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What’s the Best Facebook Location Tracking App and How to Use It?

Facebook Messenger Tracker

  • Track Facebook activities, Messenger, WhatsApp activities with ease.
  • Track location of the target device with easy steps.
  • Monitor contacts, call history, text messages, web browsing history easily.
  • Lightweight size, unobtrusive, and doesn’t waste power of target device.

Want to keep track of someone based on their location? Well, then you’re in luck!
These days, there are dozens of Facebook location tracking apps that you can use in order to find someone based on their mobile device.

What's the Best Facebook Location Tracking App in Market?

Alright, so how do you track a person based on their Facebook location?
To answer this question, I’ll be teaching you how these kinds of apps work.
They don’t pull information from nothing — they need to be setup on the mobile device of the person that you want to track. Once installed on the target device, and it will automatically relay the user’s information and Facebook activity to you — with the user none-the-wiser.

The first app that we’ll be introducing,Aispyer,is specifically capable of the following functions:

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Aispyer – Facebook Spy App
  • GPS Location tracker for tracking the locations the user has visited and where they are currently.
  • Complete Facebook activity package for tracking incoming messages, outcoming messages, deleted messages, etc.
  • Extensive surveillance tools for capturing calls, ambient sound recording, and more.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t cost power on target device.
  • Track Facebook activities with every detail.

How to Track Facebook Location with Aispyer

Create an Aispyer account

Enter the website https://www.aispyer.com/ on your browser. Click on Register button to create an Aispyer account with your valid email address and password.
After that, you have to select a plan of Aispyer for Android in order to use all advanced monitoring features of it. There are three plans on the pricing page of Aispyer for Android. You can choose a plan that suits you.

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Download and Install Aispyer App

Next,Purchase the premium plan for your account, and you’ll get the download link and registration code of Aispyer app. Now you can install the app on target device.

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Start Tracking Facebook Location

Next,Now you can log in your account on aispyer.com, and then start tracking Facebook location immediately.

Another 10 Helpful Facebook Location Tracking App

Now that you know how these apps work, let’s go through a couple more that you can check out.
If you’re the type to shop around, then these 10 Facebook location tracking apps are some of the best Aispyer alternatives that I have to recommend. So skim through and be introduced to the app and its advantages and disadvantages.

1. TrackMyFone

URL: https://www.trackmyfone.com/

Number 1 on this list is TrackMyFone. Relatively new in the market, but making waves as a solid Facebook Location tracking app. It functions very similar to Aispyer when it comes to surveillance and offers a similar interface (very clean and easy-to-use.)

Key features of TrackMyFone
  • Intuitive interface — good for beginners.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Devices.
  • No-jailbreak and Un-rooted installation available.
  • Non-jailbroken and non-rooted devices are limited in functions.
  • Limited Facebook tracking for iOS (no-jailbreak.)
  • Expensive monthly subscription packages.

2. Spyzie

URL: https://www.spyzie.com

Spyzie’s Facebook location tracking features are limited with iOS devices. However, if what you’re looking to track is an Android device, then this will work just fine for you. So it doesn’t function that much differently from Aispyer or TrackMyFone.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Complete Facebook tracking with Android devices.
  • Detailed location history information provided for iOS and Android.
  • Limited Facebook support for iOS devices.
  • Expensive monthly subscription packages.
  • Long-installation required for Android devices.

3. Mobile Tracker


Mobile Tracker is the first FREE app on this list. Its OS support is limited to Android-only, but again, if you’re looking to track an Android device, then this might be one that you consider.
So its interface is very clean (not unlike a Samsung Tablet) and incredibly intuitive.

Key features of Mobile Tracker
  • Completely FREE-to-use Facebook location tracker.
  • Tracks and stores GPS location.
  • Complete OS support for Android devices.
  • No support for iOS devices.
  • Access to device for tracking is required.
  • Slower than some apps.


URL: https://xnspy.com/

XNSPY is a great option for those who want to track more than one device — it’s OS support is up-to-date for both iOS and Android devices. Its Facebook tracking and GPS location tracking are highly functional as well.

  • Facebook data tracking for both iOS and Android.
  • GPS location tracking available.
  • Supports jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Functions are limited when spying on non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Expensive monthly subscription packages.
  • Older devices may not be trackable.

5. Cocospy


CCocospy is one of the newer apps. It’s incredibly premium — obvious from its interface, which was structured to be very intuitive.
And much like with a lot of other apps, its Facebook tracking functions are slightly limited when it comes to iOS devices, but it works just fine for Androids.

Messenger Tracker of Cocospy
  • Simplistic interface that is great for beginners.
  • Full Facebook tracking for iOS devices.
  • GPS location tracking available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Facebook tracking limited for iOS devices.
  • Limited surveillance functions for non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Expensive monthly subscription packages.

6. mSpy

URL: https://www.mspy.com/

mSpy is an app that you may have heard of already. And it’s very well-known as a spy app. The only reason it’s lower on this list is because its subscription packages get a lot more expensive depending on the device you want to monitor.

Key features of mSpy
  • Extensive Facebook tracking for Android devices.
  • Live-GPS location tracking.
  • App functions remotely with little to no lag.
  • Expensive monthly subscription fee for non-jailbroken devices.
  • Installation is hands-on for Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices.
  • No Facebook tracking for iOS devices.

7. Spyic


Spyic is very similar to both Cocospy and mSpy. Especially when it comes to its interface — they’re all very simple (structured to be used by even beginners),but the similarities don’t stop there.  Therefore,its functions and support are practically the same as well.

Key features of Spyic
  • Complete Facebook tracking package for Android devices.
  • GPS location tracking functions for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Intuitive interface that is very easy-to-use.
  • Cannot be used to track Facebook data for iOS devices.
  • Functions are limited for non-jailbroken devices.
  • Expensive monthly tracking packages.

8. TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is an old Facebook location tracking app that hasn’t upgraded its OS support in a while. However, if you’re thinking of tracking one of the older Android devices, then it should work more than fine for you.

Key features of TheTruthSpy
  • Extensive tracking support for Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Location tracking is very reliable.
  • Supports many of the older generation Android devices.
  • Not iOS-friendly.
  • Very Expensive subscription package.
  • Little to no support for newer Android devices.

9. Appmia


With Appmia we have another tracking app that does not have as much OS-support as some of the other tracking apps out there. However, it does still function as a fairly reliable Facebook location tracking app for certain Android and iOS devices.

Key features of Appmia
  • Complete Facebook activity tracking package.
  • Surveillance via GPS location is reliable.
  • Supports Android devices and Jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Does not work for non-jailbroken devices.
  • Lifetime license is very expensive.
  • Monthly subscription packages offered are also very expensive.



Flexispy is last on our list not because it’s lacking features. And it’s an incredibly advanced spy app, which is great if that is what you are looking for. However, its subscription packages are way off the charts (it’s by far the most expensive app on this list — and its fees are to be paid monthly as well.)

  • Offers many advanced surveillance tools.
  • Tracks Facebook activity for Android devices.
  • Premium interface provided.
  • Incredibly expensive subscription fees.
  • Interface is premium but not as intuitive.
  • Lacking in some functions in iOS version.


If you’re wondering what the best Facebook location tracking app is, then my answer is Aispyer. As demonstrated, it is very thorough when it comes to surveillance but also manages to be highly intuitive when it comes to the actual tracking of Facebook location. Above all, check it out for yourself for FREE now and try out some of its other features.

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