and Non-Rooted).

4. mSpy


Much like with the previous WhatsApp Monitor app, mSpy offers several packages. Their cheaper ‘Basic Bundle’ package providing entry-level monitoring of WhatsApp activity. You will need the ‘Premium’ or ‘No-Jailbreak’ packages if you want to monitor all WhatsApp activity.

  • Android devices will need to be rooted for complete WhatsApp monitoring.
  • No-Jailbreak bundle offers complete WhatsApp monitoring for iOS only.
  • WhatsApp monitoring includes messages, photos, calls, etc.
Key features of mSpy

5. Flexispy


Flexispy is a lot more expensive than your average WhatsApp monitoring app. However, it is capable of incredibly advanced monitoring — which makes it better suited for those that require features like call recording (which is only available on their ‘Extreme’ package.)

  • Entry-level WhatsApp monitoring includes call logs, messages, etc.
  • Extreme-level WhatsApp monitoring capable of call-recording.
  • FREE live demo is available for all available features.

6. Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile is perfect for those who are ready to commit, but don’t want to deal with continuous charges on their card. The license they provide requires a one-time payment only — providing access to all their premium tools up-front. Their WhatsApp tools are not the most advanced, but most of the basic WhatsApp chat monitoring functions are offered here.

  • Monitors WhatsApp chat (incoming and outcoming messages.)
  • Reports all WhatsApp notifications received.
  • Capable of other forms of spying (monitoring text messages, calls, etc.)
highster phone number tracker

7. Cocospy


CocoSpy could have earned a higher spot on this list, but it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. It’s comparable to the Spyic app that we introduced as number 2 on this list. In fact, the interface used for both apps are practically identical and so are the WhatsApp monitoring tools that they provide.

  • WhatsApp monitoring capable of reporting incoming and outcoming messages.
  • Photos sent and received from WhatsApp can be viewed as well.
  • Completely stealthy even when using live-monitoring features for recording calls.
Messenger Tracker of Cocospy



Spyera offers a 10-day money back guarantee if you want to try it out in all of its entirety first. It’s compatible with most devices in the market (be it Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows) and is capable of the same spying most of the other tools we’ve introduced are capable of. Including, of course, WhatsApp monitoring.

  • WhatsApp monitoring involves both incoming and outcoming messages.
  • Maximum stealth-monitoring provided.
  • Other forms of remote spying (administrative control over the camera, microphone, etc.)
5 Best Snapchat Spy Apps Without Access to Target Device 2020

9. Spyzie


Spyzie is great for those that are targeting Android devices (although their iOS support is a bit limited when it comes to certain social media apps.) In either case, however, their WhatsApp monitoring is complete. Including message logs, call logs, and images shared in the chat.

  • Advanced Keylogger for recording all typed communication.
  • Reports incoming and outcoming messages received on WhatsApp.
  • Shared images (and other forms of multimedia) can be tracked remotely.

10. SpyHide


SpyHide had actually been a completely FREE spy app before. However, with the addition of some of its more advanced tools, it is now considered a paid app (although you can still try it out for FREE if you wanted.) Despite the upgrades, however, it’s still considerably less capable than most of the other monitoring apps out there.

  • Capable of low-level WhatsApp Monitoring.
  • Keylogging feature tracks all typed messages.
  • Interface is easy-to-navigate and highly intuitive.

11. TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is more than capable of advanced spying, but it’s also a lot more expensive than most apps (and its free trial is not the easiest to access.) It’s included in this as a last resort for those with low budgets. Not necessarily because it’s a bad app, but because it wouldn’t be in the price-range of most people.

  • Lauded as a large-scale monitoring app.
  • To be used for monitoring social media activity of employees.
  • WhatsApp monitoring is complete (messages, multimedia, contact info, etc.)
Key features of TheTruthSpy

12. Appmia


Much like with the previous app, Appmia is not necessarily a bad app. It’s probably more capable than some of the other apps higher on it on this list. However, its free trial is very limited — and its premium version is out of the budget range of most (especially if you want the lifetime license.)

  • Complete WhatsApp monitoring package.
  • Keylogger tracks all incoming and outcoming messages.
  • Administrator controls allow remote sound recording.
Key features of Appmia

Part 2. Comparison

- Pricing Size Usability Key Features Overall Rating
Aispyer from $19.9 Lightweight Highly Intuitive Complete WhatsApp monitoring package. 5月5日
Spyic 12-Month License ($119.99) 1 Device 150 MB Highly Intuitive Monitors WhatsApp messages, shared media, and more. 4月5日
XNSPY 12-Month License ($89.99) 1 Device 9MB Highly Intuitive Monitors WhatsApp chats, photos, and calls. 4月5日
mSpy Pricing Provided When Demo is Requested 6.04MB Requires some technical knowledge Monitors WhatsApp messages, photos, and calls. 4月5日
FlexiSpy 12-Month License ($399) 1 Android Device 22.67MB Requires some technical experience Monitors WhatsApp messages and records WhatsApp Calls 3月5日
Highster Mobile 1-Month License ($69.99) 1 Device 4 MB Requires some technical knowledge Entry-Level WhatsApp Monitoring. 3月5日
CocoSpy 12-Month License ($119.99) 1 Device 150MB Easy-to-Navigate Entry-Level WhatsApp Monitoring (Message, Timestamps, Date stamps.) 3月5日
SPYERA 12-Month License ($389) 1 Device N/A Requires some technical know-how. Monitors WhatsApp messages, photos, calls, and emojis/stickers. 4月5日
Spyzie 12-Month License ($119.99) 1 Device N/A User-Friendly Provides complete WhatsApp chat History. 4月5日
SpyHide 12-Month License ($89.99) 1 Device 4.18 MB Requires some technical know-how. Provides complete WhatsApp chat History. 3月5日
TheTruthSpy 1-Month License ($30.99) 1 Device N/A Very Technical WhatsApp chat history only. 2月5日
Appmia 1-Month License ($16) 1 Device N/A Complex Interface WhatsApp chat history only. 2月5日


WhatsApp monitoring apps are a-plenty. However, there are not many that are of the same caliber as Aispyer — especially if you are interested in Android spying. Try it out for yourself and see just how complete the monitoring is. You won’t have to worry about any missed information, period!

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