How to See who is Online, Read, and Chatting with Whom on WhatsApp

Top 15 location tracker app 2020

Location tracker

  • Retrieve the GPS position of the phone hourly
  • Can retrieve the date, longitude, latitude and location address
  • View GPS location on Google Map

Teenagers have rebellious nature and there might be a possibility that your child get indulged in anti-social activities with other students. To protect your child from committing such activities it is very essential to keep an eye on his or her activities around the clock. This is the reason why you should download one of the best location tracker applications from the internet. Thus you get a chance to monitor his or her activities in real-time.

Top 5 location tracker app for Android

1. Aispyer

Aispyer mobile location tracker app gives you an opportunity to monitor several call logs of your child and you also get to focus on the numbers which are contacted most. The software offers you to track the co-ordinate of your child with the help of GPS satellite which gives you a chance to look at his or her location history. Through Aispyer software it is very easy to track different types of messages received and send by the mobile phone of your child. You can easily keep an eye on message history as well as media attachments.

How to See who is Online, Read, and Chatting with Whom on WhatsApp
  • The dashboard of Aispyer is very easy to use since it has very interactive GUI features.
  • You also get an opportunity to monitor your child’s activities on different social media platforms viz. Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  • This software is light in weight, thus it is very easy to conceal and power of the phone also gets saved.
  • To unlock several features you are required to purchase premium accounts.
  • You have to download the software in the mobile phone which you need to track down.
  • You have to register yourself during initial stage which is a bit time consuming process.

2. Spyzie

Spyzie is considered as a top-notch phone location tracker which provides you even confidential information about the mobile which you are tracking. You can operate this application from any Android device, old or new. You get a chance to look at device data such as notes, photographs, messages and browsing history. The application provides you instantaneous location about your child and possesses commenting UX and UI features which make you use the device effectively even if you are using it for the first time.

  • Through the help of this application it will be very easy for you to acknowledge about the passwords of the accounts of your kid.
  • The application has in-built features like mobile monitoring and web panel with which you can undertake several activities with ease.
  • You can easily acquire recording of your child’s mobile phone.
  • After the installation of the application, targeted phone will not be able to perform in an efficient manner.
  • Various features of Spyzie become limited in case you didn’t jailbreak the device.
  • It is impossible to monitor messaging on several social media websites with this software.

3. Highster mobile spy

This mobile location app is considered as oldest with the help of which you can easily keep track of your children. The software offers you accurate direction, seamless performance and guidance. You get a real-time update on the location of your child without any glitch in the co-ordinates. Battery of the mobile phone do not get discharged quickly even after installation of the software. All the features of this application are easy to use.

highster phone number tracker
  • When you install it on your child’s mobile phone then there is no need to reboot it.
  • It offers you installation and deletion of the application from a remote location.
  • You get to witness messages send and received on several social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype etc.
  • The customer support of this software is not up to the mark.
  • There is no geo-fencing feature, thus you will not receive alerts regarding your kid’s location.
  • Highster doesn’t offer you a free trial version.


MSPY is considered as one of the best find phone location software which you get to effectively use for your Android mobile devices. With the help of this application it will be very easy for you to block the websites on the device of your kid’s mobile which you don’t want them to access. You also get to place a proper geo-fencing, thus you will get automated information in case your kid enters a place which you do not approve. The software further allows you block incoming calls, and protect your child from bullies.

Key features of mSpy
  • You will get access to comprehensive reports which will give you a chance to get effective information.
  • The software also offers you a chance to keep an eye on the emails which your child receive or send to others.
  • It is very easy to keep a track on all the applications which are installed inside the mobile on your child.
  • To get the application work smoothly it is very essential to jailbreak the mobile phone.
  • The process of tracking takes more time in comparison to other trackers.
  • You need to purchase the application to track the position of your kid.

5. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a mobile location tracker which allows you to locate the position of your kid just by undertaking 3 initial steps. This software is considered as 100% secure since it works completely on invisible mode and you will be able to view various activities with the web application from remote location. You can also place geo-fences thus; there is no need to continuous monitoring the activities of your child. SpyMyFone application also offers you a chance to acknowledge the identity of a person whom your kid is talking to.

