Whatsapp Monitor

  • Track WhatsApp activities, Facebook activities, Messenger with ease.

  • Track location of the target device with easy steps.

  • Monitor contacts, call history, text messages, web browsing history easily.

  • Lightweight size, unobtrusive, and doesn't waste power of target device.

    WhatsApp spy apps for Android are available by the dozen these days. Some you can use for FREE, some you must pay a premium price for. Continue reading to be introduced to the best WhatsApp spy apps on the market and learn a little about how they work while you’re at it. There’s really nothing better out there for keeping track of the WhatsApp activity of your child or your employee than these premium spy apps!

    Part 1. What's the Most Helpful Spy App for Android in Market?

    The first that we have in store for you is a WhatsApp spy app called Aispyer. By setting up this app on the Android phone of your teen or employee, you have full access to all their WhatsApp communications. Its surveillance features don’t stop there either. With Aispyer, you get a bonafide spy app that you can use to keep track of where the device has gone (through GPS location tracking),the contacts saved on the devices, text messages sent and received, and more.


    Aispyer - WhatsApp Spy App

    • Track WhatsApp chat with detail.

    • Track WhatsApp activities with ease.

    • Spy location of the contact with time.

    • Track WhatsApp chat history even if it's deleted.

    • Lightweight and doesn't attract any attention.

    How to Spy WhatsApp on Android with Aispyer

    Step1Create an Aispyer Account

    Go to aispyer.com, and click the Sign Up button. Then you can create an account on Aispyer for future use.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Create an Aispyer Account

    Step2Download and Install Aispyer App on Target Device

    You'll need to purchase the premium version of Aispyer to get the download link of Aispyer app and the registration code. You can enter the download link on target device, and download the app on target phone.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Download and Install Aispyer App on Target Device

    Step3Start Spying WhatsApp

    Now you can go to aispyer.com, and log in with your Aispyer account. Then you can spy WhatsApp activities with detail.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Start Spying WhatsApp
    Why is Aispyer Considered the Best WhatsApp Spy App?

    There are a host of different reasons why Aispyer is considered the best of the best when it comes to Spy apps. To name a few:

    • Its OS support is updated (new and old Android devices alike.)
    • WhatsApp tracking is available for both rooted Androids and not-rooted Androids.
    • Records all sent messages, received messages, and deleted messages.
    • Sent/Received multimedia files can be viewed and downloaded.
    • WhatsApp call monitoring and recording function.
    • Intuitive interface that is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.
    • Support provided for installation and technical issues.

    Part 2. Another 10 Helpful WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

    Just in case you want to see what else the WhatsApp Spy market is boasting these days, here are another 10 WhatsApp spy apps that you might want to check out. These alternatives won’t be all that different from Aispyer. At least, when it comes to functions. However, there are some subtle differences that may endear you to one app more than the other.

    1. Spyzie


    Spyzie is an Android WhatsApp spy app that allows for remote tracking of WhatsApp Messages, WhatsApp files, and WhatsApp calls. Monitoring with Spyzie is 100% discreet, even functions that allow for call recording, ambient sound recording, or GPS location tracking are provided. It’s the app to try if you’re looking for something that bridges the gap between user-friendly and complex tools.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Spyzie

    2. TrackMyFone


    TrackMyFone is a relatively new addition to the WhatsApp Spy app market. However, the package that it provides is just as premium as the ones offered by Spyzie. That means that you get a direct connection to a device that will allow you to spy on WhatsApp communications (including text messages and shared media files.)

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - TrackMyFone

    3. Appmia


    Appmia is rare in that it offers a lifetime license (most spy apps are subscription based.) The lifetime license is very expensive, however, so it’s one that you’ll want to try out before making any commitments. Now, as far as features go, it offers about the same that you get from the other apps — WhatsApp spying that allows you to track conversation threads and shared files. It also has an added function for compiling accrued data in a downloadable spreadsheet.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Appmia

    4. mSpy


    If you’re looking for something simpler, then you may want to consider mSpy. Its WhatsApp functions allow surveillance over typed messages (incoming, outcoming, and deleted messages.) This makes it perfect for those who want to monitor WhatsApp activity, but in a manner that is relatively controlled.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - mSpy

