2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021

2 Useful Contact Number Trackers to Track Contact Number for Free and Easily

Android Contact Number Tracker

It is very essential for you to keep a track on the daily activities of your kid while he or she is out with their friends. For this reason you can download several free of cost contact number tracker on your Android or iOS phone devices and check where they are in real time. Thus, you can protect them from bullying or hanging out with unsocial elements. The software follows strict confidentiality norms and your identity will not be revealed when you use them. Through the software it is very easy to monitor messaging on several online social sites and protect your child from cyber crimes.

Part 1.Easy to use contact number tracker – Aispyer

Aispyer is contact tracker software which offers you free trial version before you make a purchase. This will give you understanding about its various features in advance. The dashboard of this tracking software is easy to use because of genuine GUI features. You will be showcased the location history of your child with the help of an interactive map service. With the help of this software you will also be able to gather the information regarding the contacts of your child.

2 Useful Live Mobile Number Trackers in 2021

Aispyer – Easy to use Contact Tracker

  • This tracker software allows you to have a look at messages which are being sent and received on your child’s mobile via. Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  • You can even keep a track of the call logs which provide advancement in monitoring a number which is frequently in contact.
  • Aispyer requires less space on your mobile phone and it is very easy to use it.
  • You will get an opportunity to find the location with fast GPS connectivity, thus appropriate co-ordinates are showcased.
  • The software also provides you authority to view bookmarks, browsing history, URLs which are visited and the time when they are visited.

How to Track Contact Number Using Aispyer:

Create an Aispyer account

Click on Register button to create an Aispyer account(https://www.aispyer.com) with your valid email address and password. After that, you have to select a plan of Aispyer for Android in order to use all advanced monitoring features of it. There are three plans on the pricing page of Aispyer for Android. You can choose a plan that suits you.

create an account of aispyer
Download and install Aispyer for Android app
After purchase, an email will be sent to your registered email automatically. Using the download link or QR Code in the email, download and install Aispyer for Android app on the target device. During this process, you should follow the instructions (video tutorial shown below) carefully to complete some necessary configurations on the target device.
How to Show Me My Browsing History?

How to install, please refer to here

Start tracking Contact Info on target Android device

Visit the Aispyer official page and then register an account. Now buy Aispyer by paying the fee and then you will get a download link of Aispyer and key in your registered mail id. After receiving the link download it on the target mobile then install it. Follow on screen instructions to install the app. Enter the key on next screen and then allow all permission. Now the app will be installed and start working in the background.

Now visit the Aispyer official account page and login. You will be on the dashboard of the website after login.

Go to the “Contact” tab and there you will be able to see Contact Numbers of your mobile.

Part 2. Free contact number tracker - Glympse


It is really simple to use this tracker contact number and it also provides you exact location about your child in a small time frame. The total size of this application is around 4.4 MB which is even less than a high quality audio song. Thus you can keep it on your mobile device without much of hindrance. The UX and UI features of this software makes it easy to operate and predictable to navigate.

  • Glympse offers automated alerts about check-ins and outs.
  • It is very economical as you do not have to spend a single dime for the usage.
  • There is no need to install this application in the mobile of your kid to track him or her.
  • This application also offers estimated arrival time of your child when he or she is commuting.
  • It is easy for you to hide identity by nick or code name, this way your child won’t be able to know who is keeping a track on him or her.



  • To use this online tracking software you don’t have register which saves enough of your time.
  • It can easily work on Android, iOS and Windows thus you find it easy to keep a track on your children.
  • You can even set group views and keep eye on more than one person at a time.


  • Glympse expires quickly which will leave you hanging in the middle of a track down process.
    This software does have some security issues.
  • After you take an up-gradation of the software then there might be a possibility that you don’t be shown exact location.
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