  • With SpyMyFone you can easily add or uninstall a device from your account.
  • You also be able to monitor the activities of your kids with the help of keyword alert, the notification about the offensive word will be send to your email.
  • Screen capture feature will give you an opportunity to enable any application, the screen will start to record when your kid will click on a marked application.
  • The application isn’t for free and you have to follow a thorough registering process.
  • To target your child’s mobile it is mandatory to install the device on his or her mobile phone.
  • You will not get exact co-ordinates of your kid’s location.

Top 5 location tracker app for iPhone

1. Flexispy

Flexispy is considered as best mobile no tracker with exact location for iOS mobile phones. As a user you will be offered extreme and premium version. In the premium version, you will get foundation of Flexispy software and extreme version provide you high tech features which aren’t available with premium version. With call intercept feature you get a chance to hear live conversations which are done on the mobile phone. You also get an opportunity to record a phone call and then upload it to control panel of Flexispy.

  • Flexispy software gives you an opportunity to remotely control the camera of the tracked phone and take photographs.
  • You can also crack the password to enter emails, social media and applications of targeted mobile device.
  • You will get alert message when the SIM card gets changed from the targeted device.
  • Unlike other tracker software Flexispy is too costly.
  • It is essential to root or jailbreak your device for effective use of this software.
  • The free trial only has few options to choose from.

2. GPS tracker

This tracker for mobile location comes with multiple languages which provide great help in its usage. The dashboard of this application is very easy to understand, this gives you an opportunity in using it in an efficient manner. This application is free of cost and bugs get fixed on a regular basis. You will be able to monitor the location history, calls and text messages which are delivered from the phone of your kid.

  • With the help of this application you can use it on multiple members of your family.
  • The size of this application is very less, thus your phones’ memory won’t get affected.
  • All the maps used in this application are duly revised so that you don’t have to suffer with any glitch.
  • The application even track the position of the mobile when it is not logged in, this in the long run will decrease the battery.
  • It is very essential to have very fast internet connectivity or it might not work properly.
  • To acquire the services of this mobile tracking software it is essential to have iPhone with iOS 9.0 or higher version.


XNSPY is considered as an efficient mobile no tracker with exact location since it offers flawless compatibility with your iPhone device. It consists of ideal primary and advanced features which makes it easy for proper monitoring of iPhones in a quick manner. You get a chance to monitor text messaging as well as remote monitoring of the iPhone. You can even keep a close eye on your kid’s activities on several social media platforms like Tinder, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook etc.

  • This application works perfectly with old as well as latest iPhones.
  • You get advancements in performing various tasks like ambient coding, data wipe and lock down of device while a remote location.
  • The software provides you thorough support during remote installation procedure, this makes the task easy to accomplish.
  • You can access Kik messages on no-jailbreak software version.
  • XNSPY software do not provide support of time control; features.
  • You don’t get around the clock customer support services.

4. GuestSpy

In case you are planning to monitor old version of mobile which your teenage kid use for communicating over with his or her friends then this mobile no location tracker is the best option. The GUI features on the dashboard of this software are worth commenting and you find it great deal of ease in locating the correct location of your kid. You can also monitor his or her texting activities and if you want then can even record a call.

  • You can use the application without paying a dime for first 2 days.
  • It is very easy to remotely access the camera of your kids mobile and can watch the surroundings in which he or she is.
  • You get a chance to acquire different types of services viz. on the basis of monthly, yearly, quarterly or for 6 months.
  • You require accessing the mobile of your kid to install the application.
  • It is required to have knowledge of Cydia utility which in turns whole situation complicated if you are a novice.
  • It is very essential to jail-break the mobile phone before you track it.

5. Spymaster Pro
With the help of Spymaster Pro, you get an opportunity to track mobile location of near about 3 different iPhones. You can choose these packages as per your convenience ranging from monthly to yearly subscription. This application makes you access real-time location and also makes aware about the location history of your kids. When you use this application then you will be offered 15 different features.

  • This tracker doesn’t require jailbreak of phone for application installation process.
  • The tracker is very efficient to undertake basic monitoring process of your child.
  • You can easily acquire detailed features like having a look at browsing history and contact details in the phone of your kid.
  • The process of tracking is rather slow and there is a possibility that you might not find exact location of your child.
  • Customer support services of this mobile tracker require improvement.
  • This tracker does not support latest iPhones, above iOS 7.