    5. XNSPY


    XNSPY is one of the better options out there if you’re looking to spy on a variety of devices. However, when it comes to Android functions, it doesn’t offer anything different from the other apps that we’ve introduced thus far. In short, it can be used for remotely spying on WhatsApp chat and files sent.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - XNSPY

    6. SpyBubble


    SpyBubble is often considered a very basic spying app. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It works just find for monitoring WhatsApp activity on an Android device — although its tracking is limited to just messages.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - SpyBubble

    7. TheTruthSpy


    TheTruthSpy is a spy app that is targeted at those that are looking to monitor older Android devices. Case in point, its OS support hasn’t been upgraded in a while, so you really do not have any choice in the matter. Still, it works just find for WhatsApp monitoring Android devices older than the Android 7.1.2.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - TheTruthSpy

    8. Mobile Tracker


    Mobile Tracker is our first FREE WhatsApp spy app for Android. It’s one to try if you’re in it for just the barebones kind of surveillance. That’s not to say that it doesn’t offer advanced functions, but there is a reason that it is offered for free after all.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Mobile Tracker

    9. Spyic


    Spyic could have earned a higher spot on our list, but again, it doesn’t really offer anything different from all the other apps we’ve introduced. It is, however, pretty expensive. Which is why it was placed near last even though it provides a great WhatsApp spying package — tracking for sent messages, received messages, deleted messages, and more.

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Spyic

    10. Flexispy


    Flexispy, much like Spyic, could have definitely earned a higher spot on this list. It offers a great WhatsApp spying package that you can use in order to monitor WhatsApp activity very easily. However, it comes with a fairly expensive price — one that will cost you at least a couple of thousand dollars per year (especially if you want its more advanced subscription package.)

    Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android - Flexispy

    Part 3. What You Need to Know When Choosing a WhatsApp Spy App for Android

    When it comes to what you need to know when choosing a WhatsApp spy for you, there are really only 7 things that you have to consider. This list is primarily for Android users, but some of these factors should apply even if you were thinking of using a WhatsApp spy app for another kind of device.

    1. Android OS Support

    OS support is an important factor that is easy to miss when it comes to choosing a WhatsApp spy app. So, make sure that you pay it some mind when you do make your decision. Because, remember, not all apps are created equally! There are some spy apps, like TheTruthSpy, that hasn’t updated its OS support in years. So, it’s not one that I’d recommend to those who want a Spy app for newer devices.

    2. Rooted or Not-Rooted

    Make sure to choose an app that has support for whatever type of Android device you have. As in, don’t pick a spy app that only works for Rooted Androids if you do not want to root yours! Better yet, forgo this altogether and choose an app that supports both (just to keep things simple.)

    3. WhatsApp Chat History Tracking

    This is pretty obvious, but then again, there are some spy apps that offer WhatsApp chat spying but not for all their subscription packages. So, make sure to confirm that this feature is provided in whatever subscription package you choose.

    4. WhatsApp File Tracking

    Text messages are not the only thing sent through WhatsApp. If you want to be able to view and download sent/received WhatsApp multimedia files, then make sure that the app you choose has this feature, as not all spy apps out there offer it.

    5. WhatsApp Call Recording

    This is another feature that you might want. Just like the file tracking, it’s not going to be offered by all spy apps. However, if you want to be able to monitor and record WhatsApp calls, then make sure to pick an app that is capable of it.

    6. Intuitive Interface

    A lot of the newer apps host an intuitive interface these days — the better to please its users. However, not many of the older apps have been upgraded to something more user-friendly.

    7. Tech Support

    If you’re worried about the beginner-friendly-ness of a WhatsApp spy app, then pick one that provides tech support (it’s an advantage provided by many of the premium subscription-based spy apps out there.)


    There are definitely more than enough WhatsApp spy apps out there. So, it shouldn’t really be too difficult to find one that will work for you. However, if you want our take on it, go for Aispyer. It embodies 7 of the key factors that make a great WhatsApp spy app, so you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

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    Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it. Aispyer cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can Aispyer provide legal advice regarding the use of the software.

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