10 Most Helpful WhatsApp Spy Apps for iOS

WhatsApp Spy for iPhone

  • Track WhatsApp on target iPhone without jailbreak.
  • Track WhatsApp chat, call history and exchanged files.
  • Monitor WhatsApp contacts even if the contacts are deleted.
  • Spy the location of target device accurately.

Are you looking for a WhatsApp Spy App that you can use for monitoring iOS devices used by your children or employees? There’s plenty of them out there that you can try — with varying levels of efficiency. We’ll be introducing 10 of them today, including a bonus Android spy app that you can check out if you have multiple devices to monitor.

Top 10 Helpful WhatsApp Spy Apps for iPhone and iPad

iOS spy apps are complex. Apple has a lot of security measures built-into their devices, and it makes it hard for the hack to stick. There’s also a separation between jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices (some apps can handle both, whilst others bank on just one or the other.) Be mindful of these facts as you go through the 10 we’ve listed below.

1. Aispyer for iOS

URL Aispyer For iOS

Aispyer for iOS is a WhatsApp spy app for iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking. It provides 20+ advanced iPhone monitoring features, which allows you to track most of the activities on the target iPhone of your kids or employees. As for WhatsApp monitoring, it can help you to track all the messages, call history and the transferred files. Aispyer also has Android version, which can help you to spy WhatsApp on Android device. You can click on Live Demo below to check how Aispyer for iOS/Android works.

URL https://socialspy.info/whatsapp/ SocialSpy is a web-based WhatsApp spy tool that functions to be able to intercept other people’s WhatsApp chats. It has become popular because it offers services to track WhatApp for free. Using this social spy tool, you can spy on your friends, girlfriends and relatives. Even though the results obtained are not convincing, there are still many people who want to try the way to monitor WhatsApp using the social spy tool.

Furthermore, in order to let you know how to use WhatsApp spy app, we will introduce Aispyer for iOS in detail at the end of this post.

2. Aispyer for iPhone

URL Aispyer For iPhone

Aispyer for iPhone is also a WhatsApp spy app from Aispyer team. Unlike Aispyer for iOS, if you want to use it, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone. But after jailbreaking, you can get more features, such as listening to surroundings, live iPhone calls and keylogger. In our opinion, it is the most powerful monitoring app for iPhone. If you don’t mind jailbreaking, it is your best choice.


URL https://xnspy.com/

XNSPY is a multi-purpose tool, perfect for those who want to keep their spying flexible. It’s primarily considered an Android spying app, but it provides great support for iOS devices as well (both jailbroken and non-jailbroken.) It’s sleuthing tools are extensive — providing all that you could possibly need when tracking social media activity.

Key features of XNSPY

4. FlexiSpy

URL https://www.flexispy.com/

Flexispy is an older monitoring app, but its support for WhatsApp rivals newer spy apps out there. In that sense, it’s better suited for someone who is looking to do very in-depth spying. Not just for WhatsApp, perhaps — which Flexispy’s keylogger tool supports completely. Allowing you to track all communications sent and received.


URL https://spyera.com/#tenor

SPYERA is older, which opens up a lot more when it comes to compatibility and support. It’s perfectly capable of exhaustive WhatsApp spying — and then some. With monitoring tools that allow for remote surveillance using administrative control over the camera, recorder, GPS tracker, and more.

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6. Cocospy

URL https://www.cocospy.com/

CocoSpy is more modern than some of the other spying apps out there — obvious in the interface design. It’s incredibly user-friendly — with an easy to navigate interface that you can very easily get used to using. This ensures that WhatsApp spying is done with complete ease, with all activity reported with little to no delay.

Messenger Tracker of Cocospy

7. Spyic

URL https://spyic.com/

Spyic, in concept, is pretty much the same as CocoSpy. You even get the same clean interface — intuitive for even the least technologically experienced. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking when it comes to tools. You get the complete WhatsApp package with Spyic, and you can spy WhatsApp activities easily.

Key features of Spyic

8. SpyBubble

URL https://www.prospybubble.com/

SpyBubble is not the most advanced spy app out there, but it gets the job done when it comes to WhatsApp monitoring. It’s also perfectly capable of tracking basic cellular activity (be it text messages, calls, online web history, etc.)

SpyBubble phone tracker

9. TheTruthSpy

URL https://thetruthspy.com/

TheTruthSpy is very old, and that means that support may be limited. However, if you’re okay with older iOS devices, then using this should be just fine for you. It functions like most spy apps — just a bit behind when it comes to OS support.

Key features of TheTruthSpy

10. Highster Mobile

URL https://highstermobile.co

Highster Mobile is one of the few (very few) spying apps out there that offers a lifetime license. Pay once, upfront, and you’ll have access to all of its WhatsApp spying tools. Its OS support is also limited, but it works just as well if you’re aiming your spying at older iPhones.

highster phone number tracker

How to use WhatsApp Spy App for iOS to Monitor WhatsApp activities

As promised, we’re going to be ending our intro to WhatsApp spying by introducing Aispyer for iOS in detail. Aispyer for iOS is a PC-based spy app that works on Windows and Mac computer. It’s got a lot of the great tracking/monitoring tools that you can expect from your usual spy apps. Including the following features:

How to Use Aispyer for iOS to Spy WhatsApp

Create an Aispyer account

Visit aispyer.com, and click the Register button to create an account on aispyer.com.

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Download and install Aispyer for iOS on your computer

After purchasing the premium version of Aispyer for iOS, you’ll get the download link of Aispyer for iOS app. Now you can download and install it on your computer.

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Log in and start monitoring WhatsApp

Now, you can launch Aispyer for iOS on your computer and log in to start spying WhatsApp activities on target iPhone/iPad.

guide of iOS for aispyer


There’s nothing wrong with being picky about the WhatsApp spy app that you use. Especially not when your kids or employees are at stake. Take your time to try out some of the alternatives we introduced — especially Aispyer. It should have everything you could possibly need when it comes to monitoring communications and other forms of activity.

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