Top 5 location tracker Online

1. Buddy locator

This mobile phone location tracker is free of cost and you do not have to download any program on your system. Thus, you can save much of the space on your hard disk. The UX and UI features of this online tracker are worth commenting as they allow you to use the software in an effective manner. When you entered the number it doesn’t get stored in the database, thus there is nothing to fret about. It is possible to track the whereabouts of your kid even when they are in foreign land.

  • You can use this application on any device, which will provide you efficacy in locating the position of your child.
  • You do not have to physically access the mobile device of your kid, thus you will stay anonymous during the process.
  • This online software provides you application of GSM triangulation which has upper hand on GPS location.
  • Buddy locator does have issues regarding error-range in co-ordinates, this starts from 5m to 20m.
  • You don’t be able to watch the text messages and chats on several media platforms.
  • This tracking software doesn’t provide you a chance to record the calls of your kid or to activate the camera from remote location.

2. GPS cell phone locator

In this online mobile no location tracker you just have to enter the mobile number you planning to track and with the help of personal GPS satellite you will get the co-ordinates. You will also get real-time location tracking for your kids. This application also gives you chance to look at text messages, call logs, Whatsapp messages send from the device of your child. This facility is free of cost and you can use it around the clock all you require is fast internet connectivity.

  • This online tracking application offers you chance to acknowledge about browsing and location history of a particular cell phone.
  • You also get information about the e-mails from where your kid is receiving messages.
  • There is no glitch or error in the co-ordinates which you will receive.
  • It is impossible to place geo-fencing, thus you have to keep an eye on the activity of your child around the clock.
  • It is mandatory to use the application as per the laws in your country, as you can even get penalized.
  • You should have excellent internet connectivity or the tracking process might get hindered in the middle.

3. Phone location info

With this mobile phone location tracking service you can track different devices irrespective of service provider. The site offers layout in different languages, thus it would become way too easy for you to use it. You can also acquire around the clock assistance from the experts while availing the services, thus the whole process would be very easy to accomplish. The dashboard of this online software is very informative which makes it very easy and predictable to navigate.

  • Despite the cellular network of your kids’ mobile is turned off you get a chance to effectively note their location.
  • With the help of private server the GPS location gets updated within 5 minutes, thus you will get an opportunity for live tracking.
  • Maps used in this online tracker application are updated and interactive, thus you will find it easy to locate the correct position.
  • In case you want to get some added features then you have to make purchase via online means.
  • You also have to sign up for the process in case you want to find the phone and acknowledge the whereabouts of your child which is a time consuming process.
  • Sometimes the service of this online tracking application gets crashed which disrupt the process in between.

4. World phone tracker

This live mobile location tracker will give you an opportunity to find the exact co-ordinates of a phone from remote location. All you have to do is to choose the country and enter the mobile number which you need to track. You can sort out any query regarding cell phone tracking with the help of an email and will get a solution in a small time span. World phone tracker provides you several features like location history, access to the targeted phone etc.

  • The tracker covers whole world, thus it is very easy to keep eye on your teenager’s activities even when they are out of the country.
  • The delay in finding the co-ordinates of your child is close to negligible.
  • You can save space of hard disk and do not have to access the phone of your child.
  • You have to use the application after considering the norms and regulations stated in your country about spying on someone.
  • In case your country does not have a GSM technology then this software will not work.
  • It is mandatory to purchase premium version of the software if you want to use it more efficiently.

5. Phone tracker Geek

This mobile location ap will provide you a chance to keep an eye on various activities of your kid with just a mobile phone. Moreover it also provides you secured connection. You can use this on several platforms, with great deal of ease and you can even read messages from your child’s cell phone while being at a remote location. The application is duly legitimate, thus there is nothing to worry about when you use it.

  • This online software is free of cost and you can locate the real-time whereabouts of your child.
  • Phone tracker Geek tracks the whereabouts of your child with the help of GPS tracking system along with high quality mapping.
  • No phone numbers are stored on the database and GUI features of the website are interactive.
  • Without fast internet connectivity it is impossible to use this online application.
  • You can even get prone to error in co-ordinates, thus it will get hard to acknowledge the proper location of your child.
  • It is mandatory that you know the country code when you are trying to locate a number present in a foreign land.
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