20 Most Helpful WhatsApp Spy Tools in 2020

WhatsApp Spy

  • Track WhatsApp contacts and messages with details.
  • Spy the location of the contacts with accurate information.
  • Monitor WhatsApp conversations even if the conversion is deleted.
  • Doesn’t attract any attention on target device thanks to its lightweight size.

WhatsApp was conceptualized as an R-rated app, but it’s fair game for all ages now. To combat the potential maliciousness hiding behind the scenes, WhatsApp monitoring apps were created. We’re going to be introducing you to 20 of those WhatsApp Spy Tools in 2020 today. All of which will allow you to monitor activity on the app and ensure that your loved one is not getting roped into anything that they shouldn’t be.

10 Most Helpful WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2020

First, we’ll introduce 10 of the best WhatsApp spy apps in 2020. These can download directly on a target iOS and Android device, and it will act as your key. A key that will allow you to monitor conversations remotely to spy on any potentially dubious activity.



Aispyer is an Android/iOS WhatsApp spy tool that will allow you to view all relevant activities performed on the application. It’s not limited to just that, however. Monitoring is possible for all of the most popular social media apps on 2020 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) You can also track where the phone has been based on GPS location and spy on cell history (SMS, call logs, emails, etc.)

  • Exhaustive WhatsApp monitoring (messages, shared media files, etc.)
  • Keylogger that records and reports all keystrokes performed on the targeted device.
  • Completely invisible when installed properly.
URL https://socialspy.info/whatsapp/ SocialSpy is a web-based WhatsApp spy tool that functions to be able to intercept other people’s WhatsApp chats. It has become popular because it offers services to track WhatApp for free. Using this social spy tool, you can spy on your friends, girlfriends and relatives. Even though the results obtained are not convincing, there are still many people who want to try the way to monitor WhatsApp using the social spy tool.
Aispyer – Best WhatsApp Spy Tool
  • Track the location of target device in real time.
  • Monitor WhatsApp activities precisely.
  • Tracking WhatsApp conversations with every detail.
  • Even the conversations are deleted, Aispyer can track with ease.
  • Aispyer is lightweight, and doesn’t attract any attention.



Spyzie is another great iOS/Android WhatsApp spy app. Although some of its iOS sleuthing tools need upgrading — the iOS version doesn’t work for all popular social media apps. It works a lot like Aispyer, in that it is completely discreet — invisible upon installation.

  • Detailed WhatsApp spying capabilities.
  • Android version monitors all popular social media apps.
  • Sleuthing tools are very user-friendly.



XNSPY is a very good social media spy tool, and again, it works on both Android and iPhone. Try it today and you’ll be able to monitor cell history (calls, texts, emails, GPS location) and other superlative activities with an easy monthly subscription fee. It’s a great solution for those that are less technical, as they pride themselves for providing great 24/7 tech support.

  • Intuitive interface paired with friendly tech support.
  • Detailed reports are provided on WhatsApp activity.
  • Capable of advanced sleuthing — specific to targeted device.



mSpy is a solution available for those that are looking for something more basic. It has three different bundles available, and its ‘Basic’ plan is by far one of the cheapest available on the market (although quite limited when it comes to tools of course.) Capabilities-wise, it’s on par with XNSPY. That includes…

  • Extensive WhatsApp spying tools.
  • Support for monitoring popular social media platforms.
  • Cell tracking tools for monitoring calls, texts, emails, web history, and more.



FlexiSpy is one of the older ‘spy apps’ available. It’s widely used for that purpose, and quite expensive. There’s no denying that it is very effective at what it does. The price is almost worth it if you’re looking for something that is on the higher-end, and especially so if you’re expecting your spying to be very extensive.

  • Complete WhatsApp activity reports.
  • Advanced sleuthing tools fitted for maximum convenience.
  • User-friendly and capable of advanced tracking.


URL: https://spyera.com/#tenor

Spyera is older, much like FlexiSpy. It’s made for someone who is a lot more experienced when it comes to tracking technological data — especially with its advanced sleuthing tools. Advanced tools that makes it incompatible for the technologically averse.

  • Complete reporting on WhatsApp activity.
  • Keylogger that tracks all typed words.
  • Spying tools that records calls, takes screenshots, and takes ambient audio recordings when set ‘danger’ keywords are spoken.
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URL: https://www.cocospy.com/

CocoSpy is on the opposite side of the fence from the two listed previously. It’s highly intuitive, and perfect for those who don’t want to stress too much when it comes to the actual monitoring. Setting up is just as labor-extensive, but the monitoring dashboard is very clean and the interface highly intuitive.

  • Complete spying available for WhatsApp (and other popular social media apps.)
  • Keylogger functions record and reports all typed words.
  • Keywords can be tagged as ‘suspicious’ and administrative control can be taken remotely.
Messenger Tracker of Cocospy



SpyHide belongs to the older era of spy apps. However, it didn’t upgrade so much as it stayed very simple. It uses an interface that is probably familiar to anyone that owns a tablet — highly intuitive. Overall, it’s great for beginners and those looking for something cheaper.

  • Captures all activity on WhatsApp (text, emojis, media files, etc.)
  • GEO tracking available with GPS.
  • Cell history can be monitoring (texts, calls, phones, etc.)


URL: https://spyic.com/

Spyic belongs to the realm of very-clean, user-friendly, spy apps. All the basics are provided with purchase — including certain advanced sleuthing tools that might be necessary when monitoring triggers words.

  • Interface is highly intuitive and easily navigational.
  • Extensive reporting on WhatsApp activities.
  • Complete spying package — location, texts, calls, web history, and more.
Key features of Spyic

Highster Mobile

URL: https://highstermobile.co

Highster Mobile is one of the, very-rare, no-subscription spy apps on the market. The one-time payment is expensive, but you won’t have to worry about repeat payments over the months or years. Upgrades are limited of course, but it has all the basics that you need to start spying.

  • Complete Android monitoring app.
  • WhatsApp tracking is exhaustive.
  • Interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.
highster phone number tracker


URL https://thetruthspy.com/

TheTruthSpy is very old, and that means that support may be limited. However, if you’re okay with older iOS devices, then using this should be just fine for you. It functions like most spy apps — just a bit behind when it comes to OS support.

Key features of TheTruthSpy

Top 10 Helpful WhatsApp Spy Software in 2020

Next, we’re going to be going over 10 WhatsApp Spy software that you can download directly onto your PC (although some work better on an Android, iPhone, or Tablet.) Of course, much like with the spy apps we introduced previously, these will still need to be installed on a target device. But, once the installation has been achieved, you can monitor remotely from your own device or PC.



SpyBubble is a cloud-based WhatsApp spy tool. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Access to the target device or PC will be required for installation, but it is completely discreet when installed, and performs its monitoring stealthily in the background.

  • WhatsApp spying is quite extensive (includes text, media, contact info.,and more.)
  • Advanced sleuthing tool allows for remote screenshots, call recordings, etc.
  • Access to GPS-location, web history, cell history, and more is unlimited.
SpyBubble phone tracker


URL https://socialspy.info/whatsapp/

SocialSpy is a web-based WhatsApp spy tool that functions to be able to intercept other people’s WhatsApp chats. It has become popular because it offers services to track WhatApp for free. Using this social spy tool, you can spy on your friends, girlfriends and relatives. Even though the results obtained are not convincing, there are still many people who want to try the way to monitor WhatsApp using the social spy tool.

Best Alternative to SocialSpy WhatsApp Tracker



iKeyMonitor is one of the more expensive spy apps available out there, but it pays its due by providing as many spying tools as possible. It was set-up to be one of the best parental-control apps. So, you can expect a lot of features on that end. Including, of course, extensive social media monitoring tools.

  • Remote monitoring of activity on WhatsApp.
  • Ready for installation on target Android and iOS devices.
  • Premium price backed by highly advanced tracking tools.

Spymaster Pro


Spymaster Pro is actually a lot cheaper than most spy apps. It was built very specifically for monitoring social media activity — which makes it a very reliable WhatsApp spy tool. However, you should be careful to check that your target device is supported (as it doesn’t support a lot of the latest Android or iPhones.)

  • WhatsApp message and post-activity monitoring.
  • Cost-effective spy app solution.
  • Compatible with older Androids and iPhones.


URL: https://guestspy.com/

GuestSpy is another, incredibly thorough, WhatsApp spying tool that you can try out for both Android and OS devices. The subscription fee might be more than you’d like, but it will give you full access to your target device. Including complete monitoring of any and all WhatsApp activity.

  • Extensive reports on WhatsApp texts, media, etc.
  • Compatible with Androids and Jailbroken iPhones.
  • Also monitors other social media apps, cell history, emails, etc.


URL: https://www.mobistealth.com/

MobiStealth is incredibly simple — both in design and actual practice. It’s this straight-forward approach to monitoring that makes it a lot less cost-efficient than most. However, you can always depend on its ability to provide information on any and all activity that is performed on your target device (be it on WhatsApp or another social media app.)

  • Records messages sent to and from popular social media apps.
  • Shared multimedia files can also be monitored on Android devices.
  • Quick and Easy installation (no rooting or jailbreaking required.)
Login Mobistealth


URL: https://appmia.com/

Appmia offers both a month-by-month subscription and a one-time payment option, which is an option that is not offered by many other spy apps available. Because of this, you can decide whether you’d prefer its ‘basic’ or ‘premium’ version — which will unlock more or less tools for your use.

  • Extensive WhatsApp chat monitoring.
  • Data is compiled automatically for you to peruse when needed.
  • Completely stealthy in its spying.
Key features of Appmia

Mobile Spy

URL: http://www.mobile-spy.com/

MobileSpy offers the complete package if you’re looking at more than just WhatsApp monitoring — although it’s support is limited when it comes to certain iOS generations. That being said, if your target device is an Android, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  • Highly efficient Android WhatsApp monitoring tool.
  • Multi-tier subscriptions available for different budgets.
  • Allows for complete remote administrator control.



SpyMyPhone is a very cost-efficient WhatsApp spying tool. Perfect for those who don’t have big budgets and with very little technological knowledge. It’s compatible for both Android and iOS (no rooting or jailbreaking required for installation.)

  • Reports incoming and outcoming WhatsApp messages.
  • Functions completely remotely and discreetly.
  • Very simple and easy-to-use.


URL: https://freephonespy.net/

FreePhoneSpy is a FREE and easy-to-use WhatsApp spying tool compatible with most iOS and Android devices. It’s not the cleanest or the most popular, but it is fully capable of everything that you expect from the usual tracking apps.

  • Remote monitoring available for WhatsApp and other popular social media apps.
  • Keylogging features that tracks all messages, texts, etc.
  • LIVE demo available for viewing.


You shouldn’t need any more than the 20 WhatsApp Spy apps that we introduced today! At least, not for 2020. These are the biggest and most popular — capable of providing all of your basic and not-so-basic spying needs. Of course, if you want to cut the guessing game completely, try out the first one we introduced. Aispyer, may be new, but it is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and capable spying apps right now.

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